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  • The Multifaceted Industrial Oven

    When I say ovens, most people think of stove/oven combination unit that is more frequently used for baking cookies than anything else. The industrial ovens I'm going to talk about though, are no place for mom's famous cookies.These heavy duty pieces of equipment have a ton of uses and go relatively unthought-of by the general masses. I can guarantee though you would notice if there was a world without industrial ovens! So if you're like I was, you're thinking what is an industrial oven anyways? How does it differ from...

  • Powder Coating Oven: The Powder Room

    Although humans use powder for aesthetic reasons and material powder coatings are to increase the longevity of products and machines, the same concept applies; they both need to powder before they can go out into the world. Industrial ovens known as powder coating ovens are where materials and products coated with industrial powder are placed. This is because the heat created by the powder coating oven fuses the powder to the material surface, therefore making it corrosive resistant, abrasion resistant and more durable then it would have been without the...

  • Ohio Gratings, Inc. Introduces Their New Powder Coat Finishing Line

    Canton, Ohio -- October 6, 2009 -- Ohio Gratings, Inc. (OGi) introduces their new powder coat finishing line which produces the most attractive, durable and high quality finish of any known technology in today's market. Their power coating uses less energy, no solvents, has minimal waste, is cost effective compared to wet painting lines and any unused powder or overspray is recovered and reused. Hence, OGi's powder coating is considered a green product and is environmentally friendly. Ohio Gratings, Inc. new powder coat line offers many benefits and features such...

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Thoughts When Choosing A Powder Coating Oven

Powder coating ovens are thermal processing machines that are used in the process of dry finishing metal, wood, ceramic and plastic products. Dry finishing and powder coating are near synonymous terms; they both refer to the process of spraying a surface with a substance and fusing it to the surface with heat. Powder coating improves durability, corrosion and abrasion resistance and generally improves the integrity of a surface.

Powder coating is the process of using a dry powder typically applied electro-statically and then cured with heat.  A powder coating oven is the medium in which this takes place. The oven allows the powder coat to cure and to become a resilient coating on the product. Putting powder coating on an object makes it harder to scratch and a more durable coating than paint. After the coating is applied to the object it is placed in a powder coating oven and heated to a specific temperature in order to cure the covering.

 Powder coating ovens can come in many varieties but the idea is all the same; to aid in the drying of the thermoplastic or thermostat polymer powder. When choosing a powder coating oven to fill your needs there are many variables that one must take into account. For example, the size, shape, thickness, material composition, operating cost and type of powder that is used in the coating are all vital things to think about when choosing the powder coating oven. An oven that provides stable temperature control is also a crucial part of curing a powder coated object in an oven. The temperature should be maintained within three degrees warmer or cooler of a specified temperature. If the oven cannot do this than it is quite possible that the oven in question is not suitable for powder coat curing and a different oven should be chosen instead. Eventually when a powder coating oven is chosen the end result of a freshly powder coated object is well worth the strife of choosing an appropriate fitting powder coating oven.

Powder Coating Oven

The powder coating ovens produce a treatment option that is very attractive to manufacturers in all kinds of industries. Since powder coatings are available in a wide variety of colors, they also improve the appearance of a surface while protecting it from damage. The finish is also long lasting and near pollution-free, as the waste dry spray that is applied at the beginning of the process can be recovered. Consumer grills and barbeques, stadium seating, outdoor railings, golf clubs, farm equipment, exercise equipment and many other varieties of consumer and industrial products undergo powder coating. The industrial oven manufacturing industry provides the powder coating services industry with tools for the thermal processing stage of treatment; many products are powder coated, so the industry requires many ovens that can treat products efficiently and in high volumes.

The process of powder coating is mostly standardized. A technician will begin with the product that needs to be treated. It must first be cleaned, sometimes sandblasted and free of oil and paint before any treatment can be applied. Once cleansed of unwanted elements, a special applicator gun is used to coat the product with pigmented thermoplastic particles. When the product is coated, it is sent to a powder coating oven where it is heated for two to ten minutes. The thermoplastic particles begin to melt and gel, and as they cure they form the product’s new protective coating. Powder coating ovens can come in several different forms. For industries that powder coat the same kind of product over and over, a conveyor oven system, which slowly moves products through a heated conveyor channel, allows for a steady stream of products to be treated continuously. Batch ovens also make it possible to process several products efficiently. Depending on the size and configuration of a given batch oven, it may be able to treat products of different sizes simultaneously. Such a feature would be to the advantage of a company that produced custom powder coated products.

Powder Coating Oven
Powder Coating Oven
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Powder Coating Oven - Perceptive Industries, Inc.

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