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  • Round Lake, IL 847-546-8225

    As leaders in the industry, The Grieve Corporation has been bringing customers exceptional ovens for over twenty-six years. Our experience and dedication to customers lends us to precision in oven design, use of high-quality materials, and specific manufacturing processes. Every product created is rigorously tested and meets the National Fire Protection Association 86, Industrial Risk Insurers, Factory Mutual and OSHA standards.

  • Sandusky, OH 419-625-4014

    LEWCO, Inc. is dedicated to bringing our customers quality products on time at the most cost-effective prices. Our commitment is evident through our extensive line of standard oven products, as well as customization capabilities. Browse our stock to find just the right oven to suit your application. If your order requires exact specifications met, please know we can easily accommodate your custom design. Our products are rigorously tested and meet ISO 9001:2008 standards.

  • New Columbia, PA 570-538-7200

    As leaders in the industrial oven manufacturing industry for over forty years, trust Thermal Product Solutions to bring you only the best. Our commitment to customers is exemplified through our exceptional variety of standard design tunnel ovens. We also offer conveyor customization, as well as other customizable oven features. Our experience ensures the oven you order is the best available and will function with long-term reliability.

  • Mentor, OH 440-259-2500

    Since 1934, Niagara Systems has been a premier manufacturer of outstanding Washers and Ovens. Our products include industrial parts washers, parts cleaning equipment and parts washers to accommodate any size or shape stampings, castings or machined parts. Our high quality washers and ovens solve many difficult problems for our customers in many industries.

  • Trout Run, PA 570-995-5025

    For over 100 years, JPW Industrial Ovens and Furnaces have been bringing high-quality industrial ovens to customers. With dedication to power, precision, and performance, we offer a full line of standard industrial ovens that have been designed and manufactured to be efficient and reliable for long-term use. We also are fully able to fulfill custom orders to meet your exact specifications, ensuring the oven you order fits the need of your application.

  • East Troy, WI 262-642-3938

    Wisconsin Oven Corporation operates with high integrity and dedication to quality products. Our values are evident throughout our line of standard product and extend beyond to offer customization options to meet your need. Serving a multitude of applications, such as heat treating, curing, drying, or finishing, we have the expertise to create the right product for the job. Put our over forty years of experience to the test today!

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Tunnel Ovens

Tunnel ovens typically consist of a series of open-ended baking chambers that are connected with a metal belt that passes through them. Also available are tray ovens, which consist of a rigid baking platform that is carried on a chain belt. Products baked using a tunnel oven can either be baked directly on the hearth or within a pan.

Tunnel ovens can be divided into two general categories: direct gas fired tunnel and indirect gas fired tunnel. Direct gas fired tunnel ovens bake products using air turbulence. This method of baking takes a shorter amount of time, and it also ensures that the product is baked uniformly and that they have strong side walls. Direct gas fired tunnel ovens feature a set of thermocouple sensors that provide zoned temperature controls and regulate the baking chamber’s overall temperature. The ovens also feature a hearth that is either made from steel, stone, or mesh, the latter of which allows for air circulation and an even patterning on the underside of the product. Direct gas fired tunnel ovens feature a set of ribbon burners that are located both above and below the hearth, and evenly distribute heat. With all of these features, the oven’s operator is able to bake the product with more accuracy and precision.

Within an Indirect gas fired tunnel oven, the burners can function with the use of oil, propane, or gas. The burners fire into a combustion chamber, which supplies the heat that radiates throughout the baking chamber. This system allows the product to bake within heated ambient air as opposed to direct exposure to the heat of the burners. Like their direct gas fired counterparts, Indirect gas fired tunnel ovens feature a mesh hearth that enables air to circulate throughout the chamber and uniformly bake the bottom of the product as it moves across the conveyor. Other features that can be found in an Indirect gas fired tunnel oven include steam zones, and upper and lower zones that allow for more precise baking control.

There are other types of tunnel ovens available, including:

  • Hybrid, which allow for the combination of heating technologies, which allows for more than one heating method to be used within a single machine. Common combinations include any combination of direct gas fired, indirect gas fired, and impingement.
  • Dual fuel, which features two heating systems that work independently from one another, such as electric and fuel oil, for example. One source can make up for another source if it is unavailable. Because dual fuel ovens are equipped with a backup heat source, they can minimize downtime, product waste, and turnaround times, especially in facilities with inconsistent energy sources.
  • Electric, which serves as the perfect alternative to a gas-based source if it is not available.
  • Thermal oil, which is the recommended tunnel oven choice for baking products with radiant heat with static air. The oven heats the oil and the heat is circulated throughout the chamber, creating a soft and evenly distributed radiant heat.
  • Radiant tube, which utilizes a set of ducts that are fired into by a burner. The heated gases travel through the tubes, enabling the oven to generate heat throughout the chamber.
  • Infrared, which delivers infrared heat across the oven, and is ideal for applications such as surface browning, melting product toppings, drying, and other high-temperature applications.
  • Air impingement, which breaks through a product’s thermal boundaries using hot air that is forced over the surface of the product at a high speed. These ovens are highly energy efficient and keep operating costs low.

There are many benefits to using a tunnel oven. A tunnel oven allows for a continuous production cycle of items, especially food. They also require little to no turnaround time between batches. They are often found in the food industry and are used to bake food items ranging from breads to meats. They are also used in the automotive industry, such as the curing of materials for automotive parts. Many companies who manufacture tunnel ovens offer the option of customization by analyzing the desired dimensions, capacity, resources, and the size conditions of the facility to ensure that the customer’s requirements are met. They also offer different types of baking surfaces as well as additional features that allow for humidity and temperature control, which will help you accurately regulate the application’s color, moisture content, and surface temperature. Manufacturers will assist you in finding the right tunnel oven that will enable you to fabricate products of better quality with a fast turnaround time, all at a low production cost.

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