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IQS Directory implements a thorough list of baking oven manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our listing to examine and sort top baking oven manufacturers with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product. Any baking oven company can design, engineer, and manufacture baking ovens to meet your companies specific qualifications. An easy connection to reach baking oven companies through our fast request for quote form is provided on our website. The company information includes website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information. Customer reviews are available and product specific news articles. This source is right for you whether it's for a manufacturer of industrial baking ovens, commercial baking ovens, and bakery ovens.

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  • Batch Ovens: What you need for Thanksgiving

    The biggest issue with cooking an elaborate Thanksgiving meal is getting the timing right. Figuring out when to put what in the oven, how long each item needs to cook and getting it all out and on the table at once is quite a fete. It makes me thankful that I have parents who love cooking the Thanksgiving meal and will always welcome me at their table. Even so, before the meal is actually served it can be a very stressful environment. What would make the lives of my parents...

  • Baking Ovens in the Food Industry

    The food service industry is huge in the United States. On just about any street corner or main intersection there are a dozen places to choose from to dine. Whether it is a sit down, take out, or drive through business all of these places serve prepared food. To keep up with the volumes of people and food orders these places need to be able to prepare large quantities of food all at one time and very quickly. The use of industrial baking ovens at these businesses allows for this...

  • Baking Oven: The Mass Production of Food

    Having worked in the food service department of a college as a sous chef and a caterer I have had my fair share of experiences with industrial ovens that were made for baking. Making massive amounts of food for hungry college students requires a series of very large baking ovens that are designed with numerous racks so more then one thing can be cooked or baked at once. That is why an industrial baking oven can also be known as a batch oven. Regardless of what it is called, a...

  • Let's Bake Something

    I love baked goods and I have tried to bake before because it seemed so simple. However, when I took a swing at it, I failed miserably. Although it was a little discouraging, I still somehow ended up working at a bakery. Here I learned how to do some quality baking. The preparation was almost identical and the ovens I used at this bakery worked the same as mine did at home. The difference was the size of the bakery's oven. Where I could fit two or maybe three trays...

  • The Pastry Chef Necessities

    Artfully crafted and delicious pastries are a delicacy in every country because of how difficult it is to produce the perfect pastry. A number of factors contribute to the excellence of a pastry, and each factor must be met with perfection for the end result to be pleasing to both the eyes and the taste buds. That is why a pastry chef has a number of essential necessities. The first necessity is skill, which is gained by way of a top notch chef school or the collection of a variety...

  • Convenient Convection Ovens

    There is a plethora of oven designs available these days. Ovens are utilized for applications such as drying, heating, warming, baking, dehydrating, hardening and melting products. Ovens are typically either gas-fired or eclectic, both of which can be either conventional, radiant, or convection. Unlike conventional and radiant ovens, a convection oven uses fans to evenly distribute heat throughout the oven. This effective method of transferring heat allows for a reduction in cooking time and lowers the needed cooking temperature. Since convection ovens, also known as fan-assist ovens or fan ovens,...

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The Advantages of a Baking Oven

Baking ovens are ovens that are designed specifically for industrial and commercial baking. Industrial ovens of any kind fall under the blanket designation of thermal processing machinery. Within the context of industrial baking ovens, demand is spread across several distinct markets. The food service industry, which includes restaurants and catering companies, is a large source of demand for baking ovens.

Baking ovens are an integral part of industrial applications. They combine curing and drying ovens under industrial use to provide a dry heating environment. Baking ovens are counted as one of the most widely used pieces of equipment when it comes to drying or curing products. For example, baking ovens may be used to cure paint on parts after being manufactured.

Parts are painted, and then put into the baking oven. From here the oven starts to do its job. Baking ovens work by removing moisture from the air to aid in the curing process. When they suck the moisture out of the paint, it leaves a nice dry finish. The air is rotated within the heating chamber using fans to aid in the drying. One of the perks about using an oven instead of just letting paint dry in the open is that it speeds up the process. Speeding up the drying process enables businesses to get more accomplished; more parts finished equals more revenue for the company. Another advantage to utilizing a baking oven is that the parts will be left to dry within a contained environment. This means that no dust or other random particles will be able to adhere to the paint. On a properly constructed oven the heat will be evenly distributed and provide uniform heating in order to ensure a flawless finish on the newly painted parts.

After all of this the parts are done ready to be assembled or packaged. Having the paint dry in open air may have allowed for dust or debris to settle in the tacky paint as it dried, thereby ruining the coat. It also would have taken substantially longer for the parts to dry in open air. Baking ovens eliminates these issues and more.

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The food supply industry makes use of large-scale, industrial baking ovens; some packaged food producers, for example, provide pre-baked or otherwise pre-cooked foods for consumer purchase. Both industries face the challenge of finding ovens of sufficient size, energy-efficiency and means of heat generation when making purchasing decisions. Batch ovens, which allow for the baking of large quantities of food, are often the solution food service professionals will choose when addressing that challenge. Conveyor ovens, which heat products that are passed on a conveyor through a heating chamber, are useful in large-scale baking operations. Other industries with no connection to the food service industry make use of ovens on a scale large enough to merit the use of industrial baking ovens. Art studios and university art programs make use of kilns, which are ovens used to harden sculpted clay projects.

Producing ovens that meet the needs of large-scale baking operations has presented oven manufacturers with some challenges. Conventional natural convection ovens, which heat the air in the confined space of the oven by means of either electric coils or burning natural gas, are often suitable for small-scale baking projects; they are most popular as a solution for consumer baking needs. However, natural convection ovens are often insufficient even for large baking projects in a consumer context. The air circulation within a natural convection oven is very minimal, so if, for example, three sheets of baking materials are placed above each other, and the radiating coils are above or beneath them, the middle sheet will bake more slowly. On an industrial or commercial scale, this deficiency could cripple productivity or result in damaged products. In response to this challenge and others like it, products like forced convection ovens, which use a fan to circulate hot air evenly throughout the oven, have made the process of baking on a substantial scale easier. Infrared ovens also offer improved baking evenness and efficiency by transferring heat directly to the product.

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