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  • JPW Industrial Ovens & Furnaces: Oven Manufacturer

    Laboratory Ovens With over 100 years of experience and a commitment to power, precision, and performance, JPW Industrial Ovens & Furnaces has been a strong leader in the industrial ovens industry. Our commitment to quality and excellent customer service has helped them serve various industrial markets. Read more......

  • Keeping Industrial Drums Snug and Warm

    When industrial drums are to be stored at a fixed temperature for long periods of time drum heaters come into play. This is typically used on drums containing liquids such as varnish, resin, tar, chocolate, grease or galantine. The heaters come in a variety of forms and can heat either one drum or many. The goal is usually to keep the liquids from freezing. However, drum heaters are sometimes used to decrease the viscosity of liquids in preparation for mixing. The largest of the drum heaters are referred to as...

  • Laboratory Ovens: An Aid in Research

    The research I did in high school science class is nothing compared to the brilliant work being done in hospitals and research labs across the nation. Advances are being made in the bio-chemical field in particular for drug metabolism, moisture content and protein and starch digestion, to name just a few of the key areas being studied. This work requires a space that is completely sanitary as well as a variety of tools for research, including laboratory ovens. This last requirement is a thermal processing machine utilized for sterilization of...

  • Microwave Digestion

    Elemental scientists use a special type of laboratory oven for microwave digestion. This is an acidic digestion method used to attain atomic emission measurements by dissolving metals. Through the application of radiation, both temperature and pressure is raised during the technique to dissolve metals in acid. This process is used to reduce the time to achieve digestion. Typically microwave digestion is completed in a matter of minutes as opposed to the hours it takes for other ovens to completely dissolve metals. Microwave digestion is used in a method of chemical...

  • Despatch Industries Announces Upgrade to Popular Line of High Performance Benchtop Ovens

    Despatch Industries has upgraded it's popular LAC benchtop oven. The oven now features more convenient top side controls and heater access, and ships in less than three days. Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) February 24, 2015 The Despatch LAC Benchtop Oven has proven to be a reliable choice for demanding production and laboratory thermal processing applications. Due to the high demand for this oven, Despatch engineers were tasked with streamlining the manufacturing process for faster delivery and more consistent quality control. The oven now ships in three days or less and within...

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Laboratory Ovens

Laboratory ovens are thermal processing machines used in lab work and testing applications. In addition to manufacturing R&D applications, lab ovens are used in the healthcare industry as sterilization tools and in a number of research applications. A few of these applications include bio-chemical research, drug metabolism research, protein and starch digestion research and moisture content analysis.

In order to be competitive, every industry must constantly reinvent itself; innovation pushes the limits of what is possible in every industrial and commercial context. The manufacturing sector requires active, robust research and development departments and programs in order to develop new products and new ways of making products. Of particular interest to R&D efforts in the manufacturing sector is the development of manufacturing methods that reduce cost, improve quality and increase production efficiency. Laboratory ovens provide testing grounds for a large variety of manufacturing-sector research and development departments. Because an extensive variety of industrial and consumer products are heat treated in some way, an equally extensive variety of heat treatment methods are required to produce those products. Each method of production was designed in a lab, where, under controlled circumstances, materials and equipment were tested.

While the applications of lab ovens are diverse and often specialized, the basic concept of an oven is not. An oven is an insulated, enclosed space that is heated in order to treat a product. From there the variations begin, but even specialized lab ovens exist to serve the purpose of thermal processing. Since all varieties of ovens originated in R&D departments, all varieties of ovens exist in lab settings. Conveyor ovens and batch ovens alike are used to test curing, drying and powder coating processes. A given conveyor or batch oven that tests a curing process can use quartz, natural gas or electricity as its heat source. An electric oven can utilize convection or infrared radiant heating as its heating method. The only difference between ovens in lab settings and ovens that are found in manufacturing markets is the design standard; an oven that is testing a new heat treatment process must have the capacity to cope with unexpected consequences of testing a new process. Often, lab ovens will require certification from standards bureaus like the American Society for Testing and Materials. In medical research settings, the standards may be even stricter, as lab oven equipment may be used to conduct experiments with hazardous chemicals or pathogenic material.

Laboratory Ovens
Laboratory Ovens
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