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  • Round Lake, IL 847-546-8225

    We boast a 100,000 square foot facility in Round Lake, Illinois, housing our corporate headquarters, sales, engineering, research, and manufacturing departments in order to better serve you. Our drying ovens are designed to provide a dependable source of heated air up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit. To find out more about what we do and our steps through the design process, visit our website or contact one of our representatives for more information today!

  • Sandusky, OH 419-625-4014

    LEWCO is the premium manufacturer for top of the line drying ovens. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, LEWCO offers the experience and expertise you need when purchasing an oven. We strive for complete customer satisfaction in every aspect of our business. That’s why some of the biggest names in the industry continue to choose LEWCO for their process heating needs. We invite you to visit our website or contact our team of highly knowledgeable application engineers to see how LEWCO can help.

  • New Columbia, PA 570-538-7200

    Through our superior performance Gruenberg brand and reliable, value priced Blue M line, TPS offers a range of standard and custom industrial ovens that reach as high as 1200 °F. Available in many configurations and footprints, products include Batch, Benchtop, Class 100/Clean Room, Class A/Solvent Venting/Explosion Proof, Conveyor, Curing, Annealing, Drying, Gravity, Inert Gas, Cabinet, Lab, Stacked, Top Loading and Truck In models. If we don’t already have the oven you need, we’ll build it.

  • Mentor, OH 440-259-2500

    Since 1934, Niagara Systems has been a premier manufacturer of outstanding Washers and Ovens. Our products include industrial parts washers, parts cleaning equipment and parts washers to accommodate any size or shape stampings, castings or machined parts. Our high quality washers and ovens solve many difficult problems for our customers in many industries.

  • Trout Run, PA 570-995-5025

    All of our drying ovens are premium quality and we put an emphasis on making sure that we provide you with specialized parts that accommodate you with whatever you need! We work to make sure that all of our customers know that we have the best product available! We have been dedicated for years to revolutionize the industry! For more information on how we can better serve you, call us or visit our website!

  • East Troy, WI 262-642-3938

    Our drying ovens cannot be beat! It is our mission to bring to you the greatest product value available on the market today. We have our research and development team working hard to ensure that we stay on the cutting edge when it comes to technological innovations. Our staff has been trained in providing customer service that is sure to exceed expectation every time you work with us. Call our service representatives for more information or send us an email! Let us work for you!

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Evaporating Moisture Using Drying Ovens

Drying ovens are thermal processing machines that use heat to remove moisture from products. Moisture removal is an important process for two main industries: manufacturing and food production. Within those two groups, though, the demand for drying ovens is large.

A drying oven is precisely that; an oven that is designedfor drying. Now, what does it dry, is the real question. Drying ovens have manyuses. In the food industry they are used for drying foodstuffs such as pretzels,crackers, chips and many others. Industrially drying ovens can be used fordrying or curing different materials; drying paint and curing rubber orplastics are excellent examples of this. The basic idea of a drying oven is todry. This specific type of oven dries the objects by removing the moisture fromwithin the oven. They use a monitored temperature to evaporate the moisturefrom the materials in the oven without cooking them. Efficient ovens use fansto circulate the hot air thus aiding in the drying process. An even moreefficient drying oven uses vacuum drying in order to lower the ambient pressureand essentially aspirating the evaporating moisture. Vacuum drying ovensliterally suck out or vacuum out the moisture speeding up the process.


Drying ovens must be dealt with using caution as with anyoven. The evaporation that they stimulate can sometimes be from harmful orcombustible chemicals. In this circumstance one must use care not to


place any materials containing harmfulchemical that may be ignited into the oven. Heat combined with a combustiblesolvent may result in an explosion. Drying ovens come in a couple different varietiessome examples of those are continuous and batch dryers.


These ovens all work under the same principleof removing moisture from objects. Sometimes it’s food, sometimes it’s dryingpaint or curing ceramics such as thrown pottery. Regardless of the usage dryingovens are found in a variety of industries worldwide.

Drying Ovens

In the food production industry, drying ovens are used to remove moisture from food in order to preserve it. Snacks like bagel crisps, pretzels, crackers, assorted corn products and other examples all require drying before they can be packaged. In manufacturing, an even greater variety of possible drying applications exist. Heat treatment is a major component in many drying processes. Rubber and plastic extrusions, after emerging from the extrusion process, are sometimes subject to a heat drying process in order to impart desired qualities of strength and hardness into the material. In laboratory and medical equipment settings, drying ovens can be used for sterilization of instruments, particularly of glassware. Drying ovens are also widely used in applications related to the heat treatment of ceramics. Kilns are drying ovens that are used for hardening soft clay and ceramics products once they have been molded or shaped.
Industrial ovens are designed in two main configurations: batch ovens and conveyor ovens. Batch ovens can be small and portable or they can take up all or most of a room. Batch ovens are intended to heat several products at once under the same conditions in order to produce products with uniform qualities. This kind of oven is useful for smaller product runs and for producers who require an enclosed heating space. Because batch ovens are enclosed, they can be designed as vacuum ovens, which reduce the risk of damage caused during the heating process because of unwanted exposure to atmospheric elements. Some drying ovens take advantage of evacuated heating enclosures; these ovens are often used to dry items at a lower temperature than would otherwise be used, and for that reason they are often used in laboratories that use heat-sensitive materials. Conveyor ovens allow for a continuous stream of production. They function by passing products through a heated area using a conveyor belt. Conveyor ovens are good solutions for large scale heat treatment service providers because they require a minimum of technical supervision and can heat large quantities of product efficiently.
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