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  • Grand Rapids, MI

    Weiss Envirotronics is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturer and service of environmental test chambers. A complete line of standard and custom chambers, from bench top models to full walk-in and drive-in solutions to meet any testing requirement. Not sure what you need? Let one of our applications engineers help. Weiss Envirotronics, Inc is ISO 9001 registered and A2LA accredited.

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  • Grant, MI

    Complete finishing systems are designed around your specific process needs and are optimized to fit within your space requirements. We specialize in producing paint systems for wet and powder coatings, while also providing comprehensive design, fabrication, installation, start-up, and training services. Our complete finishing systems consist of an overhead conveyor, pretreatment washer, dry-off oven, paint/powder booths, cure oven, and controls.

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  • Maumee, OH

    Surface Combustion offers a diverse product offering for batch, continuous furnace designs for atmosphere, non-atmosphere, or vacuum processing of ferrous and/or nonferrous components/materials. The convection design is optimal for temperatures between 350°F – 1400°F and are engineered to perform and built to last.

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  • Belding, MI

    Belco Industries is a leading supplier of high-quality finishing systems, including industrial ovens: batch ovens, moisture drying ovens, infrared preheat, dewatering, E-coat cure ovens, powder coat cure ovens, paint bake ovens and more. We attribute our success to our diversified product line and our ability to change with the demands of the modern industrial market. Call today for more information!

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  • Lévis, QC

    Pyromaitre specializes in industrial ovens and furnaces, and have been providing quality equipment for the past 30 years. Our industrial ovens and furnaces have a compact layout, and are designed with energy efficiency and maximum productivity in mind. We also offer customization options if you are unable to find the exact oven you are looking for. For more information, contact Pyromaitre today!

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  • Mishawaka, IN

    MFS offers superior dry off industrial ovens & curing ovens for all your powder coating needs. Our modular oven design means quick install & start up. As a manufacturer of highly energy efficient ovens, we customize design, engineering, fabrication & installation to maximize your production potential. Dedicated to meeting your needs, we can do complete coating, curing, washing & dry off systems.

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Drying Ovens Industry Information

Drying Ovens

Drying ovens are thermal processing machines that use heat to remove moisture from products. Moisture removal is an important process for two main industries: manufacturing and food production. Within those two groups, though, the demand for drying ovens is large.

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Industrial Oven Types

Industrial ovens are designed in two main configurations: batch ovens and conveyor ovens. Batch ovens can be small and portable or they can take up all or most of a room. Batch ovens are intended to heat several products at once under the same conditions in order to produce products with uniform qualities. This kind of oven is useful for smaller product runs and for producers who require an enclosed heating space. Because batch ovens are enclosed, they can be designed as vacuum ovens, which reduce the risk of damage caused during the heating process because of unwanted exposure to atmospheric elements. Some drying ovens take advantage of evacuated heating enclosures; these ovens are often used to dry items at a lower temperature than would otherwise be used, and for that reason they are often used in laboratories that use heat-sensitive materials. Conveyor ovens allow for a continuous stream of production. They function by passing products through a heated area using a conveyor belt. Conveyor ovens are good solutions for large scale heat treatment service providers because they require a minimum of technical supervision and can heat large quantities of product efficiently.

Applications for Drying Ovens

A drying oven is precisely that; an oven that is designed for drying. Drying ovens have many uses. In the food industry they are used for drying foodstuffs such as pretzels, crackers, chips and many others. Industrial drying ovens can be used for drying or curing different materials; drying paint and curing rubber or plastics are excellent examples of this. The basic idea of a drying oven is to dry. This specific type of oven dries the objects by removing the moisture from within the oven. They use a monitored temperature to evaporate the moisture from the materials in the oven without cooking them. Efficient ovens use fans to circulate the hot air thus aiding in the drying process. An even more efficient drying oven uses vacuum drying in order to lower the ambient pressure and essentially aspirate the evaporating moisture. Vacuum drying ovens literally suck out or vacuum out the moisture speeding up the process.

In manufacturing, an even greater variety of possible drying applications exist. Heat treatment is a major component in many drying processes. Rubber and plastic extrusions, after emerging from the extrusion process, are sometimes subject to a heat drying process in order to impart desired qualities of strength and hardness into the material. In laboratory and medical equipment settings, drying ovens can be used for sterilization of instruments, particularly of glassware. Drying ovens are also widely used in applications related to the heat treatment of ceramics. Kilns are drying ovens that are used for hardening soft clay and ceramics products once they have been molded or shaped.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Drying Oven

Drying ovens must be dealt with using caution as with any oven. The evaporation that they stimulate can sometimes be from harmful or combustible chemicals. In this circumstance one must use care not to place any materials containing harmful chemicals that may be ignited into the oven. Heat combined with a combustible solvent may result in an explosion. Drying ovens come in a couple different varieties; some examples of those are continuous and batch dryers. These ovens all work under the same principle of removing moisture from objects. Sometimes it’s food, sometimes it’s drying paint or curing ceramics such as thrown pottery. Regardless of the usage, drying ovens are found in a variety of industries worldwide.

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Wisconsin Oven Ships Class Curing Batch Oven to Automotive Industry

East Troy, WI – November 17, 2017-- Wisconsin Oven Corporation shipped a natural gas direct fired batch oven with a separate cooling chamber to a manufacturer of automotive parts. The industrial oven will be used to cure rubber automotive hoses.   The work chamber of the oven is 5’0 W x 10’0” L x 7’0” H and has a maximum temperature rating of 500°F. This curing oven has sufficient capacity to heat 300 pounds of steel and 300 pounds of rubber from 70° to 350° F within 45 minutes when... Read More About This

Wisconsin Oven Ships Chain Conveyor Oven to a Canadian Automotive Parts Manufacturer

East Troy, WI – October 25, 2017 -- Wisconsin Oven Corporation shipped a Natural Gas Fired Indexing Conveyor Oven to an automotive parts manufacturer in Canada. The chain conveyor oven will be used to preheat aluminum billets prior to forging into automotive suspension components under high pressure. This forging process produces high-strength parts that are ideal for applications where performance and safety are critical, but a lighter-weight metal is needed for speed or energy efficiency.   The maximum operating temperature of this indexing conveyor oven is 1,100°F (593°... Read More About This

Wisconsin Oven Ships Sand Core Drying Ovens to the Foundry Industry

Wisconsin Oven Corporation shipped two (2) Natural Gas Fired Enhanced Duty Walk-In Series Ovens to the foundry industry. The batch ovens will be used for drying sand cores used in the casting process of a variety of parts. The sand core dryers have the capability to dry water and resin from 6,000 pounds of sand cores and a 600-pound steal load car from 70°F to 450°F within 2 hours. Each of the work chamber dimensions of these sand core dryers is 10” W x 8” H x 20” L with... Read More About This

Despatch Industries Receives Order for Multiple Paint Sample Drying Ovens

Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.A. – February 5, 2013 – For over 100 years as the world’s leading thermal technology and equipment provider, Despatch Industries has just sold several of their PRVO Paint Sample Drying Ovens. The demand came from an automotive and industrial refinishing company that supplies automotive, industrial and architectural finishes. This is the perfect solution for the customer as they will use the ovens to test the performance of the assortment of finishes and paints they offer. “We are very pleased to continue working with this customer to provide... Read More About This

David Weisman Releases Heavy Duty Drying Ovens

January 21, 2013--- David Weisman, L.L.C. has introduced a new line of Enhanced Heavy Duty and Heavy Duty Gas Fired or Electrically Heated Hot Air Convection Curved Oven Systems. These oven systems are designed for preheating, drying, and curing for liquids and powder coatings. The new oven systems have innovative gas or electric burners, exclusive air recirculation system, adjustable ductwork louvers, a quality controls, and a temperature-rated exhaust system. The ovens are completely tested and withstand rigorous quality checks before they are sent to the customer to ensure the highest... Read More About This