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  • Benefits of a Flexible Part Feeder

    Part feeders are a type of machine that use vibrations or physical alignment tools to orient parts to a specific side or position for further assembly. This is used to orient many smaller parts, including stacked bolts and nuts for easier loading into packages and for other processes. Even the food industry uses a version of parts feeders to keep food in the right orientation for decoration or other processing inside a factory. Most part feeders use a vibratory system or bowl-feeding system to manage the positioning of the parts....

  • Parts Feeders Feed Our Economy

    Earlier this week, the USA's 3rd quarter GDP performance data were released, and according to experts the country's GDP actually grew by 2.5%, a far cry from the nearly 9% per quarter losses registered during the financial crisis. Economists tell us that signs are pointing to recovery, albeit a slow one. The published data revealed that investment in manufacturing output rose, though industrial output fared somewhat poorly because of reduced demand for aircraft parts. The results suggested, though, that when looked at in context, the data indicate a more positive...

  • Linear Feeders: A Materials Handling Solution

    The importance of linear feeders to industry may not be immediately evident to the casual onlooker, but considering the importance of materials handling solutions for industry, it becomes clear very quickly why vibratory linear feeders are so highly valued. The challenge of materials handling is a reality that every industrial operation must face. This is true for companies that manufacture fasteners, companies that supply granulated or powdered products in large quantities and every other kind of industrial company that makes or sells something. Because of the wide diversity of different...

  • Non-Sensing Parts Feeders

    A part feeder is a type of machine that aligns manufactured parts, such as screws or nuts, into a single line for further modification or packaging. One of the main uses for parts feeders is orientation of the parts so that they all face the same direction. This helps facilitate the packaging of the parts for easier packaging and shipping to customers and clients. There are two main ways that factories can align parts in a part feeder. The first method includes sensing the alignment of the part with a...

  • Eriez ® Appoints New Recycling Equipment Product Manager

    Erie, PA —Eriez® has promoted Christopher Ramsdell to Product Manager-Recycling Equipment. In this new position, he will play a critical role in developing and implementing selling strategies to expand the sales of Eriez recycling products into all Eriez markets. Ramsdell will now report to Dave Heubel, Director-North American Sales. “Since joining Eriez in 2011 as a Technical Sales Representative, Chris has excelled at developing business to support our Product and Market Managers, most recently focusing on the heavy industry and recycling markets,” says Heubel. Prior...

  • Eriez Operates a 24/7 5-Star Service Hotline to Handle Customer Requests

    Erie, PA - To handle customers requests any day of the week and any time of day, Eriez®  operates a 24/7 5-Star Service® hotline.  Eriez representatives are there to assist with everything from emergency equipment service calls to complete rebuilds. Eriez 5-Star Service offers the 24/7 hotline for customer convenience, says Dave Hansen, Eriez 5-Star Service Center Manager. We want all of our customers to know, no matter the problem, the day or the time, Eriez is here for you. Eriez 5-Star Service technicians are trained and ready...

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Parts Feeders

Parts feeders are vibratory feeders that function to distribute parts in order to allow for robots or other automated processes to grab hold of and use the components. There are many benefits to utilizing parts feeders in automated processes, particularly the decrease in cost versus the use of an actual employee and the cost of their manual labor, as well as saving costs in regards to manufacturer’s time and overall labor.

Advantages of parts feeders include saving time and preventing worker injury, as the manual labor of this task is both intensive and tedious, thus resulting in a high potential for injury. There is a variety of parts feeder types, and as a result of their many advantages and diversity, parts feeders are utilized in a wide range of applications and industries including: industrial manufacturing, for assembly automation processes such as the production of parts including fasteners, pins and small, but essential components; automotive, in the sorting and orientation that proceeds sparkplug production; recycling, in order to sort out all the various recyclable materials including diverse plastics and metals such as aluminum; and pharmaceutical, in the sorting of various medications and vitamins in pill form.

While there are many different types of parts feeders, the main types of parts feeders utilized in industrial-type applications include: vibratory bowl feeders, centrifugal feeders and pneumatic feeders. Vibratory bowl feeders, often simply called bowl feeders, consist of a drive unit that provides vibrations to the feeder bowl that is mounted on top of it. Inside the feeder bowl is a specially-designed spiral track, which is the means by which the parts are moved through the feeder bowl and then discharged for further processing. Vibratory bowl feeders are the most common type of parts feeder. Centrifugal feeders consist of a circular bowl, one or two angled spinning disks and a conical central driven rotor. Instead of vibration or a spiral track, centrifugal feeders utilize angle spinning disks in order to cast parts to the out edge of the bowl. The bowl and the disks rotate independently of each other as well as continuously operating at various rates of speed. Lastly, pneumatic feeders operate based on the power of air flow and are provided motion by means of a pneumatic piston. This piston is provided motion either by means of hydraulic pressure (oddly enough) or an air-driven motor.

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