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  • The Evolution of the Grizzly Screen

    A grizzly screen provides a simple, initial sorting method for rough materials. Grizzle screens are mainly used in mining and other sorting industries where it is necessary to sort materials by size. Grizzly screens were first used several hundred years ago, when mining first became industrialized. Since the early invention of grizzly screens, the machine has changed several times to evolve into a machine that works with modern manufacturing and mining processes. The earliest grizzly screen was simply a series of metal bars that miners used to separate different materials...

  • Vibrating Screens are Economical and Efficient

    Imagine that you're a foreman at a mining operation. You've been tasked with overseeing your company's mining efforts for a certain kind of ore, and you have reached a phase where raw ore has been extracted and now must be shipped to other locations for processing and refinement. You know that transportation costs are high, and you also know that the ores that have been mined were extracted with dirt and other impurities, the accumulation of which will limit the amount of desired materials that can be shipped at a...

  • Help for Buying Grizzly Screens

    Grizzly screens are large machines used for sorting rocks, dirt, slurry, and other natural materials. These screens have been in use for over 100 years, and still follow a similar design to the original machines. Modern grizzly screens use a motor and vibrating motion to help separate the different materials, but the barred screen used for sorting the materials is the same as it always has been. If you are in the market for purchasing a new grizzly screen, look for the following components: Anti-clogging mechanism: Some materials tend to...

  • New Eriez® Ultra High-Frequency Eddy Current Separator Recovers Copper and Other Nonferrous Fines from ASR

    The new Eriez® Ultra High-Frequency (UHF) Eddy Current Separator provides unparalleled recovery of aluminum, copper and other nonferrous fines from automobile shredder residue (ASR) without the requirement for additional expensive sensor based or optical sorting equipment. The innovative design of the advanced UHF Eddy Current Separator enables it to easily capture challenging materials typically missed by traditional eddy current separators. UHF Eddy Current Separator’s rotor designed to produce exceptionally high gauss at the belt’s surface together with its large number of magnetic poles operating at higher RPMs creates ultra high-frequency...

  • Eriez® HydroFlow® Introduces Deep Bed Gravity Filters

    Erie, PA---Eriez®HydroFlow®will officially introduce the new Deep Bed Gravity Filter at the 2014 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), which will take place September 8-13 at McCormick Place in Chicago. This innovative rolled media gravity bed filter provides significant operational advantages over typical gravity filters. The advanced design of Deep Bed Gravity Filters offers long lead in and flow out of disposable media to eliminate dirty coolant by-pass around media. State-of-the-art features include wide sealing edges with heavy duty chain to secure side seals, deep bed to provide...

  • New market manager-sanitary position filled at Eriez

    Eriez­ announces promotion of John Klinge. Erie, PA—Eriez, a recognized global authority in separation technologies, has announced the promotion of John Klinge to the position of Market Manager-Sanitary. In this new position, Klinge will lead the Eriez Sanitary Team and take on primary responsibility for developing and implementing selling strategies to expand the sales of all Eriez products into the pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, food and packaging markets. Eriez vice-president of sales and marketing Charlie Ingram says, “Since joining Eriez in 2008 as a...

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Grizzly Screens

A grizzly screen, also referred to as a grizzly scalper or a grizzly feeder, is an extremely rugged type of low horsepower vibrating screen that is placed between a vibrating feeder and a primary crusher. Most often used for pre-screening, the typical feed materials that require grizzly screens versus the typical vibrating screen are very coarse aggregates.

Able to handle both wet and dry materials, grizzly screens often handle materials such as minerals, ore, blasted or ripped rock, gypsum, foundry materials and large stone. Grizzly screens can offer multiple sizing decks on a single unit as well as side plates that provide additional height to ensure that large materials stay on the screen. Grizzly screens can provide either linear or circular motion and each type offers its own advantages. Linear motion grizzly screens work best for scalping ahead of primary cone crushers in mining applications, while circular motion grizzly screens for heavy duty medium to fine pre or post-screening. Primarily used for the heavy duty screening of undersized materials in bulk material handling applications, the most common industries that utilize grizzly screens include mining, construction, foundry, recycling and industrial.

Most often fed through either a pan or apron feeder, grizzly screens consist of an inclined or horizontal screen with parallel sets of grizzly bars that are held by spacers at varied openings depending on the size of the material being screened. The grizzly bars are often constructed of manganese steel, but can also be made from ceramic materials. Typically, grizzly screens consist of a screening body is connected to a tray; materials enter the vibrating screen through a feed box located at the base of the tray. The vibrators are often either electromagnetic or electromechanical, and are placed at intervals underneath the screening body. While electromechanical vibrators are more common and simpler in design, electromagnetic vibrators offer a smoother conveying motion. The suspending device supports the structural framework that the screens are mounted on and are typically either leaf springs or steel coil springs. These springs serve as shock absorbers as well as ensuring that the vibrations occur at a natural frequency. An electric motor is attached to the structural framework and causes the materials to be vibrated in a specific direction. Grizzly screens are able to provide either linear motion or circular motion through the use of roller bearings, shafts or couplings.

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