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  • Garland, TX 972-494-1313

    Micro Forms is your metal stamping expert. Looking for metal washers? We manufacture all kinds of washers, and we can even custom manufacture washers for your specific applications. We work with you to design, engineer, and manufacture washers that fit your requirements and your budget. Cost effective quality is our goal, and we have succeeded in accomplishing this goal for more than 45 years. Contact us today for your metal washer solutions!

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  • Gurnee, IL 847-855-9200

    With more than 30 years of metal stamping experience, American Industrial Company can manufacture the high quality metal washers you need! As an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, you can count on our commitment to quality. Whether you’re looking for standard or custom washers, we are confident that we can create the right washer for your applications! Check out our website and give us a call today!

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  • Crystal Lake, IL 815-455-1900

    For almost 60 years, G&M Mfg. Corp. has been a reliable manufacturer of high quality metal washers and other metal stamping solutions. Our products have served hundreds of companies across the United States and around the world. Our capabilities include progressive die stamping, deep drawing, assembly, painting and more. Trust us with your metal washer requirements, and give us a call!

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  • Girard, PA 814-774-5661

    Since our founding in 1963, Thomas Erie/Solla Eyelet has made it a goal to produce quality, consistent products, and have the versatility to manufacture custom parts from a multitude of industries. To this day, we continue to provide metal stamped parts such as metal washers that are made to last and exceed customer expectations. Our global presence allows us to provide our components to customers across Europe, South America, and Asia, and our ISO 9001 certification guarantees quality every time.

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  • Cleveland, OH 888-327-6714

    Here at Talan, we are equipped to produce high volume metal stampings. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility utilizes high-speed metal stamping to meet your high volume washer needs. We never sacrifice quality, and we are always ready to adapt to help create the most cost effective solution for your requirements. Call us or visit our website to see how we can serve you!

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  • Calabasas, CA 866-317-0208

    At Pacific West America, Inc. we provide custom metal stamping, CNC machining, printed circuit boards, and membrane switches. Utilizing state of the art machinery, we offer precision metal fabrication and sheet metal fabrication. The company consists of two state-of-the-art plants, staffed with highly trained engineers and experts prepared to handle all of your projects. For unparalleled service and design, contact us today!

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Metal Washers

Metal washers are devices used primarily to distribute the load of a fastener over a greater surface area. Most washers are disk-shaped metal plates with a hole through the middle to allow a fastener like a bolt or screw to pass through. These products are typically created using metal stamping machines and processes.

There are three main types of metal washers: plain, spring, and locking washers. A plain washer usually takes on the role of distributing a load, as described above. Spreading the load from a fastener over a larger area helps prevent damage to the fastened surfaces. Plain washers can also be used as spacers between the fastening head and other surfaces. Spring washers, on the other hand, are specifically manufactured to prevent fasteners from loosening due to vibrations. Locking springs are designed to prevent fasteners from unscrewing and thus loosening. Most locking washers are also spring washers. Each of these categories of washers contains many other different kinds of washers which are more specifically designed for particular applications.

Metal stamping is the primary method for manufacturing the majority of washer types. While it is possible to order custom washers, most applications do not require special or unique washers. For this reason, metal stamping companies are able to efficiently manufacture large quantities of washers very quickly. Due to the speed and volume of washer production, washer manufacturers can also create a large variety of standard washers with varying inner and outer diameters. The metal stamping process also allows washers to be created from a multitude of different materials. Washers are most commonly manufactured from steel or stainless steel but can also be made from aluminum, brass, cobber, iron, zinc, and titanium. Therefore, customers can easily find cost-effective standard washers for essentially any application.

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