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IQS Directory implements a thorough list of stamping press manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our listing to examine and sort top stamping press manufacturers with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product. Any stamping press company can design, engineer, and manufacture stamping presses to meet your companies specific qualifications. An easy connection to reach stamping press companies through our fast request for quote form is provided on our website. The company information includes website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information. Customer reviews are available and product specific news articles. This source is right for you whether it's for a manufacturer of progressive stamping presses, shaping presses, and metal stamping presses.

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  • Compressing Trash with Hydraulics

    Hydraulic press manufacturers create a variety of pressing machines for a variety of industries. In a factory, a hydraulic press can be used to shape metal, compress pieces together, or compact a larger item into a smaller, denser shape. Other hydraulic presses are used to cut out metal pieces, or compress rocks into powder. One of the main uses for a hydraulic press is the compression of trash. Hydraulic press manufacturers create two different kinds of presses for compacting trash, both for in-home and commercial compacting use. You can find...

  • The Powerful Stamping Presses

    Stamping is one of those words that bring many different images to mind. My initial picture that pops into my brain is of my mother helping me make homemade Valentine's with her detailed collection of rubber stamps and lovely red and pink ink. Stamping also reminds me of my grandfather's album full of collector's stamps, which he would let me leaf through whenever I visited his house. Although these are all forms of stamps and stamp related activities, they are worlds away from the industrial stamping press that the word...

  • Stamping Press Manufacturers: All the Options

    Among the hydraulic press equipment variations, a stamping press is one of its most basic and dependable styles. It is a machine that is vital to a variety of industries because it has an economical power source, the stamps attached to the ram can be easily changed to accommodate a number of applications and it is a machine that can easily be employed within a production line for mass production. In our society, where the Walmarts and the Meijers rule the commercial market and always sell mass produced items, a...

  • Options for Stamping Presses

    When metal working there are a variety of avenues that can be chosen to accomplish the job. However, depending on the variables of this job certain methods will be advantageous over others. One specific method that is commonly preferred is the use of a stamping press. The machines themselves have some variation in the ways that they are powered and driven. These presses are not limited to one function, but several applicable functions. Many everyday items are made by stamping presses. They provide high quality, repeatability and fast production. When...

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Stamping Presses

Stamping presses are metalworking machine tools that are designed and produced specifically to work with different types of dies, such as progressive stamping dies to deform metal. As such, stamping presses, used to cut or shape solid and/or molten metal materials, can potentially meet the needs of any stamping or metal forming process. Processes like these include but are not limited to: blanking, piercing, die cutting (shearing), extruding and deep drawing. These processes are engaged to fabrication parts and products for a variety of industries, such as electronics, industrial manufacturing, building and construction, aerospace and automotives. Examples of applications for which their services are utilized include: the fabrication of various housings for electronic/electrical devices, the fabrication of machine components and parts made from sheet metal, the fabrication of various household safety features and fixtures, the manufacturing of different structural components and internal parts and hardware of aircrafts and the manufacturing of automotive parts like terminal lead frames, connectors and engine mounts.

The basic stamping press design consists of a press frame, a ram and a bolster plate. A ram, or a slide, is the reciprocating or moving part of the press upon which the upper die is mounted. A bolster plate, also known as a press bed, is a large, stationary block upon which the bottom part of a die, or the lower die, is clamped. Large stamping presses, which are frequently used for automotive applications, also have a die cushion attached to the bolster plate, which applies blank holder or counter draw forces. Die cushions are important when a single acting press performs deep drawing, the sheet metal forming process by which sheet metal is pulled, or drawn, into a forming die past the depth of its diameter via the mechanical action of a punch and is thus transformed. The ram, which is a solid piece of metal, is clamped to the to top portion of the stamping die, where it acts like the hammer of a hammer and anvil duo. In other words, the ram provides the stroke needed to cause the die to form parts out of the raw material being fed through it after it has been unrolled from a coil and sent through a straightener. Note that this raw material is most likely being fed via another stamping press component, an automatic feeder. Typically, automatic feeders are electronically linked to presses via a programmable logic controller. To keep an eye on this process, stamping presses may additionally be equipped with a tonnage monitor, which is a meter that observes the amount of force behind each stroke.

Stamping presses are classified in a few different ways, one of them being -acting presses. These include the aforementioned single acting presses, as well as double acting presses and, rarely, triple acting presses. Single acting presses are characterized by a single a ram, while double acting presses have a subdivided ram. The subdivided ram of a double acting press can manage multiple operations. For example, the first division of a ram may, in order to avoid wrinkles, manage blank holding, while the second may oversee the forming operation. Another way they are classified is by their power source. They may be sorted into two groups: mechanically driven presses and hydraulically driven presses. Mechanically driven presses have a few different options as to what type of mechanical drive they use to move the press’ ram, but mostly, they do so using eccentric drives. Hydraulically driven presses, on the other hand, exclusively perform this action using hydraulic cylinders. Mechanical stamping presses do offer the advantage of their ability to reach higher cycles in a shorter amount of time than hydraulic presses. However, hydraulic presses are still generally the preferred stamping press of the metalworking world. This is the case for a number of reasons, including most notably the fact that they allow for the constant application of press force during the stroke. Also, hydraulic stamping presses perform stamping processes with controlled force. Usually, tonnage delivered ranges between 20 and 10,000 tons; stroke lengths generally range between 10 mm and 800 mm. Hydraulic stamping presses may be outfitted with a variety of additional features, such as variable tonnage, overload protection, adjustable stroke and adjustable speed. Though they work well with a variety of processes, these stamping presses work exceptionally well with processes such as: low speed/high speed tonnage blanking, deep drawing, compound die action (like blanking combined with coining or forming) and, as opposed to displacement-type forming, force-type forming.

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