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Quality Stamping & Tube Corp, founded in 1982 and located in Jackson, Wisconsin, has emerged as a prominent company in the aluminum extrusion and metal stamping industries. With a strong commitment to excellence, we offer a wide array of products, services, and capabilities to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. At Quality Stamping & Tube Corp, our expertise lies in two key areas: metal stamping and aluminum extrusion. In the realm of metal stamping, we provide comprehensive solutions to fulfill various applications. Our capabilities encompass progressive stamping, enabling the efficient production of complex parts with multiple operations in a single press. We specialize in aluminum stamping, leveraging our knowledge and experience to manufacture high-quality aluminum components. Furthermore, we offer OEM stamping services, catering to specific customer requirements. With a focus on high-volume metal stamping, we efficiently handle large production runs while maintaining exceptional quality standards. In the field of aluminum extrusion, Quality Stamping & Tube Corp excels in delivering a range of services to harness the advantages of this versatile material. Our aluminum stamping expertise ensures precise shaping and forming of aluminum profiles, meeting the exact specifications of our clients. Additionally, we provide aluminum profile assembly, seamlessly combining various aluminum components to create fully assembled products. With our aluminum profile cutting capabilities, we achieve precise cuts, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency throughout the manufacturing process. Moreover, we offer aluminum extrusion finishes, encompassing surface treatments and coatings that enhance the appearance and durability of aluminum products. Beyond our aluminum extrusion and metal stamping capabilities, Quality Stamping & Tube Corp serves as a reputable manufacturer of radiator and cooling systems. Leveraging our engineering expertise and manufacturing prowess, we produce high-quality systems that facilitate efficient heat transfer and optimal cooling performance. Our radiator and cooling systems are meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of diverse industries, offering reliable solutions for applications ranging from automotive to industrial. Continuous improvement and remaining at the forefront of industry advancements are fundamental values at Quality Stamping & Tube Corp. We invest in research and development to enhance our capabilities, explore new materials, and refine our manufacturing processes. This commitment allows us to consistently deliver high-quality products and services that address the evolving needs of our customers.

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