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  • Garland, TX

    Micro Forms, Inc. is a manufacturer of fourslide stampings and similar stamping products. It has been family owned since 1967, which is partly why Micro Forms has always been a market leader in customer satisfaction. Every member of the Micro Forms culture is committed to providing its customers with quality parts delivered on time along with friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable service.

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  • Crystal Lake, IL

    G&M Mfg. Corp. has almost 60 years of experience providing high quality and cost-effective metal stamping solutions to hundreds of companies in the United States. From fourslie stampings to automotive stampings, we have got you covered. Our experts enjoy a challenge and looking forward to tackling your biggest request. Give us a call today or visit our website for more information.

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  • Cleveland, OH

    We serve the world from Cleveland Ohio with custom quality four slide stamping and related products as well as being a supplier and fabricator of aluminum extrusions.. Our products are quality conscious to the point of winning awards, an ISO 9001 certified vendor and we always utilize the latest in precision manufacturing technology.

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From Medicine to So Much More

In order to fuel the medical industry to continue with the brilliant innovations and advancements that have been occurring for the past few decades, they must be equipped with the right tools. One of these necessary areas of production is metal stampings. In the medical industry, medical stampings are processes used to make instruments and other products that can be of use. They have become increasingly useful as of late, causing many new manufacturers to break into the stampings field to meet the demand. The metal stampings industry is known... Read More

The Components Made From Electronic Stampings

The electronics industry is chalked full of small metal parts that work together to create something scientifically astounding, such as a computer or a radio. These are products we use everyday and are no longer amazed by, but when exploring the individual pieces of the whole it sinks in how amazing the machinery is. All of the technological marvels of our time would not be possible without manufacturing processes such as metal stampings, particularly electronic stampings. Any metallic part of an electronic device was made by way of a stamping... Read More

Medical Stampings: For Sterile Environments

The Food and Drug Administration, also known as the FDA has set-up strict guidelines for the products utilized in medical settings, and they have done so with good reason. In an arena where people's lives are being saved and bodies are being laid bare to get that done, the highest level of sanitation is required, and this includes the metallic items used in such processes. Medical stampings are practiced according to the guidelines of the FDA to ensure that measures for sanitation are upheld throughout the manufacturing process of medical... Read More

The Complex Fourslide Stampings

A few major advantages accompany the use of this metal stamping technique known as fourslide stamping, also known as multi-slide and four-way stamping. Unlike the average manufacturing machine, fourslide stamping equipment is able to complete a fully manufactured metal part in the same process and by way of the same machine. This includes bending and stamping, which when the right metal is chosen, can be the only processes required for a quality product. Because it can function on four different axes, the fourslide stamping press is able to complete projects... Read More

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Micro Forms, Inc.

by Breana Cronk, IQS Editor When Lee Curry founded the machine job shop Micro Forms, Inc. back in 1967, he had just one customer and a lot of ambition. Decades later the tool and die stamping job shop, now owned by sons David and Dan, serves countless industries with small precision metal stampings. Ever diverse, Micro Forms has a valued history of meeting the most challenging needs of every customer. As infallible as their products, this reputation radiates from Curry's emphasis on accountability and quality that brought great expansion to... Read More

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Fourslide Stampings

Fourslide stamping refers to a particular stamping process that is used to produce complex stamped parts requiring a bend greater than 90°. A fourslide is a mechanism that guides a forming tool into the correct position. The fourslide does this action quickly and repeatedly, time and again, producing a large quantity of identical products in a short period of time.

Fourslide machines are economically beneficial for manufacturing intricate parts like metal springs, wire forms, and stampings from metal strips or wires. Some common metallic materials that undergo fourslide stamping are aluminum, bronze, steel, cropper and many more. Fourslide stamping is particularly advantageous for those applications that cannot be accomplished on a regular press without additional secondary processes can be easily made with fourslide machines. Fourslide machines have several beneficial features over other metal stamping processes including a high level of accuracy, repeated results, and a reduced cost in tooling fees. Often used to form electronic stampings, additional applications of fourslide stampings include: in the automotive industry, for use as brake flanges, engine bases, flywheel shrouds and more; and in industrial manufacturing, for parts and components such as gear and sprocket blanks, backing rings, balance clamps and conveyor flights.

In a simplified explanation, a fourslide stamping press is the same as a horizontal stamping press with the addition of cams. In addition to cams, the basic design consists of shafts, an electric motor, a die, a press and the sliding tools. The four sliding tools achieve motion as a result of the shafts, which are connected by means of bevel gears to the electric motor. In the fourslide stamping process, there are four sliding tools coming each from their own direction at the metal blank, typically a form of flat sheet metal, in order to bend the metal around a vertical mandrel and thus into a complex shape. A timed mechanism known as a cam is used in order to regular the movement of the sliding tools. The cams are connected to the shafts for optimum control of the sliding tools’ motion. As a result, fourslide stamping is able to incorporate the vertical movement provided by the punch with horizontal movement coming either simultaneously or successively from a number of directions from the sliding tools. Thus, the fourslide stamping more accurately is a reflection of the type of machine used to perform stamping, versus the actual process which could be one of a number of methods including progressive or transfer stamping.