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  • Gurnee, IL 847-855-9200

    Adhering to ISO 9001:2008 standards American Industrial Co. manufactures a wide variety of high volume and short run stampings. Our extensive expertise with progressive and secondary dies allows us to perform operations such as blanking, piercing, bending, forming, coining, drawing and curling. Producing metal brackets and other similar products, we always deliver the best.

  • Crystal Lake, IL 815-455-1900

    From metal brackets to automotive stamping, G&M Mfg. Corp. has the knowledge and expertise to handle any challenge thrown our way. We have almost 60 years in the industry and take pride in being an industry leader on the cutting edge. Call one of our experts today for assistance for your next metal bracket need.

    G&M Mfg. Corp.
  • Girard, PA 814-774-5661

    If you are in need of metal brackets that are made to last, look no further than Thomas Erie/Solla Eyelet. We have over 50 years of experience in metal stamping, and are a leader in our industry. Materials range from aluminum to brass to stainless steel. With our ISO 9001 certification, our engineering expertise in producing custom metal stampings is unparalleled. Contact us today to inquire about your next project, and we will make it happen!

    Thomas Erie/Solla Eyelet
  • Cleveland, OH 888-327-6714

    As a premiere metal stamping company in the United States, we are fully capable of producing the engineered products you need to get to get your job done. We believe in providing the very best quality metal stampings, and we never sacrifice on customer service. Contact us today, by giving us a call or visiting our website, to find out more!

  • Calabasas, CA 866-317-0208

    At Pacific West America, Inc. we provide custom metal stamping, CNC machining, printed circuit boards, and membrane switches. Utilizing state of the art machinery, we offer precision metal fabrication and sheet metal fabrication. The company consists of two state-of-the-art plants, staffed with highly trained engineers and experts prepared to handle all of your projects. For unparalleled service and design, contact us today!

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Metal Brackets for Different Purposes

Metal brackets can be stamped from a variety of different materials,whether brass, stainless steel, copper, or aluminum. These brackets can also becoated with a variety of different materials to enhance their appearance. Thematerial they are stamped from as will as their shape and appearance depends onthe application for which they are going to be used. Some brackets are fairlysmall and simple, such as those used in everyday shelving of medium weight loads,whereas others must be quite large and require locking bars and appropriateoptions for adjustment, such as TV fixed metal brackets. In this case the metalbracket will not be seen, but its strength is crucial. No one wants to seetheir brand new flat screen in pieces on their living room floor!

While some brackets may not be visible or their appearancemight not matter, other brackets might require a decorative look or may need toblend in with the wall or shelf to be less visible. Powder coatings are commonfor a lot of metal brackets and there are many colors and shades to choosefrom. Decorative looks may pose more of a challenge for metal stampers, but arecommon also. It all depends on the function and the look you are going for,whether basic stainless steel, or black powder coated aluminum, or a certaindesign or shape. There are many, many options when it comes to the material ofmetal brackets and the desired look you are going for. Contact a metal stampernear you and discuss your specific requirements and preferences today.


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Metal Brackets

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Often used for decorative purposes, metal brackets can be powder coated in colors such as black, white, gray and almond to be more aesthetically-pleasing. Often packaged as “rights” and “lefts”, metal brackets can often be customized and are reversible. Typical materials that metal brackets are stamped from include aluminum, brass, carbon steel, copper, hot and cold rolled steel, galvanized metals and stainless steel. A long list of industries benefit from metal brackets, including construction, automotive, electronics, telecommunications, defense, commercial, architecture, dental and aerospace.

Since metal brackets are made as part of one continuous process, they are typically shortrun stampings, and are produced at a high volume over a short timespan. Metal brackets are typically formed during two types of metal stamping processes: progressive stampings and fourslide stampings. Progressive stamping utilize presses with multiple stations which stamp different attributes into parts as a metal coil moves through the press; metal brackets are cut and separated on the final step. In the fourslide stamping process, presses with four moving slides are used, which allow the automated press to manipulate parts along both axis. This allows for multiple aspects of stamping, cutting and shaping on the metal brackets to be completed at one processing stage. There are quite a few different configurations of brackets, including L brackets, J brackets and box brackets. L brackets are the most common shape of metal bracket and are widely used in structural and decorative applications. J brackets are a simple construction and are often used in automotive applications as well as in conjunction with L brackets in structural applications. Box brackets, also called square brackets, are one of the strongest types of metal brackets.

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Metal Bracket - Talan Products Inc.