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  • Garland, TX

    Micro Forms specializes in small precision metal stampings, but also has successful experience in the design and manufacture of larger pieces. We offer quick prototypes via our in house machine shop, and fill orders anywhere from single parts to 10+ million pieces. We utilize the latest advancements in technology to improve efficiency and lower your total costs.

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  • Gurnee, IL

    American Industrial Company is a complete turnkey provider of metal stampings. We can assist you from prototype design to delivery of the final parts. We have the skill and the experience to handle even the most complicated metal stamping projects. We are knowledgeable in forming and bending, progressive, blanking, secondary, piercing, shallow draw, coining, and laser cutting.

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  • Crystal Lake, IL

    G&M is a industry leading manufacturer of precision metal stampings. In business since 1967, we primarily serve the automotive, electronics, electrical, medical, industrial & consumer markets. We emphasize customer satisfaction and value, and attain these largely due to our efficient designing and manufacturing processes.

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  • Cleveland, OH

    Talan Products specialty is high volume custom metal stampings. Whether you need stainless steel, aluminum, or other metals, we understand the precision necessary to produce the quality of stamping parts that you demand. Our ISO 9001 registered quality system assure you defect-free stamped metal parts with the tight tolerances you need at high volume production rates.

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  • Algonquin, IL

    For over half a century, Kenmode has built a reputation for producing complex high-precision, custom metal stampings and assemblies with the highest efficiency and quality. The Kenmode engineering and design team works to simplify and streamline the metal stamping process for customers to save both time and expense. Kenmode facilities employ the most advanced technology for design, production, inspection, packaging, and shipping.

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Metal Stampings of All Kinds by G&M Mfg.

Metal Stampings G&M Manufacturing Corporation produces precision metal stampings. We are located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, but we ship worldwide. In fact, over 40% of our sales are exports. G&M has been in business since 1967 and we pride ourselves on being a reliable supplier. Our manufacturing expertise and first class customer service make us a leader in the metal stamping field. Read more...... Read More

Larson Tool & Stamping's Dedicated Staff Delivers Outstanding Quality.

Metal Stampings Founded in 1920, Larson Tool & Stamping Company is a family-owned and operated metal stamping company. One thing that sets us apart from other companies is our capacity to meet delivery schedules with superior quality products at competitive prices. Because we employ a stable, flexible, and loyal workforce, we are able to expand our resources to meet extreme challenges. The combination of dedicated workers, the latest technology, and control of all in-house processes make it possible. Our capabilities are vast, we provide services such as forming, stamping, deep... Read More

A Positive Journey in Achieving ISO 9001/AS 9100: All-New Stamping Company

A Case Study by: The Attivo Group ISO Certification - Don't Go It Alone! When companies attempt to achieve ISO certification, they quickly realize it requires a huge company-wide effort. Also, the improper implementation of industry compliance can over-complicate processes and increase costs, which diminish the value of an ISO 9001:2000 certification. Bear in mind that the motivation behind this official recognition is to enhance the value and market strength of the company. This is done with a well-documented and followed set of procedures that define the processes resulting in... Read More

How to Gild Your Safety Record

Talan Products has consistently reduced its safety incident rate since 2006. That it has manufactured for 1,600 days without a lost-time accident is no accident. It is the result of a deliberate development of an omnipresent safety culture. Other manufacturers often ask, “How do you do it?” The manufacturer shares its safety secrets, including establishing a safety culture, learning from near-misses, using sensors, and tracking safety metrics. Attaining plant safety goals and ensuring worker safety are ongoing challenges for most manufacturers. It’s a fact that managing safety wisely and... Read More

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Metal Stampers

For just about any application, a metal stamper can be utilized. In fact, the term “metal stamping” can have a multitude of meanings, and it may be hard for one to narrow down this broad term alone. Fortunately, there are highly experienced metal stampers manufacturers who are available to help you find the right equipment for the desired applications. In addition, there may be a number of steps that are involved in different metal stamping processes, but a skilled metal stamper is capable of performing a wide range of processes in order to suit the needs of multiple clients.

The metal stamping process can make numerous products that are formed by other processes such as fabricating, forging, and casting. The process of metal stamping involves the exertion of force onto a piece of metal in order for the material to achieve the desired configuration. A wide range of materials can be used for metal stamping, such as aluminum, nickel, copper, brass, and a multitude of alloys. The most common materials used in metal stamping are steel, brass, aluminum. Steel is known for its strength, versatility, its easy accessibility, and relatively low cost. Brass, an alloy of zinc and copper, is known for its exceptional conductivity of heat and electricity, and is the material of choice for electronic parts, transmission equipment, musical instruments, and various household fixtures. Aluminum is popular for stamping due to its malleability, light weight, conductivity, and resistance to corrosion.

Metal stamping presses are the machines utilized to carry out these processes, and are capable of producing parts to close tolerances. A press consists of a two main parts: a bolster plate and a ram. The press may also feature a stamping die, which is a uniquely formed precision tool that forms sheet metal into a specific shape. The die is typically made from a type of steel called tool steel. Each half of the stamping press is attached to the bolster plate and the slides of the press. The metal is formed when it is placed between two halves of the press. Metal stamping presses come in numerous types. Single-acting presses utilize a single ram, while the rams of double-acting presses are subdivided. The ram generates a vertical movement as the metal is fed through the press. Mechanically driven presses are powered by a motor. The motor generates the press’s flywheel, which uses kinetic energy to turn down toward the plate. These types of presses are ideal for assembly-style settings because of their ability to function at a steady pace and achieve higher cycles per any given unit of time. Hydraulically driven presses utilizes pressurized air or liquid to carry out the press force as the die guides the material through.

Metal stamping can be done in a multitude of ways. Several different metal stamping processes are as follows.

  • Progressive die metal stamping. This method is one of the most common of all the methods. The processes utilizes a single die that can be divided into several sections, or “stations.” The metal die is manipulated at each of these stations and is gradually formed into the final product. One advantage of progressive metal stamping is its economic efficiency.
  • Deep drawn metal stamping. In this process, several stations of dies and punches fabricate deep recessions into a flat metal strip. Deep drawn parts can sometimes be referred to as cups, due to their depth being greater than their width.
  • Multi-slide, or four-slide metal stamping. This method involves a multi-slide press that is capable of not only running more than one die set at a time, but also running these dies at different angles. Multi-slide stamping presses are known for forming highly intricate parts.

Metal stampers are incredibly popular because of the cost effectiveness and versatility of the service. Metal stamping can produce material intensive parts much more quickly and efficiently than any other method of fabrication. In addition to speed, it is possible to produce parts through the metal stamping process that are high in quality.

If you want to get a final product of the highest possible quality, it is imperative to know your requirements, and to seek out a metal stamping service that is both capable and willing to design and fabricate a product that meets those requirements. There are a multitude of different styles and uses for a metal stamper, such as automotive stamping and stamping of spring clips, so it is important to find a stamping services that specializes in the applications and industry associated with your specifications.

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