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  • Bethel, CT

    If you are looking for linear roller bearings at a competitive rate than look no further! We have been providing high quality products for over thirty years and we want to put our experience to work for you! Our roller diameters range from 1.5mm up to 6mm and may provide load carrying capacities up to 2800lbs. Our linear roller bearings are interchangeable with rail sets of other manufacturers for your convenience. Visit our website today to learn more!

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  • Bethel, CT

    We do linear roller bearings and we do them well! We have are in the business of ensuring that you get the products that you need exactly when you need them. Most of our products ship out within twenty-four hours with next day delivery available. Our linear roller bearings are made out of an aluminum carriage and base and are interchangeable with other manufacturers. Visit our website today to learn more!

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  • Pittsburg, CA

    With an expert sales staff and a plethora of major manufacturers supplying our stores, Bishop-Wisecarver is the one stop shopping experience for any customer in need of linear motion devices and systems. With superior products like linear roller bearings, rod ends and mounted units, as well as a number of transmission related products, we are delighted to help you find a solution to your problem.

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  • Houston, TX

    As an industry leader, Promec has the in-house capabilities to design, manufacture, assemble and test a wide variety of electrical and mechanical products. Our company has years of experience performing contract manufacturing and we can design exactly what our customers require. Our product line includes wire rope and cable assembly machinery, linear bearings, electronic assemblies and more.

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  • Hackettstown, NJ

    Rollon Corp offers a wide variety of linear bearings, including linear roller bearings. Our linear revolution includes our compact rail, Curvi Line, Easy Rail, Eco Line, Light Rail, Telescopic Rail, Uni Line and X Rail. No matter what your linear motion requirements, Rollon Corporation has the answer. Rollon is a leading international manufacturer, designing products to meet all requirements.

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Linear Roller Bearings of the Past and Present

When items are constantly being moved back and forth, eventually they are going to begin to show signs of wear and tear. No matter what the material whether it is wood or metal or plastic and no matter where it is, this is going to happen with almost all products. But, there is a way to prevent such an outcome from occurring. This method, is to invest in a linear roller bearing. Linear roller bearings are motion components that have been designed to provide objects with precision, low friction movement.... Read More

The Advantages of Plastic Linear Bearings

Linear Roller Bearings The type of material chosen for a product of any kind is a big decision, which is a concept that can be applied in industrial, commercial and residential settings. For example, when I am buying a dress for myself, I know not to be metallic looking fabric because I sweat right through it and it is very static-like. Cottons are always the best bet for me. In commercial and industrial settings, choosing product materials is even more important because it is not just an individual's comfort level... Read More

How to Roll with Linear Roller Bearings

Linear Roller Bearings Linear roller bearings do exactly what it sounds like they do. They bear the weight of an object while it rolls along the linear path set out for it. It is a simple concept that works in a practical way and requires very little maintenance or expense, which is why such a simple concept is still so popular in our technologically advanced society. You don't mess with something that is cheap as well as working well, even if advances in other areas are being made. Rolling with... Read More

A Frictionless Ride

Linear Roller Bearings Movement oriented mechanisms must be able to accomplish a number of things while moving an object from one point to another, even if this movement is restricted to a few feet or even a few inches, like roller bearings are. The most important characteristic though, is to cause as little friction as possible to build up between the object moving and the moving mechanism, because friction causes heat which causes damage to either or both of the objects in question. That is why the boast of roller... Read More

Continually Advancing

Linear Roller Bearings The linear bearing industry never rests. It seems like everyday new and improved models are coming out that can provide the precision movement that customers want from their linear bearings. They can be used for applications such as drawers, height adjustment mounts, optic alignment, precision dispensing, wafer testing and automated production equipment. Their wide range of uses makes them available in various sizes, materials and other modifications. Custom options are often available by certain manufacturers as well to make sure the product is the perfect match for... Read More

The Cylindrical Needle Bearings

Linear Roller Bearings Most linear bearings are shaped in the way their name suggests; linearly. However, the needle bearings are circular, shaped like a wide metallic doughnut whose edges are filled with rotating rollers to aid in the movement of whatever they are attached to. They reduce the friction of the rotating components between which they are placed, such as parts of the transmission in an automotive vehicle. This enables all parts involved in the motion process to last longer and run more smoothly, cutting down on maintenance costs for... Read More

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Linear Roller Bearings

Linear roller bearings, also sometimes known as roller slides or crossed roller slides, are a type of linear motion machine element, or bearing, designed to facilitate the low friction movement of a load across a surface. Linear roller bearings facilitate this motion using rotating roller bearings. Linear roller bearings have been around for a very long time. In fact, they are the earliest known type of rolling element bearing, with the earliest example dating back to around 40 B.C. On of the most basic examples of a system using this bearing type is a group of logs set out in a path to roll objects over. This simple system has worked for thousands of years because it reduces friction created and speeds up its movement. In this day and age, linear roller bearings consist of a base, a carriage and cylindrical bearings, which are housed inside the carriage. To keep the rollers in place, manufacturers design both the base and the carriage with v-shaped grooves, which they then place the rollers in between. Ball bearings work quite similarly, except in their case, they use spherical bearings instead of cylindrical ones. To work, the base, which is stationary, acts as a reliable foundation across which the loads can move while, at the same time, the mobile carriage transports the load to its intended destination.

Linear roller bearings and linear motion bearings like them are popular for use in many industries, where they assist in production and processing. These industries include, among others: consumer and retail services, industrial manufacturing, medicine and pharmaceuticals, packaging and telecommunications. They can also be used in vacuum environments and clean rooms and with automation and material handling machinery. In general, linear roller bearings, which are not self-cleaning, are suitable for use in environments with low levels of airborne contaminants.

Among the many materials available to manufacturers for linear roller bearing fabrication, perhaps the two most commonly employed are stainless steel and aluminum. These materials are chosen for their high levels of durability, their abilities to resist the wear and tear caused by constant motion and their abilities to resist the breakdown caused by heavy weight loads. Linear roller bearing systems are available in a variety of different sizes and with a variety of different features. They may be quite large or, conversely, they may be designed as miniature linear bearings. Some of the optional features with which they may be equipped include guide wheels or support rails, bellows or covers, rail wipers and motion locks. Guide wheels and support wheels are optional components that are installed in order to make sure that the linear motion of a system remains smooth, while bellows and covers alike are designed to keep dust and dirt out of the shaft assembly. Rail wipers assist operations by cleaning wiping the rails clean before the rollers are moved over them. Motion locks are installed if and when bearing operators wish to have more control over the function of the system; motion locks are used to hold a carriage position for a sustained period of time, slow linear motion or stop linear motion.

Linear roller bearings are among the best and most useful linear motion bearings available to customers. For one, they are fairly inexpensive to produce. In addition, they are likewise easy to manufacture and simple to install. They also require relatively low amounts of maintenance. To keep your linear roller bearings running smoothly, it is simply required that you open and clean them up and clean them from time to time, as well as perhaps coat them with some sort of lubricating substance. This type of maintenance is especially important if your linear roller bearings regularly come in contact with airborne debris or corrosive weather. A well cared for set of linear roller bearings will likely last longer than a comparable set of linear ball bearings, as roller slides distribute the load of a weight more evenly. While ball slides place all the weight of a load on the point of a sphere, roller slides spread that same weight all along the length of a cylinder. This results in the slide having less of its surface under pressure and having, ultimately, less deterioration. Because linear roller bearings are non-motorized roller slides, they also have fewer elements to be concerned about and it is very difficult for them to malfunction. For more information on these phenomenal products and how to care for them, contact one of linear motion bearing system manufacturers listed on this page.

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