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  • Current Bearings and their Future

    Linear Motion Bearings Low friction motion of varying loads that may require high accuracy and repeatability is the perfect job for linear motion bearings. These products are able to provide the perfect motion necessary for a wide array of applications. Not only that, but these products are known for their accuracy, low costs, low maintenance, variety and availability. When it comes to motion bearings, there is a wide range of styles including linear air bearings, linear roller bearings, linear ball, rotary bearings and more. Linear motion bearing manufacturers are able...

  • The Astounding Linear Air Bearings

    Linear Motion Bearings The utilization of the most basic element in our world for something other then breathing is amazing in and of itself. The fact that it has been manipulated to create toxin free energy is pretty amazing too. So linear air bearings, which use a film of compressed air as a cushion in between two objects that need free movement in one direction while also supporting varieties of weight, is straight up astounding. We as humans are able to harness the air that surrounds us at all times...

  • The Materials of Linear Motion Bearings

    Linear Motion Bearings Some industrial products require specific types of materials more then others, for a variety of reasons. More often then not, stainless steel and aluminum are included in the list of most popular materials, including for the production of linear motion bearings. These diverse metals have so many excellent qualities that they are well suited for many environments, including many that linear bearings must be exposed to. Linear motion bearings are used to ease specific movements within certain structures and machines, such as drawers within desks and dressers,...

  • Linear Motion Bearing: Rolling VS. Plain

    A linear motion bearing is a type of bearing used in rotating parts, including roller skates, dryers, clocks, and many other applications. Nearly every machine or product that has rotating parts uses a bearing of some kind to help facilitate the rotational movement of the product. While there are many different kinds of linear motion bearing bearings, customers often have the choice between choosing a rolling bearing or a plain bearing. Both kinds of bearings have their own unique features that make them ideal for certain applications. Rolling bearings: A...

  • The Perfect Design

    Linear Motion Bearings Linear bearings are available in all sorts of different models. Some popular options include needle bearings, rotary bearings, miniature linear bearings, slide bearings and even plastic bearings. While each of these individual products will vary slightly from each other, the over all design of a linear bearing is relatively the same. And they can serve as the perfect part to assist in moving objects along a straight line with the highest levels of precision. So, first what needs to be done is decide if a linear bearing...

  • Linear Bearings Make Modern Movement More Bearable

    by Amy Harris, IQS Editor Driving cautiously to work this morning, I was surrounded by lake effect snowfall and well-below freezing temperatures. My appreciation of the beautiful view was soon replaced by a singular focus of staying on the road. As the back wheels of my car slipped going around the corners and took away my sense of control, it caused me to desire one thing: friction. Having grown up many miles away from snowy winters, the combination of slick roads and cold tires sometimes proves too much for my...

Industry Information

Linear Motion Bearings

Linear motion bearings are motion components used to aid in low friction linear motion of loads requiring high accuracy and repeatability in their movement. Due to their accuracy, low cost, and availability, linear motion bearings are used in a variety of industrial applications.Bearing systems are typically low maintenance motion device options; however linear motion bearings will require periodical maintenance and/or replacing to ensure the optimum performance of the system.

There is a wide range of styles of linear motion bearing devices such as linear air bearings, linear roller bearings, linear or rotary bearings and more. Rolling element linear motion bearings, of which linear ball bearings and linear roller bearings are varieties, are far more accurate than sliding contact bearings and so are among the most commonly used linear motion bearings. Linear bearing systems can vary in terms of stiffness or intended velocity, as well as in the smoothness of motion. These factors will be adjusted according to the application of the bearing slide. Other factors such as height and length, rolling element and material choice can also be changed according to specific needs. Linear bearings are commonly constructed from materials like steel or aluminum which provide a strong and durable material able to bear the weight of moving loads without excessive wear and tear. Rolling elements are either ball bearings or roller slides. Ball bearings tend to wear out faster than roller slides, but both are useful in a wide variety of applications.

The load capacities of linear devices can vary greatly according to design and depending on the material used to construct the motion device. Motorized linear slides can be used for heavier loads or for extreme precision and are moved by drive mechanisms. Other manually operated slides rely on gravity, inertia or hand power to move. For heavy load applications, or for long distance applications, the housing system of the linear motion bearings can be strengthened by the addition of support rails or guide wheels either continuously or at intermittent points in order to prevent structural failure along the linear rails. Upkeep for linear motion bearings may include slight railing and positioning adjustments, especially in applications with heavy loads and/or those requiring high precision. For applications in which air-borne debris is a factor, the bearings and assembly shafts may have to be opened and cleaned. Lubricants can also be added to the rail systems to extend the lifespan of the bearings and to further minimize friction.

Linear Motion Bearings
Linear Motion Bearings
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