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  • Montville, NJ 800-526-1250

    Our roller bearings are known for their outstanding quality and longevity. We credit our success to our unique engineering techniques and our commitment to quality materials. No matter what product you get from us, you can trust that it will exceed your expectations on all levels. Give us a call today or visit our website to learn how we can be of service to you!

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  • Sarasota, FL 941-358-1655

    Looking for quality roller bearings? We can help! We are a company that has a long reputation for quality and service. We carry many different products, and we employ the best engineers in the business. No matter whether your order needs are large or small, we can help you find the perfect solution. Find out more when you visit us online or you can give us a call today!

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  • Oshkosh, WI 920-235-3710

    We believe in offering nothing but the best. In our 94 years of business, we have manufactured a variety of products ranging from toys to precision ball bearings. Our customers know they can trust us to provide the ultimate solution to their needs. No matter what you need or where you are located, we can help you find the right solution. Contact us for additional details today!

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  • Dallas, TX 800-398-5662

    EBC Bearings is a well known manufacturer and supplier of roller bearings and related products and sub assemblies. With high quality certification that customers can depend on, a number of industries look to the team at EBC Bearings to provide them with excellent product selection, fit and assembly, such as the aerospace and automotive industries.

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  • Mooresville, NC 800-526-2353

    MMB Bearing engineers are ready and willing to apply their design versatility to find the ideal application-specific solution, whether you need one or thousands roller bearings or other models in the same product category. Let us provide you with the highest quality standards and feature lead times to keep your project on schedule. Call today!

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Roller Bearings

Roller bearings are cylindrical relative motion assistance tools that are employed in order to allow for the motion of one object relative to another. They are just one of many bearing varieties and are employed in a wide variety of contexts.

Bearings are important parts of many kinds of equipment. In any system where moving parts are involved, some kind of means by which friction can be reduced is necessary in order to allow for movement. In a bicycle, for example, without a bearing system to overcome the friction between the wheel and the axel on which it is mounted, a much greater amount of work would be required from the bicycle’s operator in order to make it move. This is the basic task that bearings perform. Certain kinds of movement assistance require certain kinds of bearings. In many cases, a system of ball bearings mounted in a race is used for motion assistance. However, in cases in which ball bearings are not appropriate, there are several alternatives. Roller bearings are popular alternatives to ball bearings; they usually feature cylindrical rollers mounted in a ring shape and can be used to support both radial and axial loads. Roller bearings can be made out of many materials, the most common of which are steel and ceramic materials.

Roller bearings are often used in load-handling applications, such as on conveyor belt rollers. Roller bearings can also be used in wind turbines, rolling mills, machine tool spindles and transmissions. The bearing within the roller bearing mechanism has inner and outer races, which are grooves where the balls of the bearing rest. The race is normally formed to allow the balls to fit loosely in the groove. These balls allow the cylinder to turn freely. Roller bearing manufacturers offer many sizes of roller bearings, depending on their intended use. Roller bearings may range in size from ten millimeters in diameter to a few feet, and they may have load-carrying capacities of thousands of pounds. Although roller bearings are quite popular and cost-effective, they also have a few disadvantages. Abrasion, fatigue and pressure-induced welding of the bearing all can contribute to a shorter life span for the bearing. It is very important to keep the bearings properly lubricated in order to avoid degradation.