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  • Montville, NJ 800-526-1250

    When it comes to steel ball bearings, we have just the right solution to your every need. We manufacture a wide range of styles to suit the needs of any industry. It is our goal to make our customers happy with our quality products, affordable prices, and on-time shipping. We can even customize our products for individual needs. Contact us by phone or visit us online for additional details!

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  • Sarasota, FL 941-358-1655

    Our steel ball bearings are among the best in the industry. We have dedicated our years in the industry to providing our customers with the ideal solutions to their every needs. WE work to build relationships with our customers that last beyond the sale date. No other company can provide the same level of service that we provide our customers. Contact us for details today!

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  • Oshkosh, WI 920-235-3710

    Domestic manufacturing and testing facilities provide the quality assurance that gives Frantz® Manufacturing Company customers peace of mind regarding the products delivered, like their steel ball bearings. Lean production methods provide time delivery in less than container lot sizes that improve its customer’s return on investment and conform to their lean production needs.

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  • Dallas, TX 800-398-5662

    EBC Bearings is a well known manufacturer and supplier of roller bearings and related products and sub assemblies. With high quality certification that customers can depend on, a number of industries look to the team at EBC Bearings to provide them with excellent product selection, fit and assembly, such as the aerospace and automotive industries.

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  • Mooresville, NC 800-526-2353

    A leading designer and manufacturer of custom-engineered, performance-critical products such as steel ball bearings, MMB Bearings supplies a broad and diverse group of aerospace and defense, medical systems, semiconductor, industrial machinery, heavy equipment, renewable energy, and aftermarket customers. They are proud to be known as the makers of high quality products.

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Steel Ball Bearings

Steel ball bearings are tools that are used to allow for relative motion between two objects; they can be distinguished from other bearing varieties by their steel construction. Steel is valued as a bearing material over other materials because of its strength and durability.

Steel is valued because of its exceptional qualities of strength, so it follows that bearings, which are constantly subject to demanding burdens, should be made of steel when possible. There exists an extensive variety of industrial, commercial and consumer products, utilities and other things that involve moving parts in some way. Whenever moving parts are involved in a product, a friction reduction mechanism is necessary to allow for the desired degree of motion freedom. A bicycle wheel, for example, if simply mounted on an axle, would encounter more difficulty overcoming the friction at the point of contact between the axel if its contact with the axel were not mediated by a bearing. In instances in which heavy equipment components must move relative to each other, the bearing between them must be able to withstand the constant burden of the equipment as well as the stresses involved in motion. Steel ball bearings are often the bearing material of choice in such situations.

Steel ball bearings are spherical in shape and are situated in a track called a race. The race contains the bearings, and as one of the objects that rest on the bearing moves, the balls rotate, allowing for the near frictionless encounter between the borne object and the bearing. Steel ball bearings are used for many purposes, including in products like valve pumps, casters, drawers, appliance components, spray bottles, locking mechanisms, conveyors, roller skates and even nail polish bottles. Steel ball bearings are commonly used in commercial and industrial environments. They are small components placed in between moving parts and allow for smooth movement of pieces of equipment. Steel ball bearings ease the friction on machines and decrease wear. Without these components, moving parts would need frequent replacement. Steel is among the most common materials used to make ball bearings. Ceramic materials are also popular for the construction of ball bearings, though ceramic materials usually do not feature the same high qualities of strength as steel.