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  • Erie, PA 800-345-4946

    Our centrifuge technology comes with superior components that allow for ultimate operation. All of our products adhere to extensive testing to ensure their functionality and durability. The professionals at our company can handle any of your requests. If you are unsure which solutions are best for you then just let us know and we can assist you. Our engineers are ready to assist you!

  • San Dimas, CA 800-868-2088

    When you purchase a laboratory centrifuge from RCI Technologies, you’re not only getting a quality product, you’re also receiving engine, economic and ecological benefits that will last for many years to come. RCI Technologies has been providing top quality equipment and services to countless satisfied customers over the years and you could be one of them—call RCI today!

  • Winchester, VA 800-356-4159

    Sofasco™ International designs, manufactures and distributes quality, cost-effective CE certified AC & DC axial fans, blowers & centrifugal fans for electronic cooling applications. Since 1981 we’ve been serving the computer manufacturing sector, railcar & bus manufacturers, commercial & general aviation OEM’s, medical equipment manufacturers, the food processing industry and many others.

  • Hamilton, OH 513-863-4758

    The Western States Machine Company is a manufacturer and designer of batch and continuous centrifuges, including self-supporting and laboratory units. With over 87 years of technical experience, Western States is also positioned to offer the most reliable solutions for centrifuge rebuilding and maintenance programs. Call or visit our website today for more information.

  • Hammond, IN 866-346-6800

    Our laboratory centrifuge technology is equipped to handle a wide variety of applications. We are great at optimizing your systems to adhere to a particular job. We are recognized across the world for our ability to successfully repair any laboratory centrifuge. The operation capabilities of our teams are unmatched! Please give us a call today to learn more information!

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Laboratory Centrifuge

Laboratory centrifuges are typically small unit centrifuges used primarily in scientific laboratories. Chemical, biotechnical and pharmaceutical labs all use laboratory centrifuges. Most often, laboratories use these machines to purify solvents in order to analyze different proteins and drugs.

Laboratory centrifuges separate solid particles from a solution by spinning at a high velocity. Through this process centrifugal force, a force that can be twenty thousand times more powerful than gravity, is created and pulls the heavier, denser particles toward the walls of the centrifuge. Although the laboratory centrifuge is considerably smaller then most industrial centrifuges, the setup of the mechanics is very similar to one another. An enclosure or arm-like apparatus can move in rotary motion while it is attached to a fixed central axis. Centrifuges are often made of metal or plastic. Items, liquids, solvents or materials to be isolated, analyzed or tested are held in the center of the centrifuge. The centrifuge is normally powered by an electric motor that makes the apparatus spin. Laboratory centrifuges can also be called medical centrifuges.

Laboratory centrifuges come in different sizes, but are normally small and portable. Small or micro-centrifuges hold several vials each holding 0.2 mL up to 2 mL of liquid or solvent. This type of centrifuge allows researchers or lab technicians to process multiple samples at one time. The most common design for laboratory centrifuges is the basket centrifuge, which works like the spin cycle of a washing machine. This design consists of a basket inside of an enclosed container that spins around a vertical axis at a high velocity that separates the liquid from the material. Proper balance is imperative to ensure accurate results and safety. Many centrifuges are continuous, meaning that they depend on a continuous series of close cycles to function properly. If one cycle is off it can place stress on the centrifuge causing mechanical damage and possible personal injury for the user. Laboratory centrifuges are normally used in chemical, biotechnical, molecular and pharmaceutical labs. They are typically used to analyze different proteins in particles or drugs.

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