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  • Lachine, QC

    For advanced solutions you know you can trust, turn to WATTCO. Our dedicated professionals want to help find the right solution for you. We truly value excellent customer service. We provide advanced infrared heating systems that are energy efficient, cost-effective, and manufactured with longevity in mind. Infrared heating is ideal for a variety of applications especially for large spaces and where high heat is necessary.

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  • Mt. Airy, MD

    Our infrared heating systems offer high quality value. We have a diverse staff that is devoted to ensuring that you get the products that you need in order to keep your project going. It is our main goal to provide you with unmatched customer service; our well trained staff treats each and every customer like they are number one. Get in touch with our customer service representatives by phone or email today!

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  • Clio, MI

    We have been providing high quality infrared heating systems since 1972. Our highly trained staff is capable of providing excellent customer service in order to assist you in finding the infrared heating product that will fit your exact specifications. We stay on the leading edge of innovation at all times because we know you rely on technological advancements to keep your business moving ahead. For more information, visit our website today!

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  • Wood Dale, IL

    Tempco Electric Heater Corporation, an ISO-9001 certified company, is a radiant infrared heater distributor of various styles of ceramic infrared heaters, quartz mini-tube E-mitters®, panel heaters, electric infrared radiant heaters, tube heaters, quartz heaters, & tubular radiant heaters. We provide heating elements & temperature sensors with UL certification & CSA recognition.

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  • Wainfleet, Ontario

    We are committed to providing infrared heating systems that provide more heat using less energy. We have years of infrared heating industry experience and we want to put those years of experience to work for you! It is our mission to provide high quality, high value products to our customers at a rate that the competition cannot match. To learn more about getting started with us email us today!

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A Comfy Doggy Day Care

Infra Red Heating System My parents have an unbelievably sweet, affectionate, hyper and crazy dog called Bennet, who we usually call Bean. When I visit I enjoy his presence thoroughly for about a day, and then am very glad my parents take him to a doggy day care twice a week to get all of his crazy energy out. Because Bean is a white boxer, he doesn't have any fluffy fur to keep him warm during the winter, which is why my mom was particularly concerned with making sure the... Read More

Staying Warm While Watching Hockey

Infra Red Heating System An ice skating rink is not one of those places that one would assume you would be warm and cozy, particularly if you are sitting down and watching the action instead of providing yourself some natural heat through the physical activity of skating. However, thanks to infra red heaters in their various styles, those in the stands can be just as comfortable as those on the rink. The fact that spot heaters have been designed to avoid those skating from feeling the effects of the infra... Read More

Beat the Winter Blues and High Heating Costs with Infrared Heaters

No one can deny that the U.S. has seen some serious winter weather this year; and, according to Punxsutawney Phil, we've still got six weeks of it to go. IQS is definitely feeling the chill here in our hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. But it's not just the northern states that have gotten the cold shoulder from old man winter- Texas, Georgia and even some northern parts of Florida have seen snow, ice, and record low temperatures this year. If you have an operational facility to heat, you know just... Read More

Infra Red Heating Systems: In the Name of the Game

For many individuals, watching sports is like breathing; absolutely necessary, regardless of the weather conditions. Sports such as baseball are supposed to ride the late summer heat wave, while football is immersed in that perfect fall weather, in which jeans and sweatshirts are the norm. However, cold fronts come early and chilly rain falls even when a game is scheduled. Therefore, there must be some sort of heating system in place for the days when the weather doesn't want to cooperate. This is when the varieties of infra red heating... Read More

Detroit Radiants’ Re-Verber-Ray® Infrared Heaters Offer Efficient Heating for Several Applications

A solution for decreasing the cost of heating large buildings like manufacturing facilities, warehouses, storerooms or other immense structures, can be found in infrared radiant heating. Independent studies show that, compared to forced-air heating, infrared heating can save 20 to 50% on fuel consumption while also enhancing comfort levels in the area. These infrared systems imitate the sun’s efficiency as they generate radiant heat energy, which is absorbed by the floor, people, and machinery- basically, anything in its path. Instead of filling a room with hot air, which can be... Read More

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Infra Red Heating System

Each infrared heater is a system in and of itself, a collection of parts that function together to create a heating system. Sometimes these heaters are used in large quantities to spread heat across wide spaces, and this too is referred to as an infra red heating system.

A popular form of heating because of its sun-like qualities, infra red heating systems are in high demand. They function by way of a central heat producer, such as a tungsten coil or quartz, which then reflects off a reflector within the system as it heats up, further intensifying the heat source. Infrared heaters radiate heat rather then expelling air that has been heated up within a system. Therefore, they avoid some major negative qualities that other heaters must contend with. They do not have a problem with patches of cool air within their heating vicinity because the heat is radiating from the infra red heater in a uniform pattern. Also, because the heat is not being transferred through space by way of air molecules, the sensation is like that of being in the warmth of sunlight, which makes infra red heating systems particularly popular in arenas and indoor sporting facilities. In these spaces, the athletes are exerting so much physical energy that a natural heat source is much more comfortable then hot air accosting them.

Other specific applications for infrared heaters include outdoor spaces attached to restaurants, bars and resort-like areas that grapple with cold weather. The use of infrared outdoor heaters enables these businesses to provide warmth for waiting customers as well as keeping patio areas open and cozy for a longer time period. Warehouse workers and owners also appreciate the utilization of large heaters specifically designed for the dimensions of a warehouse. This is important for both the employees and the products being stored and shipped from these areas. Depending on the application, infra red heating systems come in many shapes and sizes, with the flexibility to be mounted on walls, ceilings or function as floor units. One infrared model that is in high demand in residential and commercial contexts is the space heater. This smaller system is portable and safe, often made from plastic with aesthetically pleasing and protective grating over the infrared heating source. Infra red heating systems are utilized in such a wide variety of industries for good reason.
Infra Red Heating System
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