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  • In Home Heat

    Electric Infrared Heaters Infrared heaters are not only made for warehouses, dining venues, or businesses. They are also very practical for in home use as well. The basement in my house is always much cooler than the main floor or upstairs, which is true of almost any house. There is a better solution to this issue other than cranking up the thermostat and increasing your heating bill. By placing a heater in the cooler areas of your home you are in control of when and how long it runs leading...

  • Clowns, D ners and Infrared Heaters

    Electric Infrared Heaters I had an unusual experience when I was studying abroad in Germany. All the Amis (the nickname the German students use when referring to the American students) were on a separate field-trip from our German counterparts. We made a pit stop in a small hamlet and decided to do some exploring. As we hung around the town square I noticed a shady van pull up. Out of this van came a handful of creepy looking clowns. They all had ratty clothes, the iconic red nose and started...

  • Electric Infrared Heaters: Clean & Green

    Being environmentally friendly is more then an attitude, it is a lifestyle. Recycling has become everyday behavior, and products ranging from t-shirts to chip bags to furniture are now made from all recyclable materials. Using fewer resources to live our daily lives, such as investing in cars with better gas mileage, walking places more often and gardening achieves a difference in the state of our environment and future world. It is therefore no surprise that certain systems used to heat our homes, stores, offices and industries are now geared toward...

  • Eraser's RT2S Magnet Wire Stripper Gives a Fast, Clean Strip


  • SPS Technologies Switches to Solaronics Infrared Heaters

    Increasing energy efficiency with Solaronics- December, 21st, 2012- SPS Technologies has reduced their carbon footprint and reduced heating expenses by over $180,000 per year by switching to Solaronics infrared heaters.   These heaters use electric-based infrared heating, and saves thousands of dollars over other heating sources, in part thanks to the rising costs of natural gas and other fuel types. Infrared heating is more efficient than other forms of heating, which also helps cut down on energy waste inside each SPS Technologies factory.   The company examined several different heating...

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Electric Infrared Heaters

Electric infrared heaters use electromagnetic radiation created from an electric heating element to heat objects, materials or spaces with the help of a reflective shield. Infrared heat waves are long electromagnetic waves located near the visible electromagnetic spectrum and give off a large amount of heat. 

The most common heating element that manufacturers put in electric infrared heaters is coiled tungsten wire. Tungsten maintains its strength at high temperatures and has a high melting point, making it an ideal material choice for a heating element. When the heating element is surrounded by a quartz glass tube, the heater is also known as a tube heater or a quartz heater. Around the heating element is a reflective surface that can be used to control the flow of infrared waves in the direction of required heat. Infrared waves give off radiant heat which, when reflected from the reflective component of the heater, is absorbed by objects and surfaces without needing a transport medium such as air molecules. Infrared heat can penetrate materials and gases more easily than typical convection heaters and UV light, and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Common uses of electric infrared heating include: room or space heaters, industrial applications such as plastic welding, drying of coatings and glass processing, animal care in zoos and veterinary clinics and in medical treatments.

As there are no burning fuels in electric infrared heaters, harmful fumes are not being emitted into the environment, making infrared heating an environmentally friendly choice. There are typically less health risks than in other methods of heating due to not burning fuels. Infrared heaters do not produce high volumes of carbon dioxide and so are not a major cause of oxygen and moisture removal from the air in the space they are heating, allowing electric infrared heaters to be used in applications such as livestock and residential heating.  The overall temperature of the heating element is lower in infrared heaters than in conventional heaters, and thus there is a reduced risk of fires and burning. Other safety features could include a protective covering over the heater composed of a material with the ability to withstand high temperatures. This will prevent contact with the source of heat and further reduce fire and burning risk. As infrared heaters do not rely on air molecules to transport heat and instead actually heat the object, or the air, heating patterns are more uniform. With conventional heaters, there are often pockets of warm and cool air depending on convection currents within a space and this can create problems, especially in industrial processes which require more precision. Electric infrared heaters provide a uniform and economical heating option.

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