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  • Warehouse Heating

    Door Heaters Many chain retail businesses nation wide rely on warehouses to regularly supply and stock their stores with products to sell and special order items. Warehouses are built to house thousands of products in multiple quantities. These are huge buildings with a lot of square footage. Built right into them is the loading dock where they receive and dispatch products in and out of semi trucks. These garage doors are constantly being opened and closed at all hours of the day. This can be a problem in winter months...

  • Door Heaters: A Heat Blasting Good Time

    Door Heaters Ever feel that blast of hot air the instant you walked into a grocery store or mall during the winter months? I have always been tempted to go in and out and back in again to experience that encompassing warmth as often as possible. This common occurrence, particularly when you live in a chilly winter state like Michigan, is thanks to an ingenious infra red heater called a door heater. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, depending on the building and where they will be...

  • Are Air Curtains Modified Door Heaters?

    Have you ever walked into a grocery store and feel as if you've just stepped into a typhoon? Well, that rush of air is created from the difference of pressures from the outside air and the air inside a sealed building. Many stores use air curtains to disrupt the exchange of inside and outside air. Air curtains are not to be confused with door heaters, although depending on who you talk to, they are practically the same thing. The main purpose of overhead door heaters is to prevent the loss...

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Door Heaters

Door heaters provide a stream of heated air across frequently opened doors and entrances of buildings in order to create a barrier between the air outside and the air inside to avoid heat loss and unnecessary energy expenditure. Commonly used in shops, hotels, entrance halls and reception areas, and in workshops and warehouses, door heaters prevent exterior cold air from entering a large space every time the door is opened, and prevent the loss of heated air in the same way.

When a door is opened into a sealed building, a vacuum is created that encourages the movement of air. Installing a door heater disrupts this process and prevents the exchange of air from inside to outside. Door heaters can be gas-fired – using a gas flame to create heat, they can use boilers and steam as a heat source, or use an electric element to create heat. An air propeller, or fan, will be needed to force air across the door opening and to create enough resistance to prevent interior-exterior flow of air. Therefore, doorway dimensions need to be taken into consideration when determining size and capacity of door heaters to ensure adequate coverage. Larger door openings such as warehouses or garages may require more than one heater, and these can be placed side by side to fully cover the open space. Door heaters are ceiling or wall mounted but for optimal performance and results should be placed as closely as possible to the top of the door.

Typically a switch is installed on the doorway, or connected to the opening mechanism of the door, that turns the door heater on each time the doors are opening and closing as this is when the barrier is required to prevent heat loss. The continual operating of the door heater would result in high energy expenditure and the potential for overheating within the space itself, therefore a trigger switch or sensor is a necessary part of the mechanism. In door heaters, there are options for adjustable levels of heat and airflow. Some units can be run without the heating elements on, and therefore are able to be further used in summer months. In warmer weather, the purpose of a maintaining the interior temperature of a space to avoid extra energy loss is similar – to prevent the loss of the air temperature within the building (in this case cooled air) and to prevent the entry of the outside air. Another use for door heaters is for the general heating of a space when a high level of space heater is required. Some models of door heaters are adjustable and the heated air flow can be directed into a room rather than across the opening.

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