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IQS Directory provides an extensive list of quartz heater manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our website to review and source quartz heater manufacturers with our easy-to-use features which allow you to locate quartz heater companies that will design, engineer, and manufacture quartz heaters for your exact specifications. Our request for quote forms make it easy to connect with leading quartz heater manufacturers. View company profiles, website links, locations, phone number, product videos, customer reviews, product specific news articles and other production information. We are a leading manufacturer directory who will connect you with the right manufacturers whether you are looking for quartz infrared heaters, quartz tube heaters, or quartz infrared space heaters.

  • Lachine, QC

    We believe in a partnership with our customers. We will work with you to find the right solution for you. Our exceptional quartz heaters are suitable for high intensity industrial applications such as curing, drying, softening resins, and baking. Our research and development department are constantly striving to innovate the latest technology for energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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  • Mt. Airy, MD

    We offer the quartz heaters that you can depend on! Our skilled technicians are dedicated to providing you with customer service that goes unmatched by the competition. It is our commitment to you that we offer products that bring lasting value that will not quit until long after you are through with them. To learn more about how we may assist you in fulfilling your next heating project, visit our website today!

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  • Clio, MI

    At WECO International, Inc., we work closely with engineers, contractors and owners to establish standards and guidelines for product construction, performance, operation and application. For quartz heaters and other products, contact WECO International, Inc. We will provide the highest quality goods and customer service available in the industry to find exactly what you need for your application.

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  • Wood Dale, IL

    Tempco Electric Heater Corporation specializes in quartz heaters! Our infrared heaters are used in a wide variety of industries throughout the US and Canada. We provide heating elements & temperature sensors with UL certification & CSA recognition. For more information about our quartz heaters, call us today or visit our website! We look forward to working with you! [keyword] in [city], [state], [country].

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  • Wainfleet, Ontario

    When it comes to quartz heaters we are your source! We have skilled teams of designers and engineers that will provide you with the quality of customer services that we have become known for. We have sales associates throughout the United States and Canada that are ready to assist you should you have any questions or concerns with your new product. For more information visit our website today or call our staff today!

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Ceramic and Other Space Heaters

Quartz Heaters Many people assume that space heaters are all alike, you just plug them into the wall, turn them on, and heat begins to come out of it. Although they do all generate heat some of the different types of space heaters include convection, radiant, conductive, ceramic, electric, gas and more. Each of these types of heaters works and generates heat in various ways but all produce the same result. Many have a heating element inside such as coils, plates, tubes and other objects inside that heat up. Then... Read More

The Medical Heating Pad

Quartz Heaters The ingenuity of quartz heaters, which are mostly used as infrared heaters like infrared space heaters, is pretty impressive. Not only can they be used to heat up a space with a uniform heating pattern that does not require an uncomfortable heated breeze to carry the warmth from one spot to another, but quartz heating elements have also been incorporated into medical heating pads. Whether I am struggling with feminine cramps or my mother is having a bad day with her arthritis, we know that pulling out and... Read More

Quartz Heaters: The Safeguard

Quartz Heaters Safety is an important aspect to consider when buying any product; it is particularly important when buying a heating mechanism, which has the propensity for causing fires. Therefore, the search for the safest heating system is one to take seriously. Infrared heaters are well-known for being safety conscious products with a variety of different aspects and accessories geared toward providing an efficient and effective heating system while diluting the danger possibilities to minimal levels. One type of infrared heater is specifically designed to be safe enough to use... Read More

What Makes an Infrared Quartz Heater

A quartz heater consists of a hollow tube with a heating element contained inside. The tube can either be combined with other tubes or it can be solitary. The main components are a shell or casing of quartz, a reflected, and an inner coil. An example of a home application infrared quartz heaters are used for is reptile aquariums. Since the animals are cold blooded and can not use clothing, exercise or external heat to stay warm, it is imperative for a reptile to have a warm environment. Infrared quart... Read More

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Quartz Heaters

Quartz heaters are common types of infrared heaters which use heating elements composed of the mineral quartz. Quartz is a durable element and can withstand higher temperatures than glass and ceramics and so it is a popular choice for heater elements.

Infrared space heaters use electromagnetic radiation to heat objects, materials and spaces. Using energy produced from the heating element and reflective surface, infrared waves are radiated in the direction of desired heat while losing minimal energy to conduction or convection. In a quartz heater, the element is either made of quartz, or commonly of tungsten wire or a thin coil of another alloy and enclosed in a quartz glass tube. As electrical energy is applied to the element, the heat created gives off infrared waves and energy which are reflected from the polished surface of the reflector. While forced air heaters use convection to heat the air, infrared heat is absorbed directly by an object’s surface without the need for a transport medium. Infrared heat can penetrate materials and gases more easily than heat from other types of heaters and more efficiently than UV lamps which require light waves to effectively heat an object. Due to its high energy efficiency, quartz infrared heating is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to other heating methods which use fuels or gases to create large amounts of heat.

Common uses of quartz heaters include: space and room heaters, food and chemical processing, medical uses such as easing arthritic pain, industrial uses such as coatings drying, glass processing or curing, heating for veterinary and zoo uses such as incubation etc. As varying materials react to and absorb infrared heat in different ways, this needs to be taken into consideration when determining the appropriate heater usage and location. There are a number of advantages to using quartz heaters, including the heating patterns which tend to be more uniform due to the nature of infrared heating. In convectional heating, pockets of cool and hot air are sometimes found which can prove costly in processes for industrial or commercial purposes. Another advantage is that quartz infrared heaters pose less health risks than other types of heaters, for example radiant gas heaters, as there is not a flame or harmful emissions from burning fuels involved in the heating process. The quartz element or tube does reach high temperatures, but most heaters are manufactured with a protective shield or guard to prevent direct contact with the element. The reduced risk of fire and burning is a great advantage, especially in residential use as space heaters are a cause of many household fires each year in the US.

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