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  • Mississauga, ON

    Economical, highly efficient, and satisfyingly effective Solaira™ quartz electric infrared heaters offer residential and commercial solutions that are second to none. We utilize the most up-to-date PHILIPS tm HeLeN quartz infrared technology to provide instant and directional radiant heat that is equivalent to the comfort of the sun actually warming you up and not just the air around you.

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  • St Louis, MO

    Area controlled heat that is clean and fast describes our infrared heaters. We have infrared heaters for everyone’s needs to choose from. Choose from portable heaters, infrared forging heaters, outdoor heaters, radiant heaters, electric infrared heaters and more. Our heaters are seen everywhere!

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  • Comstock Park, MI

    Mor Electric Heating offers Salamander electric ceramic infrared heating elements and panels, comfort spot heaters, pet and animal comfort heaters, portable comfort space heaters and industrial processing heaters. We can also custom design radiant heating panels for your needs.

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  • Wainfleet, ON

    Easy Radiant Works provides leading energy efficient infrared heating solutions. We offers a complete range of gas fired low and high intensity infrared heaters for industrial, commercial, sports facilities, hospitality, agricultural and residential applications throughout the United States. Our innovations continue to evolve; superior technology & performance remain constant. Contact us today to learn more information!

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Quartz Heaters Industry Information

Quartz Heaters

Quartz heaters are common types of infrared heaters that use heating elements composed of the mineral quartz. Quartz is a durable element and can withstand higher temperatures than glass and ceramics, and so it is a popular choice for heater elements.

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How Quartz Heaters Work

Infrared space heaters use electromagnetic radiation to heat objects, materials, and spaces. Using energy produced from the heating element and reflective surface, infrared waves are radiated in the direction of desired heat while losing minimal energy to conduction or convection. In a quartz heater, the element is either made of quartz or commonly of tungsten wire or a thin coil of another alloy and enclosed in a quartz glass tube. As electrical energy is applied to the element, the heat created gives off infrared waves and energy reflected from the reflector's polished surface. While forced air heaters use convection to heat the air, infrared heat is absorbed directly by an object's surface without the need for a transport medium. Infrared heat can penetrate materials and gasses more easily than heat from other heaters and more efficiently than UV lamps, which require light waves to heat an object effectively. Due to its high energy efficiency, quartz infrared heating is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to other heating methods which use fuels or gasses to create large amounts of heat.

Applications of Quartz Heaters

Common uses of quartz heaters include: space and room heaters, food and chemical processing, medical uses such as easing arthritis pain, industrial uses such as coatings drying, glass processing or curing, heating for veterinary and zoo uses such as incubation, etc. As varying materials react to and absorb infrared heat in different ways, this needs to be taken into consideration when determining the appropriate heater usage and location. There are a number of advantages to using quartz heaters, including the heating patterns, which tend to be more uniform due to the nature of infrared heating. In convectional heating, pockets of cool and hot air are sometimes found, proving costly in industrial or commercial processes. Another advantage is that quartz infrared heaters pose fewer health risks than other heaters, for example, radiant gas heaters, as there is no flame or harmful emissions from burning fuels involved in the heating process. The quartz element or tube does reach high temperatures, but most heaters are manufactured with a protective shield or guard to prevent direct contact with the element. The reduced risk of fire and burning is a great advantage, especially in residential use, as space heaters cause many household fires each year in the US.

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