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  • Outdoor Infrared Heating

    Outdoor Heaters When dining out at restaurants many people including myself enjoy sitting outside when available. Living in Michigan allows for venues that offer outdoor seating to open their patios for about four months out of the year usually May through August. However, many restaurants today have installed infrared heaters on, above and around their patios to make them climate friendly. This allows them to start using outdoor seating earlier in the spring, later in the fall and on chilly evenings throughout the summer. As a person who absolutely hates...

  • Like Moths to a Flame

    Outdoor Heaters A few months ago in the last stretches of winter there was a gathering of brewers in Comerica Park. This was my first year at the Michigan Beer Festival but I had my experienced roommates along with me who were there for the third time. The Michigan Brewers Guild set up camp in one of the parking lots of the park. Each had an assigned spot in a tent and served beer samples in exchange for tokens. When we first got there the line was endless. It seemed...

  • Waiting in Comfort with Outdoor Heaters

    I remember being a kid around Christmas time, and going with my family to cut down a Christmas tree. It was always freezing as we tramped through the lot and debated over which tree was the best. After we finally chose and chopped and carried our treasure back to the main Christmas tree lot, my family and I would drink hot chocolate and wait in line to see Santa Clause. And I remember the reason this was such a warm and pleasant experience was partly due to the presence of...

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Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor heaters are used to heat outdoor or partially outdoor spaces where forced air heating and insulation are impractical and ineffective. Infrared outdoor heaters use electromagnetic waves from infrared light to heat objects, materials or spaces with the application of a reflective shield.

Unlike convectional heaters, or forced air heaters, infrared space heaters do not use air molecules to transport heat energy. Forced air heaters heat air molecules which then rise, leaving a vacuum into which cooler molecules move and are heated, creating movement of air through convection. Forced air heaters are not able to suitably affect the temperature of an outdoor area because of the process of convection. However, radiated heat in the form of electromagnetic waves travels through the air and is absorbed directly by people and objects, making infrared space heaters a far more effective and efficient method of heating outdoor areas. An electric infrared heater has an element, a common example of which is a tungsten filament, while a radiant gas heater burns natural gas or propane to create a heat source. The heat generated is then reflected off a radiant surface, usually composed of a metal in the direction required. Radiant waves lose minimal energy to the processes of convection and conduction. As various metals react to and absorb heat differently, this must be taken into consideration when determining the appropriate heater usage.

For residential and commercial purposes, outdoor heaters extend the time people are able to use an outdoor space such as patios, terraces, gardens and other entertaining areas. Infrared heaters can create a comfortable temperature even on cooler days and nights to allow for outdoor dining or events. Generally outdoor heaters are portable and able to be moved in accordance with their need and application. They can however be mounted on walls or ceilings in locations which have a set structure or purpose. The high level of efficiency of outdoor electric infrared heaters leads to a large number of benefits, both economically and environmentally. As there is less heat wasted, the heaters do not have to run for as long or at such a high power as other types. As electric heaters do not use fuels, there are no harmful emissions being released into the atmosphere, resulting in fewer concerns about oxygen and moisture removal from the air. Gas heaters are also effective, but there are other considerations such as the environmental impact of burning gas, and the added risk of fire with the existence of a flame in the apparatus. A protective shield can be used in both types of heater to prevent direct contact with the source of heat and safeguard against burning and fire.

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