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  • Danvers, MA

    Our cartridge heaters are designed for long lasting durability. These systems use nichrome wire heating coils with pure magnesium filler and other premium resources. There are a number of reasons that contribute to why cartridge heaters fail and our engineers will work with you to determine the perfect size, wattage and voltage to prevent future heater failures. We are excited to work with your business! Give us a call today!

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  • Columbus, IN

    For more than 70 years, Ulanet™ has been engineering and manufacturing electric heaters, cartridge heaters, immersion heaters, tubular heaters, miniature strip heaters and bolt hole heaters, as well as industrial heaters and appliance thermostats and thermal time-delay relays.

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  • Lewistown, MT

    Hi-Heat designs and manufactures custom heating elements from a variety of materials. Our products include Silicone Rubber, Polyester Film, Kapton® Polyimide, High Temperature, Mica, Ceramic and Enclosures Heaters. We manufacture drop-in sub-assemblies with sensors, thermostats, fuses, cords and plugs.

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  • Del Rio, TX

    Backer Marathon is your premier manufacturer of electric heaters and a wide range of other heating components. Our inventory includes cartridge heaters, band heaters, coil heaters, and more. We have thousands of standard electric heater models, and our engineers are capable if designing a custom heater for more complex specifications. No matter what component you require, Backer Marathon is committed to finding a solution.

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  • Spartanburg, SC

    DBK designs, develops and manufactures quality standard and custom electric thermal solutions. In addition to a full line of electric heaters, we provide heating elements and heater systems as well as thermoelectric coolers and filtered fan systems. Our expertise gives us the ability to adapt our technologies to find your thermal control solution from immersion heaters to ceramic heaters and more.

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Immersion Heaters Industry Information

Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters have multiple uses and are very effective as far as the electric heater goes. Industrial knowledge of the manufacturing process of electric heaters can be attributed to choosing the correct form of water heater to fit the specific purpose in which it will be most effective.

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Types of Immersion Heaters

There are many different types of water heaters on the market today each with different useful applications and abilities. Some of these include pipe (or dry-well) heaters, flange heaters, over-the-side heaters, tubular heaters, and screw plug heaters.

Flanged Heaters
One type of immersion heating device that many find extremely useful is the flanged heater. If purchasing a flanged heater, it is likely that consumers are planning on applying it in a professional non-personal situation, being that flanged immersion heating devices are usually used to heat oil, heat transfer fluid and corrosive solutions. These forms of heaters are also commonly designed for use in pressurized vessels. Here are some more applications of a flange heater: process air heating, caustic solution heating, plating & finishing chemical heating, water-glycol solution heating, freeze protection &, winterizing, process chemical reactor heating, boilers, water heating, rinse tank heating, parts cleaning solutions, lube oil & fuel oil heating and hydraulic and heat transfer oil heating.
Flanged immersion heating devices are made out of a kind of bent tubular heater element, which is then brazed or welded into ANSI flanges or plate flanges. These flanges come in many shapes and sizes. These kinds of flange heaters are typically used for large volumes of liquid, and for applications where there will be higher power or pressure. These plate flange heaters are commonly designed and customized for a unique purpose if customers are planning to heat smaller volumes of liquid.
Screw Plug Heaters
Frequently used in multiple industries. They can be used to heat many various forms of liquids. Some of these are water, mild solutions, detergents, vegetable oil, grease, aqueous solutions, tar, asphalt, petroleum products, salt baths, plating chemicals, molten gas or even wine. These heaters come available with multiple forms of screw plug and corrosion-resistant hardware. To increase protection, NEMA enclosures are included usually for moisture and explosion-proof conditions. Thermocouples are options also available for control or high limit protection. These heaters can also be equipped with thermostatic controls. Some of the many uses of these types of heaters are boilers & water heating, clean & processed water, freeze protection & use for winterizing, heat exchangers, parts cleaning solutions, and lube & fuel oil heating. Some consumers need screw plug type immersion heating devices for their personal hot water tanks, and should try to purchase from vendors who specialize in heaters for home use. This is really one of the most widely used types of immersion heating products. When purchasing a screw plug heater, be sure to make sure that the vendor specializes in their sustainable production. These types of heaters can last for a very long time and should be purchased with that in mind. It is better to purchase a more expensive long lasting screw plug heater than to have to remove it and repair it multiple times. With that being said, these commonly used heaters are frequently constructed of premium materials for this very reason.
Pipe Insert/Dry Well Heaters
Another form of immersion heating product. Screw plug and flange immersion heating devices are frequently used to heat what is considered to be a "dry well" inside of a tank. This effectively heats the tank while making for easy removal of the heater without users having to drain the entire tank of its liquid. They also have a variety of useful applications. Some of these include large storage tanks, water tanks, different oil type storage tanks, caustic solutions heating, tanks farms, asphalt & liquid rubber tanks, molasses & syrup tanks, chemical mixers, degreasing tanks and corrosive liquids heating. These types of heaters come available with many different options and control settings. They are usually constructed of high-grade materials. These heaters are likely going to be put to more rugged or long term uses. Even though they are easy to remove, it is still recommended that consumers purchase heaters like this that are of quality design. These types of heaters can prove to be very convenient and effective. It is of the utmost importance to choose a very high-quality pipe insert heater. These are not only usually used to heat large volumes of liquid, they themselves can be very difficult to remove. They are usually engineered with this issue in mind, however. High-quality industry grade materials are usually used to build these important heaters. They are also designed with these same materials even when being applied to different uses such as heating smaller volumes of liquid. When heating large volumes of liquid, it is crucial that these heaters provide consistent heat regulated at precise temperatures. It is much more cost-effective this way. Changing the temperature of large volumes can, after all, take a while. Despite this, many pipe insert heaters designed lately are able to heat large volumes more quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently, than ever before. Industrial grade pipe insert heaters are almost always constructed of long lasting and durable materials. The right pipe insert heater can save individuals and companies time and money. The energy costs of these types of heaters are continuously dropping as newer energy efficient designs are released.
Tubular Heaters
Used for many purposes as well. Some of these common uses are in radiant and immersion heating applications such as in infant incubators so that the tubular heater warms the air flow. An immersion tubular heater is capable of vaporizing water to create humidity. Tubular heater assemblies are a great solution for laboratory sterilizers and environmental chambers. Some aspects of these types of heaters are their intricate forming, ability to begin operating in temperatures up to 800°C, diameters from 0.210 to 0.475 inches wide, use on high-tanks with temperature moisture seals, and use for helium leak, electronic, and X-ray testing. Consumers are likely to find the use of these types of heaters in multiple places in the ever growing medical industry. Heaters like this should be chosen carefully, as there is a lot riding on their effectiveness. Choose a vendor who is extremely familiar with the importance of the applications of these heaters. The right tubular heater can save on electricity costs and last for an extremely long time.
Over-the-Side Heaters
Can serve a wide variety of purposes. These types of heaters are also commonly known as top-mount immersion heaters. In many cases, they are engineered for the difficult challenges met when heating corrosive chemicals or viscous fluids. They are also used for rinse and process types of water heating. These heaters are composed of many different heating components. They are designed to be put on over-the-side of a tank, or fitted through an access port in a manhole. Over-the-side heaters can be used for things like storage tanks, in-ground tanks, solvent containers, rinse tanks & parts cleaning, wash tubs, lube, molten heating, caustic solutions heating, wax & other liquids, freeze protection & winterizing and oil heating. These convenient and easy to remove heaters make life simpler in many ways for their users. They can be easily serviced or cleaned, and parts can be replaced if necessary with little difficulty. Still, it is better to purchase high-quality versions of the over-the-side heater. It will save on energy costs and provide many benefits, in the long run, to choose a high-quality over-the-side heater.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Immersion Heater

When identifying which immersion heating company to purchase from, consumers should be sure to choose carefully. Consumers would be wise to choose a vendor who can accurately advise them on exactly which type of product will be most applicable in each of their individual situations. Companies who specialize in manufacturing immersion heating products must take multiple factors into consideration and should use ethical construction practices, high-quality materials, and well-researched engineering techniques. All types of electric heaters must be manufactured with precision and care in order to ensure a safer and more effective product. Manufacturers should strive to provide high levels of product quality control to ensure client satisfaction and safety. Good manufacturers will have an advanced understanding of the electric heating industry and be able to effectively inform consumers on which type of heating device will best serve their purposes. Immersion heating comes in many different forms. Consumers may find that they end up needing a different type of immersion heating element than they had previously anticipated. If purchasers are unsure about which specific heating device they will need, knowledgeable industry professionals are able to help companies and consumers alike decide which product will best fit each heating situation.

Electric Immersion Heaters
Private industrial electric immersion heaters are created by manufacturers who are usually acutely aware of all of the benefits and disadvantages each heater has. This will aid in making the correct adjustments to the product during the engineering process. The use of these heaters in the electric heating industry is rapidly growing as companies strive for cleaner energy and heating solutions.
Manufacturing Considerations
During the manufacturing process, each immersion heater element should be crafted with precision and then carefully inspected before being put into use. Electric immersion heaters and associated products should be designed to last for as long as possible. If each immersion heater element is designed with care and accuracy, the consumer will undoubtedly save a decent amount of money in the long run.
Immersion Heaters to Choose From
The multiple types of immersion water heaters now available have revolutionized the electric heating industry. The ever changing industry is continuously improving upon designs and creating a smarter and more efficient product. With such a wide range of temperature control thermostats available for multiple different types of immersion heating products, the technology just keeps getting better and better. In a world where carbon emissions can be an ever present issue, many companies agree that clean electric immersion water heaters should be widely utilized as an alternative heating source. Many industrial electric heaters use immersion heater elements to increase their efficiency. Industrial electric heaters can be extremely expensive so consumers should take care to properly examine all possible costs and vendors before making a definitive purchase choice.
Retailer Considerations
With all of the vastly different types of immersion heating products available today, it can be difficult to decide which company to purchase from. With this in mind, consumers should try to find a retailer who is very knowledgeable about the types of heaters they sell and how to best apply them to a client's individual needs. After consumers have discovered what type of heater they will require, they should likely choose one constructed of quality materials. This will undoubtedly save the consumer money in the long run. This efficient form of heating is a fantastic and ever changing advancement in the many electric heating industries.

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