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  • A Coil Heater for Your Every Need

    Coil Heaters An electric coil heater is a type of heater that uses electric energy to heat a coil of wire or other material to heat an object. Many industrial equipment pieces use electric coil heating systems for their heating operations. However, there are many different types of heating coils to choose from. Knowing the options available and the common uses for each electric coil heater can help a factory choose the best coil heater for their needs. Flat coil heater: A flat coil heater is a simple heater that...

  • The Many Benefits for Switching to Electric Industrial Heating Systems

    Coil Heaters An electric heater uses electrical energy to heat an area. Electric heaters can have several different heating methods, including radiant heat and air-warming heat. Depending on the type of work done in your factory and the local climate, different methods of electric heating may provide more benefits than others. No matter what kind of electric heaters you choose to use, however, there are a surprisingly large number of benefits that switching to electric heating can provide for industrial factories and buildings. Increased efficiency: Electric heating systems are actually...

  • Guest at the Manor

    Coil Heaters For the past week my roommates and I have entertained a little guest in our manor. We are currently babysitting our friend's Chinchilla to spare him the misery of our friend's lack of air conditioning. Chinchillas are native to the Andes Mountains and inhabit cooler environments. They can't sweat so if the temperature rises above 80 F the rodent can overheat and get heat stroke. So he sits in our basement trapped a cage with two wire platforms and some hay to recreate his environment. Pasha (the Chinchilla)...

  • Coil Heaters: The Star of the Show

    Coil Heaters Every production, whether it is a TV show, a movie or a play, has a star character around which the story circulates and builds to become something spectacular. The character may not always seem like a star, but they are vital to the production none the less. Such a star must be a part of the beginning, middle and end, so that the whole performance holds together. This same idea can be applied to certain industrial processes or products, such as coil heaters. Coil heaters, or the heating...

  • Choosing an Electric Coil Heater

    Selecting an electric coil heater for industrial use can be a complicated process. There are many considerations that are necessary to choose the best heater for each specific use. Luckily, there are some easy calculations that you can apply to ensure that you choose the best heater for your uses. First of all, never select a heater that has a motor with a larger rating than the maximum listed on the nameplate of the starter. Secondly, the selection process will change based on whether the heater has a continuous-rated motor...

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Coil heaters

Coil heaters are electric heaters that generate heat through the use of heating coils. A heating coil is a device that converts electricity to heat. Heating coils are among the most widely used heat generation materials in existence. Across industry, commerce and in the context of consumer products, heating coils are used to generate heat in buildings, equipment, small appliances and in other applications.

Included in the most basic and everyday products, toasters, space heaters and other small heat generation appliances are often fitted with flat ribbon coils or other heat coil shapes. Consumer and industrial ovens can be fitted with ceramic-coated heat coils; the ceramic material shields the coils from dripping grease or other contamination. Clothing dryers, hair dryers, industrial dryers and many other kinds of heat generation and moisture removal equipment are equipped with heat coils as their heat generation mechanism. Heat coils can be used in water heaters, and furnaces can employ a combination of heat coils and air blowers to heat air and then transmit it throughout a series of ductwork.

Coil heaters may be bent to a custom size or shape, including round, coiled and spiral wound, which are used when high temperatures are needed in confined areas. Star wound coils are placed in pipes and ducts to create a turbulent flow in air or liquid. They are used in a number of applications in the heating, plastic manufacturing, food processing, textile, and paper processing industries. Holding tanks, blow molding machines, extruders, bag sealing, and hot metal forming punches all use coil heaters. Operating on AC voltages, coil heaters provide a uniform heat pattern over a wide area up to 1200°F. They are annealed and made of aluminum, brass, copper, iron nickel or steel exterior and ceramic, mica or fiberglass insulation. Depending on the metal, some coil heaters are corrosion resistant and may be immersed in heated substances or used in cryogenic applications. They come in different shapes and sizes, including flat, round, mini, which is the smallest available, maxi, which is the largest and most durable, and low profile, which is flat. Some are made with a lock positioning ring, which makes installation easier, or are cast in brass, which is useful in nozzle-to-nozzle repeatability.

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