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IQS Directory provides a comprehensive list of ceramic heater manufacturers and suppliers. Use our website to review and source top ceramic heater manufacturers with roll over ads and detailed product descriptions. Find ceramic heater companies that can design, engineer, and manufacture ceramic heaters to your companies specifications. Then contact the ceramic heater companies through our quick and easy request for quote form. Website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information is provided for each company. Access customer reviews and keep up to date with product new articles. Whether you are looking for manufacturers of electric ceramic heaters, industrial ceramic heaters, conductive ceramic heaters, or customized ceramic heaters of every type, this is the resource for you.

  • Danvers, MA

    Backer Hotwatt, established in 1952, began with the manufacturing of one product. Since then Backer Hotwatt has expanded its product line to include a complete inventory of many quality products, including precision manufactured ceramic heaters. In addition, Backer Hotwatt can supply compatible accessory items and complete systems. Please contact Backer Hotwatt today.

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  • Mt. Airy, MD

    We can tailor-make ceramic heaters that are ideal for your application. Our teams are highly proficient at manufacturing heaters and heating accessories and we are confident that we can make a ceramic heater that is perfect for you. These units are easy to assembly and install. It is our goal to save you money which is why we work with you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more information!

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  • Lachine, QC

    If you are looking for ceramic heaters then you have come to the right place! Here at WATTCO, we supply proven heaters that are designed to meet all of your heating needs. These unmatched solutions are energy efficient and extremely reliable. Our facility allows us to custom manufacture heaters in one day without compromising quality. We are proud to say our products are made in America.

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  • Bristol, CT

    For more than 70 years, Ulanet™ has been engineering and manufacturing electric heaters, cartridge heaters, immersion heaters, tubular heaters, miniature strip heaters and bolt hole heaters, as well as industrial heaters and appliance thermostats and thermal time-delay relays.

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  • Calgary, AB

    Hazloc Heaters is a manufacturer of explosion-proof electric heaters, hydronic unit heaters, disconnects switches and room thermostats for hazardous and severe duty locations. Our explosion-proof electric air heaters are available with cCSAus and ATEX/IECEx certifications for North America and Europe.

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  • Warren, RI

    Warren Electric Corp. manufactures electric immersion heaters; custom & standard, flange (150-1200 PSI), screw plug (steel, stainless steel or bronze), circulation & over-the-side w/copper, steel, stainless steel or incoloy elements & standard, weather or explosion-resistant terminal enclosures.

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The Warming Plate Phenomenon

Ceramic Heaters Warming plates, which are also known as hot plates, are utilized in a variety of commercial and residential environments, also commonly found in educational and scientific realms. These simple, readily accessible items are ideal for many applications. For example, caterers are very found of this ceramic heater because they often cook the food in one location and then transport it to another, and the warming plate is a perfect solution for keeping the food hot enroute and at the ovenless location. Another example would be in a high... Read More

Ceramic Heaters: The Classic Space Heater

Ceramic Heaters My roommate has an impressively warm space heater that she grudgingly shares with me while watching TV in our very chilly living room. Nobody told me that being grown up meant freezing in your own home if you didn't want to pay VERY high heating bills during the winter! However, thanks to my roomie and her space heater, which happens to be made with ceramic elements, I am surviving. Ceramic heaters are the most common form of space heaters found in residential contexts, such as apartments shared by... Read More

Forming Ceramic Heaters through Extrusion

The process of extrusion has long been used to create metal pieces and products. With extrusion, it is possible to take a single piece of metal and transform it into a variety of metal shapes, such as structural supports, rails, and other metal shapes. Many factories use a large amount of metal extrusion in their daily manufacturing processes, but did you also know that there are ceramic extruding machines? A ceramic extrusion machine works using a similar process to a metal extruder. The ceramic pieces are heated and shaped using... Read More

Advanced Ceramic (AlN) Heaters For Semiconductor Backend Packaging Applications

by Dr. Hongy Lin Principal Scientist, Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company As electronic devices become increasingly smaller, lighter, thinner and more powerful, the demand for more precise and faster packaging technology has increased. Despite the difference in various packages available in the industry, the technology of packaging processes share common steps. In general, these steps include: die preparation, die attach, wire bonding and encapsulation. Among these steps, die attach is one of the most challenging processes, as it involves material compatibility, placement and dispensing accuracy, precision process temperature profile and a... Read More

Ceramic Heaters - A New Place to Find Watts

by Ray Derler, Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company Make it portable, smaller and lighter, comes the demand from the corner office. It's a constant refrain in the drive of new equipment requirements and it doesn't matter if the task is semiconductor processing equipment, scientific instruments, medical devices, automobiles, polymer heat staking or glue dispensing. The desire by engineers to make it small yet powerful drives component manufacturers to scratch that itch. In our world of resistance heating products, this now manifests itself in innovative new approaches such as the subject of... Read More

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Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters are among the most widely used electric heater varieties. Ceramic heaters are used as heating elements in a variety of configurations to provide conductive and radiant heat. Conductive ceramic heaters can be combined with aluminum nitride or other compounds to form warming plates or bonding instruments for medical devices and semiconductor applications. Stand-alone ceramic heating elements may be packed with magnesium oxide and terminated with lead or copper wires for use in a number of industrial applications.

Ceramic space heaters use ceramic insulated heating elements combined with aluminum baffles and fans to provide safe, energy efficient radiating heat as ceramic room heaters. Many other types of electric heaters, including ceramic strip heaters and ceramic band heaters, can use ceramic insulation to conduct heat. Ceramic-insulated heating coils can be much safer than uninsulated heating coils, especially in the context of industrial and consumer ovens. They protect the coils from contact with dripping grease or other materials, ensuring the coils’ continued effectiveness and reducing the risk of fire. Ceramics can even be used in consumer hair-care products like straightening irons. Ceramics are prized as insulators for the evenness, safety and effectiveness with which they distribute heat.

Because ceramic heaters are used so widely in so many contexts, a great variety of ceramic heater configurations is necessary to accommodate them. The most basic ceramic heater constructions involve nothing more than electric wire or coil heating elements encased in ceramic insulation or ceramic fibers; this basic configuration is used in a variety of shapes and rods to provide a heating source in copiers, dehumidifiers, glue guns, heat sealing guns, shrink wrapping machinery, soldering equipment, valve heaters, resistors and many other radiating heat applications. Healthcare, packaging, aerospace equipment development, appliance manufacturing, semiconductor fabrication, plastic forming, food processing, surface finishing and other processes involve the use of ceramic heaters to warm, plasticize, seal, test, mold and otherwise heat-treat various materials. Because ceramic materials are capable of absorbing so much heat, they are commonly used in infrared ceramic heaters for paint drying, in vacuum chambers, for powder coating and in some baking applications. Ceramic heaters are highly energy efficient and are characterized by their even heat radiation, high heat capacity and cost efficiency.

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