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  • Monterey, CA 800-866-0200

    Sierra manufacturers high performance mass flow meters and controllers for nearly any gas, liquid or steam. Customers choose Sierra when they need an accurate and repeatable flow measurement, short delivery lead times, expert flow advice and long term support. When it matters, choose Sierra. Visit

  • West Valley City, UT 800-316-5342

    Here at HydraCheck, our flow meters offer high resolution turbine flow measurement, medium welded parts in plastic, sapphire, and ceramics, frequency/output signals, ans dosing functions. We have been in the business since 1990, so your can be assured of the quality and integrity of the products we offer. Give us a call today or visit our website for more information!

  • Chatsworth, CA 800-356-6387

    Flowmetrics provides a variety of flow meter products including in-line, insertion, turbine and variable area flow meters plus rotameters. We also have signal conditioners and convertors; magnetic pickups; field indicators and batch controllers. Contact us today for all of your flow meter needs!

  • Roselle, NJ 800-899-0553

    Assured Automation supplies economical durable, compact, high precision digital fluid flow meters through its Quick-Ship program for fast delivery. Its industrial flow meters measure both rate and totals for liquids, including water, fuel, LPG and caustics. A wide variety of flow meters are available, providing cost-effective solutions for each industrial application.

  • Itasca, IL 888-539-3623

    Keyence is a leading supplier of flow meters and many other automation components. Our flow meters are compatible with everything from compressors to receiving tanks to machine drop points, while measuring both overall usage and costly leakage amounts. Additional features include multiple numerical and graphical data displays. Visit our website to find out more about our products.

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Highly Accurate Fuel Flow Meters

There have been some incredible innovations in the fuel flowmeter technologies, particularly in the industry that deals with common fuelssuch as diesel, gasoline and kerosene. Most people have experienced thefluctuation of fuel prices in the past decade. The rise in gas prices has madeway for research into alternative fuels, hybrid cars and other innovations.Some companies have upgraded their fuel flow meters with integrated digitaldisplays that accurately provide fuel rates. These devices do not directlyrelieve the stress of fuel consumption but rather assist with logisticalinformation such as lifetime fuel usage and automatic individual vehicle fueleconomy.

Another innovation in fuel flow meter technology is the useof ultrasonic properties. These new ultrasonic fuel flow meters are not onlyextremely accurate but they also increase application performance. Thisincrease is possible because there is no need for traditional mechanical partsthat obscure the flow path to gather readings. By removing those parts from theflow path this allows for a more true flow rating but also lowers the pressurein the line. This type of innovation is great for the racecar industry. Thisdevice allows for higher levels of temporal resolution which is a measurementin reference to time. This is related to racecars because proper timing forrefueling is essential in this activity. Cars will drive faster when there is lessfuel in the tank. Drivers will run the risk of running out of fuel to gainspeed and get a few extra laps in before refueling. With more precise fuel flowmeters the drivers will know with greater accuracy how many laps they canattempt before refueling. These innovations are great for the racing world butalso for various industries that require exact measurements.

Fuel Flow Meters

Fuel flow meters are an essential part of any engine used in transportation, although they are often essential in stationary pumps as well. Capable of metering diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, mineral spirits, stoddard solvent and heptane, fuel flow meters measure the rate of fuel flow into an engine, consequently calculating the engine's current rate of fuel consumption and the remaining amount of fuel left in the tank.

Modern fuel flow meters are computerized, sending data on fuel rate, rotations per minute (RPM) and the amount of fuel left in a tank to a display screen. Some more complicated transportation devices, such as cars, airplanes and spaceships, use the information collected by the fuel flow meter to communicate information to other parts of the machine; for example, the RPM is communicated to a car's automatic transmission to trigger shifting into a higher or lower gear. Marine vessels and boats often display fuel flow meter screens on the dashboard so the captain can keep track of how much fuel is being used and is remaining. Fuel flow meters are also used in stationary pumping fuel dispensers, passenger cars, heavy trucks, ship engines and aerospace applications. Up until recently fuel flow meters used mechanical measurement tools such as turbine or positive displacement; today, most fuel flow meters use ultrasonic sensors to communicate flow rate data to computerized receptors.

Like most other flow meters, fuel flow meters are made of three parts: the primary device, transducer and transmitter. These three parts are usually combined so that the flow meter is one complete instrument. Manufacturers offer fuel flow meters that use various techniques to take a reading. Thermal mass flow meters take measurements with two sensors that work together. A temperature sensor reference and an active heated sensor take measurements by calculating how much heat loss occurs in the flowing liquid, and thus these flowmeters can determine the flow rate based on this amount. Another type of flow meter is the Coriolis mass flow meter, which operates on the basis of the Coriolis Effect in which a force is applied to the tube of the fuel flow meter, causing the fluid to rotate because of the direction of the acceleration. Other kinds of fuel flow meters operate using sound. These are called ultrasonic flow meters and include several types, like Doppler Effect flow meters and time-of-flight flow meters. Each type of flow meter has specific guidelines that must be followed for proper use. In order for liquid flow meters uch as water flow meters to work properly, they must remain full of liquid. Gas or contaminants of any kind can affect the accuracy of flow meters' readings.

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