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  • Monterey, CA

    Sierra manufacturers high performance mass flow meters and controllers for nearly any gas, liquid or steam. Customers choose Sierra when they need an accurate and repeatable flow measurement, short delivery lead times, expert flow advice and long term support. When it matters, choose Sierra. Visit

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  • Oak Creek, WI

    AW-Lake Company manufactures flow monitoring equipment and goes to market through four brands: TRICOR Coriolis Technology, LAKE Monitors, AW Gear Meters and Turbine Flow. The broad range of flow meters include coriolis mass, positive displacement, variable area and turbine technologies. We service many industries, including oil & gas, automotive, food & beverage, chemical processing and pharmaceuticals.

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  • Spartanburg, SC

    At Niagara Meters, we specialize in providing high-quality flow meters and comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide. With our dedication to excellence and extensive experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader in the field of flow measurement. Our product portfolio encompasses a wide range of flow meters meticulously engineered to deliver accurate and reliable measurement across various fluid types and flow rates.

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  • Mt Pleasant, WI

    SIKA is a developer and manufacturer of flow control products and a wide variety of other measuring and monitoring systems. Our inventory includes flow sensors, flow meters, flow switches, and many more. We know that flow solutions aren't one-size-fits-all, which is why we provide consultation and flow management solutions that are individualized and customized to your requirements. When you choose SIKA, you will receive efficient, durable products and customer service tailored to your needs.

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  • Altus, OK

    Turbines is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacture specializing in the design of high quality, cost-efficient rugged turbine flow meters for industry oil and gas, and business flow measurement applications that require accuracy, repetition and reliability. We have established ourselves as a trusted leader in the field of flow measurement. We also offer a wide range of accessories such as centering rings, nuts, bolts, extension cables and more.

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Flow Indicators Industry Information

Flow Indicators

Flow indicators allow an operator to view the liquid as it moves through the pipes. These simple but important flow meters are often called sight flow indicators and are components of industrial process lines that require an instant and inside look of the flow inside the pipe. Unlike ultrasonic flow meters or vortex flow meters, flow indicators do not take calculations or measurements regarding mass or speed.

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Applications of Flow Indicators

Flow indicators are the type of flow meter that monitor fluid clarity, level, and color through a glass or plastic observation window of varying size. The window can be horizontally or vertically oriented. The body of the flow indicator may be plastic or metal. Double windows held in position by a metal housing and gaskets are used in applications where high pressure corrosion of mechanical impact may be a threat. Flow indicators are attached to the piping system by threaded, flanged, or butt welded connection, all of which must be waterproof. For low visibility, flow indicators may contain lights. Visual indicators, such as flappers or propellers, indicate the direction of the stream, although the material type may interfere with such accessories. Flow indicators are used mostly in industrial and manufacturing applications where flowing liquid is part of an important process and needs to be monitored.

Notable Types of Flow Indicators

There are various types of flow meters and flow indicators that are used depending on the type of liquid and what is being monitored. Plain sight indicators are the simplest option, containing only an observation window. No moving parts are used, and this type is only for easily visible fluids. Visual indicators use floating balls, flappers, and propellers. The floating balls indicate the liquid level in hard-to-see applications as an alternative to lights. Flappers are used when the flow of the liquid could be going in two different ways. It lets the observer know the flow direction. Propellers are used for clear or transparent liquids to determine whether or not they are flowing. Another kind of flow indicator is a drip tube where the liquid drips into the tube in systems with a downward flow. Some flow indicators have a self-cleaning mechanism consisting of a rotor and wiper. When the observation window is twisted, wipers inside the pipe clean the plastic or glass viewing area to allow for an unobstructed view. The interfering materials on the window are wiped off and carried away with the stream. This method does not require any downtime and is often necessary when the pipes contain suspended solids, slurries, or highly viscous materials.

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Hoffer Selected to Supply Flow Measurement System for USS Zumwalt

Elizabeth City, NC   Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.  Elizabeth City, North Carolina was selected to supply critical cooling flow measurement systems for the new lead ship of the DDG-1000 class, the USS Zumwalt.  These unusual looking ships are newly designed destroyers that are bigger, lighter, deadlier and stealthier than any destroyer ever built. Hoffer’s flow solution includes critical cooling flow measurement systems which consist of 4” HO turbine flowmeters paired with Hoffer CAT3 electronics. Their job is to measure chilled water for critical cooling systems onboard ship. The flow... Read More About This

Primary Standard Gas Flow Calibration Systems

Product Line Overview & Key Applications of Standard Gas Flow Calibration Systems   Introducing Sierra's broad line of CalTrak portable, primary standard gas flow calibration systems. The CalTrak line offers end-users fast, easy and accurate primary standard flow calibration systems for precise mass flow meter and controller validation and calibration in a wide range of applications. Learn about the key features and benefits of Sierra's CalTrak line, the best gas flow calibration system for your application and budget, and the importance of primary standard gas flow calibration.... Read More About This

Flare Gas Mass Flow Metering

Flare Gas Mass Flow Metering Innovations Promise More Economical Choices As the drive towards energy independence in the United States continues at full speed, oil and gas companies are turning to hydraulic fracturing to increase production. Increasingly stringent state and national regulations for flare gas in particular now require the installation of mass flow measurement instruments to measure waste and excess gases burned off as a result of the hydraulic fracturing process. For gas wells alone, the EPA estimates that the cost of compliance will rise to$754 million per year... Read More About This

Mass Flow Controllers for Dependable Control of Gases

Mass Flow Controllers for Dependable Control of Gases Improved Mass Flow Control Performance Through Advanced Sensor Technology Sierra's mass flow controllers represent some of our finest technical achievements as a mass flow controller manufacturer. What is the difference between other gas mass flow controllers and our SmartTrak family of instruments? Each mass flow controller from Sierra is designed so the physics are correct—resulting in excellent accuracy and repeatability. Each digital mass flow controller features accuracy coupled with unsurpassed instrument stability. This level of mass flow control accuracy is a result... Read More About This

Flow Measurement Solutions for Complex Subsea Applications

Elizabeth City, NC – Hoffer Flow Controls’ HO Series Subsea turbine flowmeters provide flow measurement solutions for demanding subsea environments. Designed to operate in depths of 20,000 FT or more, the HO Series Subsea is a fit for complex applications involving BOPs, ROVs, wellhead additives, subsea production systems, and a variety of other subsea flow applications. Built to order per required specifications, the “housing” on the HO Series Subsea flowmeters is typically custom designed to fit into the customer’s existing footprint/space. Internally, the Subsea Series is built with long-lasting, durable... Read More About This