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  • What's the Difference Between North American & European Cord Sets?

    by Jenny Knodell, IQS Editor Last winter I was visiting family in Germany. The first morning of my vacation, I woke up, showered and unpacked my hair dryer. But when I went to plug it in, something odd happened. My hair dryer's electrical plug did not fit into my Aunt's outlet because there was a different number of prong holes, which were round instead of flat. This is a problem that international travelers often encounter. There are many differences in the construction and type and strength of the current...

  • Molded IEC 60309 (IEC 309) Cords From Signal and Power Delivery Systems

    IEC 60309 (IEC 309) Molded Pin and Sleeve Power Cords SPDS is pleased to offer a new line of fully molded IEC 60309 (IEC 309) Pin and Sleeve power cords for high amperage international applications. Choose from IP44 Molded 3 pin (16 and 32 amps) and 5 pin (16 and 32 amps) configurations. The entire line of IEC 60309 pin and sleeve molded power cords fully complies with all of the IEC 60309-1 and IEC 60309-2 specifications, previously known simply as IEC 309. All our IEC 60309 products are fully...

  • Quail Electronics Provides OEM Products for Industrial Use

    December, 2012— Quail Electronics, Inc. is a world leader in OEM power cord supplies for domestic and international companies. Quail Electronics offers exclusive OEM products for a variety of industries. They focus primarily on power codes, power strips and adapters for international and domestic use. The main line of products that Quail Electronics offers includes North American power cords, international power cords, high voltage cords, bulk wire, cable retention, hospital grade cords, jumper cords, automotive cords, and much more. Quail Electronics is committed to providing the highest level of quality...

  • When Bulk Wire is Better than a Cordset

    Many companies that offer cord sets, receptacles and other power cords and accessories also offer simple bulk wire. There are a number of situations in which access to bulk wire without plugs could be desirable, though companies that make or sell power transmission cords tend to emphasize cord sets in their product lines. Seeing why bulk wire could be more desirable than cord sets, though, can be easier if you imagine a scenario where this would be the case. In fact, there are several scenarios in which access to bulk...

  • IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Quail Electronics, Inc.

    by Andrea Mustine, IQS Editor Quail Electronics, Inc. is a world leader in the power cord industry for a reason. In fact, more then one reason has kept Quail at the top of the domestic and international power cord market. First and foremost is their foundation of knowledge and expertise in the industry. Quail Electronics has been manufacturing and supplying power cords for over 25 years. Providing the best in product quality, service, price and delivery ensures that those purchasing power cords from Quail get exactly what they desire. Whether...

  • Cord Sets and Power Cords

    What's the difference between a power cord and a cord set? It depends on who you ask, but even then, the difference isn't substantial. A company that only manufactures cords (that is the inner conductive material and outer insulation but not the end plugs) might say that the difference lies in the fact that cords don't have plugs on the end, while cord sets do. This is likely to be the only point of difference between the two terms, regardless of who you ask. Is there a significant difference? Perhaps...

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Cord Sets

Cord sets, like power cords, or extension cords, are a means of connecting a main power supply to a piece of electrical equipment or appliance. Cord sets are detachable from both the power supply and the electrical equipment, and consist of a flexible cord with electrical connectors at either end. One end of the cord set is attached to a molded electrical plug; the other is typically a molded electrical receptacle to prevent the possibility of having an exposed live prong or pin which would cause electric shock.

Cord sets are tools used for the conduction of electricity. They involve a conductor, typically a material such as copper, insulative material and a protective jacket or covering to protect the conductive wire. Other components of a cord set might include: electrical fuses to prevent against surges in voltage, a current leak detection component, a method of checking voltage and in sensitive equipment, a protective material minimizing the effects of electromagnetic energy. Cord sets are utilized in a wide variety of applications wherever electrical equipment and appliances are in use, including retail, commercial, industrial and residential. Most cord sets use AC power, meaning they conduct electrical power in the form of an alternating current that periodically reverses direction of flow. Extension cords are longer cord sets that allow for the provision of electrical supply up to hundreds of feet away from a main power source for appliances such as electrical power tools, lighting and sound equipment etc.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) is responsible for setting manufacturing and product quality standards for North American cord sets, electrical plugs, cord voltage capabilities and receptacle configurations to ensure safety of the operator. International standards apply to the different types of electrical cord components found in other countries which use different voltages and electrical plug configurations. As with any components involved with the transferal of electrical energy, there are risks and dangers to using cord sets. Personal injury, death and/or property damage could result from the deterioration, damage or misuse of electrical appliances and components, and there are important safety considerations to be looked at. Polarization and grounding are especially important for certain higher voltage appliances, and for electrical equipments that holds a higher risk of causing shock when live. Polarization of plugs at the end of cord sets ensures that the piece of equipment is connected to the neutral, or grounded, side of the circuit. Sensitive electrical equipment should only be used with polarized or grounded cord sets.

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