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  • Livermore, CA 800-669-8090

    As a world leader in domestic and international power supply cords we are able to offer products that are able to serve a broad variety of industries. Our international power supply cords serve countries such as South Africa, Argentina, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Brazil, as well as others. Visit our website to design the cord that you have been seeking and we will fill your order no matter how large or how small. We offer same day shipping, send us an email today to learn more!

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  • Oskaloosa, IA 641-673-5000

    All of our power cords are tested and stand up to rigorous demands of everyday application. We serve a global market including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and of course the United States. We offer a variety of power cords for your choosing convenience. There is no minimum order quantity that you have to follow when you do business with us, and all of our products are made in our Iowa factory in the United States. Call today for more info!

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  • Joliet, IL 800-683-7228

    When it comes to power supply cords we bring the best in the market. We offer a broad variety including hospital grade style, piggyback/multi strips, twist lock style, and a variety of others including international power cords. We are able to cater to the unique needs of our clients by fine tuning our facility and our customer support. We will accommodate even the most demanding delivery scenarios. Get in touch with us today for more information!

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  • Lancaster, PA 800-818-4916

    Our plug adapters are guaranteed to bring you a lifetime of value. Our staff is committed to bringing you only the most reliable products that are available. We will find solutions for your cord needs regardless of how difficult the job may be. We have experienced technicians on hand in order to help you find the perfect product for you! All of our products go through rigorous testing before being shipped to you. Contact us today for more information.

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  • Fairfield, NJ 973-227-2118

    Since their founding in 1981 in the US, International Cord Sets, Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying international cord sets, power cords, extension cords and harmonized cables, as well as plugs and connectors for global international use. For more than 35 years we have supplied thousands of OEM customers and distributors with our products and gained an outstanding reputation for our excellent quality, low prices and unsurpassed delivery service.

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Power Supply Cord

A power supply cord, or an electric cord, is an electrical cord that serves as a connector between an electrically powered piece of equipment and a main power source. Power supply cords can be found everywhere and are used in people’s everyday lives. A few of the many examples in which power cords are utilized include lighting and sound equipment, power tools, and household appliances. Power supply cords consist of a conducting medium (typically copper), which is concealed by a protective, insulating material. There are some power cords that are detachable, and others that are permanently attached to the appliance or piece of equipment. Some power supply cords can be flat or rounded, depending on the application. Some may even be available in coiled, or retractable, form. Coiled or retractable cords are convenient in that they can be fabricated in various lengths, and they make connection and storage easier by stretching if necessary and retracting if not needed. These particular cords can be found in applications such as production line tools, material handling equipment, mobile push carts, medical equipment, barcode readers, telecommunication, and various computers.

Some power cord manufacturers offer the option of coloring their power cords for either marketing purposes or out of convenience for the consumer. For example, cords of a designated color are used in applications that require more than one cord to perform different functions, for applications that involve limited visibility, or simply for aesthetic purposes. For example, Bright yellow or orange can be used for low-visibility environments, bright blue can add an aesthetic touch to interior décor, and green is also becoming more widely used as a symbol for environmental sensitivity. Finally, companies like UPS or FedEx may request brown and purple cords, respectively, so the cords correspond to their brand.

Power supply cords have an electrical plug on one end that is inserted into an electrical socket. Depending on the application for which the power cord is used, the cord can differ in length. In instances where a longer cord is required, an extension cord may be used. Applications such as construction machinery, power tools, and medical emergency defibrillators do not always have direct access to a power source, and thus need extension cords to connect them to an electrical receptacle. They are usually flexible, although there are some varieties available that have more rigidity. The plug at the end of the cord is polarized to ensure that the piece of equipment connects to the side of the circuit that is neutral. This reduces the risk of possible electrical shock when handling the equipment. In manufacturing power cords and plugs, ensuring the polarization of the cord is important to consider. Therefore, only polarized or grounded cords should be used with sensitive electrical products and equipment.

In order for the transfer of electrical energy to be successful, the configurations of the plug and socket as well as the voltage traveling through the cord must all be compatible. The prongs of the electrical plug must snugly fit into the socket’s openings, also referred to as the electrical receptacle. Also, the amount of voltage that must flow through the cord determines the size of the cord’s wire. The American Wire Gauge is a set of standards that designate a cord’s wire size and current carrying capacity, in order to ensure safety and aid customers in choosing the appropriate cord for their desired application.

There are important safety measures to consider, as there are with any item that involves the transfer of electricity. Malfunction, deterioration, or misuse of an electrical product as well as failure to heed any safety precautions may result in property damage, injury, or death. Power supply cords are certainly no exception. Electric cord manufacturers follow a set of standards for plug configurations, protective materials, wire size, cord length, electric current, and the voltage rating. The standards for plug and power cord production are set in North America by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), with other countries around the world having their own systems of standards. This is why international plug adapters and power cords are necessary if travelers bring their own electrical devices abroad. NEMA, which was established in 1926, has been setting these standards in order for power cord manufacturers to maintain consistency in fabricating their products, and maintain safety for both manufacturer and customer by minimizing the chances of malfunctioning. There are numerous companies that market power cords internationally, and provide a wide assortment of cords that accommodate for their international customers.

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