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  • World’s first locking rewireable C13 IEC Connector

    MEGA Electronics Inc introduces the new IEC C13 Lock Rewireable - the world’s first locking rewireable C13 IEC connector.    MEGA Electronics Inc introduces the new IEC C13 Lock Rewireable - the world’s first locking rewireable C13 IEC connector.   Designed to guard against accidental disconnection of computers, PDUs, servers and most network devices, the new IEC Lock adds additional flexibility and ease of use, as well as LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) compatibility, to its list of features.   The beautifully straightforward high-visibility locking mechanism is combined with...

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There are a wide range of options to consider when shopping around for the perfect power cord, and a lot of these factors can be decided based on the requirements that are presented by your application. Custom power cords can be a great option for a wide range of industries and applications, but it is important to know the limitations and challenges that come with your application before consulting a knowledgeable custom power cord manufacturer. A custom power cord that is built with a construction site application in mind may not be the best fit for a power cord that will be used in a rather wet environment. This is why they are called custom power cords, as each cord is specifically designed and manufactured with a certain application or goal in mind.

Typically, you will want to choose the heaviest wire available to you, and make sure that the power cord you choose have a grounding pin included on the plug. As mentioned earlier, a wet application will require you to have a custom power cord with a sealed plug design to prevent any liquid from getting into the socket. Something as simple as the color of your cord can make a great deal of difference in an application such as a construction site where different colors often indicate certain types of cords, not to mention a brightly colored cord will cut down on tripping hazards. Occasionally a power cord will even include a surge protector into the overall design of the cord in order to protect against power surges that are potentially dangerous to any tools or machines that utilize your custom power cord.

As you can see there are a vast amount of options when it comes to custom power cords, and that doesn’t even include the really important options such as length, amperage or the number outlets. As stated before, the best way to ensure that you receive all of the features and specifications to make your custom power cord a perfect fit is to seek out a trusted, experienced custom power cord manufacturer who can help you build the perfect solution for your application.

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