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  • Macon, GA

    Our cooling towers are installed and run flawlessly all over the world. Some of the largest supply houses in the country trust only CTS cooling towers to help them maintain smooth running operations vital in today's highly competitive economy. Our most common and popular cooling tower would be our T-2, counter flow induced draft, FRP (non-corrosive) cooling tower models, which are more energy efficient, cost effective, non-corrosive in nature, and would be considered our most desirable model. However, we have many different models of cooling towers in production, to include counter flow crossflow, fluid cooling towers (closed loop system), high temperature cooling towers, industrial cooling towers, low noise cooling towers, etc.

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  • Deer Park, TX

    As a leader in the industry, we have become competitive in all types of cooling tower projects of any size and design. We are constantly developing newer methods to serve the growing needs in the industry, and our efforts have led us to become a highly competitive, full-service engineering, design, and repair contractor. Our emphasis on performance and low maintenance continues to give STAR the edge in every project design.

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  • Forth Worth, TX

    Since 2004 Composite Cooling Solutions (CCS) has been a supplier for cooling tower solutions. Though CCS was officially created in 2004, our staffs experience in the field goes back over a century and a half. We specialize in creating concrete cooling towers with both counterflow and crossflow configurations. With our extensive background in the industry and our growing number of cooling tower patents Composite Cooling Solutions is one of the leading manufactures in the industry. Contact us today to get started working with one of the best in the business.

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  • Houston, TX

    At Cold Shot Chillers, we create a number of chilling systems, including cooling towers. Our products are designed for durability and cost effectiveness. Our engineers can easily custom build any machine to fit the needs of a particular application. We are a disciplined manufacturer of superb water chiller technology, and our dependable water chillers are long lasting and simple to maintain at a competitive price.

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Cooling Tower Systems Industry Information

Cooling Tower Systems

Cooling tower systems, sometimes referred to as heat rejection devices, provide cooling of water and other fluids through the removal of heat from the fluid. Essentially, a cooling tower is comprised of a water tower and a water reservoir pumping system. Cooling towers systems can be constructed from several construction materials, such as concrete, fiberglass, galvanized steel, stainless steel and wood. Each material presents its own advantages.

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Applications of Cooling Tower Systems

Common applications of cooling towers systems include cooling the circulating water used in food processing plants, oil refineries, mold temperature controllers, and chiller condensers, as well as providing cooled air for air conditioning, electric power generation, and manufacturing. Cooling tower systems serve a wide range of industries, including industrial, automotive, nuclear power, plastics, dry cleaning, petroleum refining, electrical generation, and food processing. Cooling tower systems are generally cost-effective alternatives to other heat rejection devices and methods.

Cooling Tower System Design

Cooling tower system design is an integral part of providing cost, energy, and performance efficiency for a particular cooling tower suited to an application. Factors taken into consideration during the engineering and design process include location, piping, electrical source, tonnage, seismic events, live load, and weather conditions.

Types of Cooling Tower Systems

There are two main types of cooling tower systems: HVAC cooling towers and industrial cooling towers. HVAC cooling towers combine a water-cooled chiller, or condenser, with a cooling tower. The cooling tower functions to remove heat from the water-cooled chiller by evaporating a portion of working fluid, typically water, in order to cool the rest of the water stream. Industrial cooling towers are heat rejection systems that are used for the cooling of water and other working fluids by means of removing process waste heat from the fluid. Industrial cooling towers are often much larger and longer-lasting than HVAC cooling towers.

Cooling tower systems produce air flow through four different methods: natural draft (which uses the buoyancy provided by a tall chimney structure), mechanical draft (in which a power-driven fan motor is used), induced draft (which places a fan at the discharge to pull air through the tower), and forced draft (in which fans are located on the side of the cooling towers).

There are four main types of industrial cooling tower systems: counterflow (in which the air flow is directed opposite to the water flow), cross flow (in which the air flow is directed perpendicular to the water flow), open loop (in which the heated water is pumped into a tank at the top of the tower and water cascades down through a series of plates while cooling air moves upwards), and closed loop (in which the cooling water is contained inside a closed tubing system and cooling occurs by running water over the tube housing the heated water).

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USFCR Client Cooling Tower Systems, Inc. Lands First Contract

US Federal Contractor Registration client Cooling Tower Systems, Inc. received in October a $200 contract from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Land and Maritime to provide 10,000 feet of electrical wire. While the company -- a certified veteran-owned small business -- makes available to the government surplus items, such as electrical wire, that is new, unused, and in its original packaging, it is known for manufacturing and providing cooling towers -- which it makes available to clients around the United States. The company's secret to its recent contracting success? "We... Read More About This