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  • Macon, GA

    Our LCC, Closed circuit cooling towers are used to avoid the generating of deposits and scales because of the direct contact between the cooled fluid and air. This will avoid clogging and corroding problems. This closed-circuit cross flow tower is required in those areas with poor water quality or when the cooled fluid or equipment will tolerate no pollution at all. In addition to our closed-circuit cooling tower we have an alternate system using a plate heat exchanger for the hot closed side and an open cooling tower to remove heat from the heat exchanger.

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  • Deer Park, TX

    As a leader in the industry, we have become competitive in all types of cooling tower projects of any size and design. We are constantly developing newer methods to serve the growing needs in the industry, and our efforts have led us to become a highly competitive, full-service engineering, design, and repair contractor. Our emphasis on performance and low maintenance continues to give STAR the edge in every project design.

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  • Forth Worth, TX

    Since 2004 Composite Cooling Solutions (CCS) has been a supplier for cooling tower solutions. Though CCS was officially created in 2004, our staffs experience in the field goes back over a century and a half. We specialize in creating concrete cooling towers with both counterflow and crossflow configurations. With our extensive background in the industry and our growing number of cooling tower patents Composite Cooling Solutions is one of the leading manufactures in the industry. Contact us today to get started working with one of the best in the business.

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  • Houston, TX

    At Cold Shot Chillers, we create a number of chilling systems, including cooling towers. Our products are designed for durability and cost effectiveness. Our engineers can easily custom build any machine to fit the needs of a particular application. We are a disciplined manufacturer of superb water chiller technology, and our dependable water chillers are long lasting and simple to maintain at a competitive price.

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Closed Loop Cooling Towers Industry Information

Closed Loop Cooling Towers

Closed loop cooling towers utilize a functional design in which the coolant and the process substance are kept completely isolated throughout the cooling process, allowing recirculation without additional filtration. Also referred to as indirect or closed circuit cooling towers, this compact design is very versatile and one of the safest methods of process cooling.

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Applications of Closed Loop Cooling Towers

Because the processed material and the coolant are moved through separate circuits in a closed loop cooling tower system, it is not necessary for the two substances to be compatible, as is the case in open systems. Additionally, this isolation eliminates room for the contamination that can be harmful to human health and reduce operational efficiency. Although the initial cost of closed loop cooling towers can be greater than other cooling tower systems, the lower maintenance costs make indirect cooling a long-term, cost-effective option. As 100% of fluids are returned to circulation rather than being evaporated, water costs are lowered. Similarly, levels of thermal pollution are lower, as there are no exhaust fumes into the atmosphere. The many benefits of closed loop cooling towers allow their use in several commercial and industrial settings, such as air conditioner cooling or HVAC cooling towers, water treatment, and power generation, as well as plastic and paper manufacturing.

How Closed Loop Cooling Towers Work

While specific models may vary, the closed loop system works in a manner similar to refrigeration units. An external circuit houses a second circuit which is composed of coils or tube-like bundles. These coils or bundles contain the coolant and are curved or wound to increase the surface space, allowing more productive cooling. As the cooled agent is moved through the interior circuit, the hot processed materials flow around it. The surface between the two is made of conductive materials and acts as a heat exchanger. Heat moves from the process substance to the coolant, thereby lowering its temperature and allowing it to be returned to circulation. After the temperature of the coolant drops back down, it too may be reused. In some systems, the placement is reversed and the coolant runs through the exterior channel surrounding the hot fluid, but the general heat exchange process remains the same. Materials used in the development of industrial cooling towers vary as they need to suit a variety of needs. In general, carbon, stainless steel, copper, and ceramics are used because of their conductive qualities and durability. Forced or induced draft techniques may be used to move air or fluids through closed loop cooling towers to increase performance and process efficiency.

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