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  • For The Baby Bottles

    I seem to have reached that point in life where everyone is either getting married, or else having a baby. While I am not ready for either, I give a lot of credit to those who are. To me, babysitting is more than enough work, and once I am done I always get to go home to peace and quiet. With babies there is so much that you need, wipes, diapers, food and of course bottles. Bottles seem to be everywhere in homes with babies. They need to be cleaned...

  • Taking Another Step Toward Saving the Planet

    We are constantly hearing about what a rough state our planet is in. We are hearing the most lately it seems, on the state of the oceans. Ocean acidification, rising temperatures, melting glaciers, the great Pacific garbage patch and other issues are constantly being brought up. As more attention is drawn to them, more opportunities to go green are arising. Recycling is becoming a household activity, no longer just something for pop cans and paper at school. Then there is the push to switch to reusable bags, water bottles and...

  • The Necessity of Bottle Brushes

    Today, we use the dishwasher for everything. At our house we will even run a separate load that may consist of only four pots or pans, because that is all that fits. Would it be less wasteful, water and electricity wise, to just wash those by hand? Probably, but it would take time and work and in this day and age most of use are not willing to do either in these cases. So you can imagine how frustrated I get when I put my water bottles in there and...

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Bottle Brushes

Also called flue brushes, bottle brushes are a type of brush in which the bristles radiate from a central stem and are most commonly used for cleaning hard to reach areas in bottles. Designed for strength and long term use, bottle brushes can also be used to clean holes after drilling; they can also be used to clean air and water purification systems as well as the interior surfaces of test tubes. Test tube brushes differ slightly from typical bottle brushes in that they offer tufted ends that provide effective cleaning of test tube bottoms.

There are a wide variety of bottle brush configurations because they are designed to work best for various bottle shapes, specifically ensuring the right size to get into the bottle's neck. Typically linear, some bottle brushes are curved to better suit the shape of the bottle. Different bottle types and shapes that bottle brushes are used to clean include water bottles, baby bottles, thermos bottles, vinegar bottles, narrow-necked bottles, coffee cups, carboys, flasks or beakers. Bottle brushes are useful in a broad range of industries including laboratory, pharmaceutical, residential, food processing, industrial, medical, electronics and petrochemical.

There are two types of bristle materials commonly used in bottle brushes: metal and nylon. Metal bristles are extremely stiff and are used for heavy scrubbing applications, while nylon is more flexible and is used for lighter scrubbing applications. Metal type materials used for bristles include stainless steel, brass and carbon steel, however nylon bristles are much more commonly used. Bottle brushes use filaments that allow brushes to be impervious so that the bristles do not imbibe dirt, dust or other contaminants. Bottle brushes are a type of twisted-in wire brush and are made by taking a length of wire doubled over, placing the bristles in between the top and bottom of the doubled over wire, and twisting it up similar to a rubber band. Two less common bristle configurations include the bristles being located at one end of the brush, the handle extending from it and the bristles being centered in the wire with two long ends on each side of the wire. The handle is usually the piece of twisted wire and is most commonly made from galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum or brass; however, a thicker type of bottle brush may use a sturdier plastic handle.

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