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  • City of Industry, CA

    At Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. we value precision and offer a multitude of products to suit your exact application. We offer a vast array of brush options, including steel brushes. Made from quality steel wire, you can choose from single or double-stem brush options, as well as extensive brush fiber choices. Whether you choose synthetic or natural brush fibers, you can be sure the brush you order has been made with precision and offers effectiveness for extended use.

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  • Stow, OH

    Spiral Brushes, Inc. is in business for customer satisfaction, delivering brush products on which you can rely. Our standard and custom brush designs are manufactured with high-quality materials and can be customized to fit your exact specifications. Our steel brushes start with durable steel wire, either single or double-twist, handles. From there, choose from a wide array of natural and synthetic bristle fibers to create just the brush you need.

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  • Cedar Grove, NJ

    Jenkins Brush Company leads the industry as top designers, developers, and producers of quality brush products. No matter your challenging application, we have the experience to manufacture just the right brush to suit your needs. With constantly evolving processes and designs, our brushes are durable and reliable. Our steel brushes can be customized single or double-twist steel core, with a multitude of bristle fiber options and configurations.

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  • Richmond, IN

    Sealeze metal filament brushes are ideal for applications that require electrical conductivity, chemical shielding, abrasion, or electromagnetic shielding. Applications that have benefitted from our steel brushes include pharmaceutical and food and beverage. Filaments are available in mild steel and stainless steels T-304 and T-316L. Our team of engineers will be more than happy to assist you in finding the steel appropriate for your application.

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  • Fairfield, NJ

    With high-quality materials and dedicated customer service, The Industrial Brush Company, Inc. has been a leader in the industry for over sixty years. We use the finest steel to create the cores of our stock inventory and customized brush designs. We strive to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations with every brush purchased. Our customer service professionals are experienced and willing to find the best brush to suit your application. Contact us today!

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  • Omaha, NE

    For over 85 years, Justman Brush Company has been gaining experience and honing techniques in the brush industry. With exceptional materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, we strive to exceed your expectations. Whether the brush you need is available from our extensive line of stock products, or your specifications require custom brush design, trust us to bring you reliable, durable brush products to suit your application.

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  • Albertson, NY

    Bringing together the highest quality products with committed customer service since 1875, Braun Brush Company provides reliable brush products to suit a variety of applications. Our steel brushes are manufactured with top-quality stainless steel, twisted to your preference as either a single or double-stem. With a vast array of brush configurations, dimensions, and bristle fiber options, allow us to create the durable brush you need today!

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  • Pomona, CA

    West Coast Brush Mfg., Inc. is committed to bringing customers quality products and a great buying experience. The knowledge of our design team brings you proven effective designs, both in our stock inventory and custom designs, tailored to your specifications. With steel brush options of both single and double-twist wire and both synthetic and natural brush fiber materials, we offer the right brush to suit your application.

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  • Delafield, WI

    With a full range of stock and custom brush design options, Tanis, Inc. brings you quality products and service. Our steel brushes are made with the highest quality stem wires to create either single or double-twist handles. Bristle filament materials come in a wide range of natural and synthetic fibers. Our advanced machining techniques, in combination to quality materials, allow for precision and long-lasting reliability with every brush.

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Steel brushes are used in a wide variety of industrial settings because their bristly steel wires are capable of heavy duty cleaning or deburring. They can also be used for finer finishing work like polishing. Brushes of various sizes are used to remove rust from metal, remove contamination or deburr a rough surface. Carbon steel brushes are used because they are highly durable and have an excellent cutting ability. Carbon steel on a brush makes a great tool for general metal cleaning purposes. Other steel brushes are made out of stainless steel wire. The benefit of this is that the stainless steel is both heat resistant and corrosive resistant. This makes a good tool for cleaning or roughing a surface before adhesion.

Steel brushes are manufactured in traditional styles to be used manually, or they can be designed to go on rollers and spin in an automated system. Most manual steel brushes are mounted on a handle that a person and grasp. Some of these brushes are very thin and flexible so that they can fit in tight spaces and clean equipment components. The handles are made from plastic, wood or metal. A steel brush on a roller is usually mounted over a conveyor belt in an industrial setting. Objects run underneath the roller and the contact with the spinning steel brush cleans the object. Small circular steel wire brushes can be manufactured to fit most common power drills. The drill creates a rapid rotation for the brush so that it can quickly remove dirt and rust upon contact with an object.

The only time that steel brushes should not be used is in an environment where flammable liquids or materials are present. The friction of steel wire against other materials at high speeds will create sparks that could fly in any direction. Safety glasses should be worn around a powered steel brush. Steel brushes are often used in welding shops to smooth out ripples and rough edges in joints that have been welded. After being treated with a steel brush, welded corners will be smooth and seamless with the rest of the metal.

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