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    The broom is a very common cleaning item that you can find in just about any home, business or establishment. Floors can get dirty with dust, spills, particles, traffic and many other ways and it is important to sweep them on occasion to keep them nice and neat. There are many different sized and styles of brooms that are available depending on the use and size of the space that you will be using the broom. For example someone wanting to sweep their kitchen floor and someone wanting to sweep...

  • Our Broom and its Interesting First Winter

    When my roommate and I moved into our new house we had rented, we both remembered to bring brooms. We used these to clean out the house upon arrival, and sweep the porches and garage. What we did not remember to bring was a shovel. Sadly, we did not realize our mistake until a sudden winter storm came along, leaving over a foot snow on our driveway. So all we had was one small shovel left by our landlord and a broom. Thankfully we only had to alternate shoveling and...

  • Cleaning Up Those Old Brooms

    Brooms can be incredibly beneficial in the quick clean up of all sorts of messes both in and outside the home. Just yesterday, I was able to make use of them to get all of the fall leaves back out of our garage. Yet, as the brooms see continuous action, eventually they might seem to be pretty worn out. Occasionally they will come in touch with wet items or dirt will get on them that just does not seem to want to come back off. And, once this begins to...

  • Braun Brush Company and the Need For Brushes to Continue to Grow

    To the surprise of many individuals not involved in this industry, brushes can be found everywhere — and in every shape and size imaginable. Cheney enjoys sharing this fact to people who are not directly involved with brushes. “It amazes a lot of people when I tell them all of the types of products that require brushes — either when producing that product or in the actual item itself,” Cheney said.   The continual need for brushes has helped not only the industry prosper itself, but Braun Brush as well....

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Selecting the Right Broom

Brooms have been around for centuries and continue to be the most popular device that is used for basic floor cleaning. Workshops, stores, restaurants, stadiums, and offices are just a few places where brooms can be found in use everyday because of the heavy amounts of dust, trash, and debris that are created in these places. Brooms come in many different styles and sizes even though their concept is very simple. Most have a long handle made out of plastic, wood or metal, and have bristles attached parallel to the handle. There are a variety of bristles to select from on today’s market including nylon, polypropylene, tampico, bassine fiber, natural corn fibers, straw and poly-vinyl. A broom should be selected based on the type of application and task it must complete. Indoor, outdoor, large, small, continuous use or not, there is a perfect broom for the job.

A push broom has a long rectangular head usually ranging from 24” to 60” and has a long handle for easy use. This type of broom is good for covering a large area in a short amount of time. Places such as a workshop or store most commonly use this type of broom because of their large square footage. Typical household brooms have a long handle with about six inches of bristles along the bottom. The bristles can be found cut straight across or at an angle. Dust pans usually accompany a broom and can be handheld or have a longer handle to collect items easily without bending over. These can be seen in use greatly by attendants at movie theaters, stadiums, festivals and other places that need to constantly be kept clean. A whisk is commonly used in conjunction with a dust pan to clean up a dirt pile from a push broom as the broom is to big to effectively sweep the dirt inside of the dust pan.


Brooms are bristled, long-handled cleaning brushes used for the collection and disposal of dust and debris in places of business, homes and in public spaces. Brooms are the most limited of all brush varieties in terms of their use on an industrial scale. Every broom variety must be operated manually, which constrains their use to light duty cleaning applications almost exclusively. Within that context, though, brooms are very effective and have enjoyed prominent roles as cleaning tools in homes and businesses since antiquity.

Traditionally, brooms were made of stiff, fibrous organic materials, which ranged from dried grass to sorghum, and which were tied to a handle. In many developing countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, such broom compositions are still very common. In more developed markets, brooms may still be composed of organic bristles, but they are efficiently assembled and woven together in factories. Other broom varieties can feature synthetic bristles, many varieties of which are made of Nylon, PVC or tampico. Each variety features different qualities of stiffness, durability and liquid absorbency. Softer fibers, for example, would be more useful as push broom bristles in an auto repair shop because they are better able to absorb oil or fuel spills in small quantities than are less absorbent, rigid bristle materials.

Brooms can be assembled in a few configurations. The most common variety is the traditional sweep broom. A sweep broom is a collection of bristles connected directly to a handle. The bristles can be simply tied around the handle, as is the case with besom brooms, or they can be tied around the handle and fanned out into a flat shape by weaving them. These brooms are swept back and forth manually and are a good tool for sweeping small areas. These two broom varieties are not the most ergonomic and can cause neck and back discomfort after sustained use. Push brooms all but eliminate this problem and allow for the effective sweeping of much larger areas. Push brooms differ from traditional sweeping brooms in that their bristles are connected to a strip or block-shaped mounting surface. The mounting surface can be connected to the handle by fasteners, or it can feature a threaded inlet into which a threaded handle can be screwed. Push brooms can be up to several feet in width, which allows their users to sweep large areas in a relatively short time.
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