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  • This San Gabriel Valley Company Making Brushes for Abrams Tanks Is Staying Put, and Thriving

    When a manufacturing company can hang around for 65 years and still remain vital despite increasing global competition, that says a lot about how well the business is run. Gordon Brush Mfg. Co. Inc., based in the City of Industry, has managed to do both. The company recently moved from Commerce to a new $16 million, 183,000-square-foot building in Industry that’s three times bigger than its previous facility. “We’re continuing to grow and we added over 750 customers this year,” said Alan Schechter, the company’s vice president of sales...

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In the industrial world, companies have many specific needs for their product manufacturing and systems. Brushes are an important piece of a well-functioning system. To this end, a custom brush is a popular option for those looking for industrial brushes to meet their specific needs. Custom brushes are just as they sound. Manufacturers and engineers are able to custom design brushes for endless applications in many industries.

General applications for custom industrial applications include applying, pushing, removing, cleaning, spreading or acting as a barrier. The list of specific applications that custom brushes may tackle is long, but may include: general cleaning, OEM machine parts, replacement machine brushes, debarking trees, paint striping, bent tube cleaning, articulated drain cleaning, CNC OD/ID thread deburring, micro tubular swabs, Spanish roofing tile cleaner and static control. Many manufacturers have access to CNC systems, and can therefore quickly produce extremely accurate and detailed custom brushes. Specifications to consider include brush type, brush construction and bristle material.

The type of brush a customer selects will depend on the application, but custom brushes are commonly based on the following brush types: cylinder brushes, spiral brushes, strip brushes, ESD/cleanroom brushes, flow through brushes, block brushes and hand held brushes. Cylinder brush applications include: wide area sanding, brushing, finishing or dusting, conveyor belt cleaning, material movement in manufacturing, fruit and vegetable washing and waxing, glue or paint spreading, street cleaning, automobile washing and airport runway cleaning. Spiral brushes require such consideration as: brush type (micro, regular or double spiral), length, end type (cut, rounded, tufted, loop, ring, threaded or nipple) and base wire types. Spiral brush applications include: large or small tube cleaning, beaker cleaning, medical equipment cleaning, medical procedures, dental procedures, electrical dispersion, lightning prevention, lightning rods and air and water purification system cleaning. Strip brushes, formally called “metal channel strip brushes,” are incredibly versatile and durable brushes that can be customized to fit innumerable applications. Some of these applications are: sealing, conveyor cleaning, surface cleaning, surface roughening, dusting, product separation or transfer, tensioning devices, static dissipation, external or internal pipe cleaning, filter or screen cleaning, glass washing or fruit and vegetable washing. As these examples illustrate, the applications and options for custom brushes go on and on and they are sure to fit any need.

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