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  • Milwaukee, WI

    Our goal to is to provide complete marketing projects and products that are innovative, practical and well designed for you the customer. With over three decades of business our staff is overly qualified to help you with your packaging needs today. Our researchers are determined to bring you the best possible blister packaging at the best possible prices. We treat every project like it’s our own and we will do the same for your project ensuring the best possible customer service.

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  • Greeneville, TN

    We have been around since 1975 upholding our mission to provide quality, service, and reliability to you, the customer. Our researchers work around the clock to ensure that we provide only the latest and greatest in blister-packaging technology. With our qualified staff we can answer any question you may have! We have a reputation for being at the top of our market and we wouldn’t be there without you! Let us turn your first time shopping with us to a life-long connection!

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  • Garden Grove, CA

    Since our inception in 1973, we have manufactured made to order blister packaging that provides security, rigidity, and impact resistance. Our facilities are equipped with advanced machinery ready to seal, assemble, and fulfill you packaging needs. We offer custom-configured solutions designed with your product in mind. Our blister packaging are typically sealed by induced heat or radio frequency (RF) bursts to offer security.

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  • Hendersonville, NC

    Let MARC, Inc. handle your blister packaging, repackaging, kitting, assembly and more with stock and customized American-made thermoformed solutions, containers or trays, point of sale options and so much more! With rapid prototyping & quick turnaround, this ISO registered company offers its many benefits with JIT delivery. Call today and get to where you want to go with MARC!

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  • Denver, CO

    Contract packaging of shelf stable food & non-food products. Organic and A.I.B. GMP Certified. Food supplement pouched sets, capsule & tablet blister-form fill, bottling, organic encapsulation, vertical & horizontal flow wrapping, literature wrapping for bulk mail, skin packs, blister, shrink-wrap, bundling, collating, kitting, retail displays, rework, quality inspections & fulfillment.

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A New Coating Seal for Blister Packs

Blister packs are an inexpensive way to store various products from gum to medical products. Blister packs are typically made through the process of blow molding, and uses a flexible form of plastic that is compatible with a wide range of plastics. Often, the most common forms of plastic used for blister packaging includes rPET, APET, and PVC plastics, depending on the desired finished strength of the package by the manufacturer. Although blister packaging has a wide range of uses, there are still some occasions where additional protection and coatings... Read More

I Want It!

How do you keep items packaged but still completely visible for inspection by a customer? The most common way is to package the items in blister packs. Nearly any item can be packaged in this fashion from almost any industry. Typically, the products that are designed to be wrapped in this way are hand held items anything from: pills, to ratchet straps, scissors, remote controls, flashlights, make up and more. The process in order to produce the results of a blister package starts with a piece of plastic. The piece... Read More

2 Ways to Form Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is so named because the little pockets in the package look like little blisters. This form of packaging is often used with gum, candy, and medicine, and usually has plastic pockets that hold the pill with a foil backing. To remove the pill, all you do is push the flexible blister to pop the pill through the foil backing. Some medical blister packages do not have the push through option, to keep sanitation a high priority. This is done by keeping the item contained until use so the... Read More

Growth in Blister Packaging Market

In March, Global Industry Analysts, Inc., one of the most recognized market research firms in the world, published a report that analyzes the worldwide markets for blister and other high visibility packaging. In the report, the global blister packaging market is predicted to exceed $37 billion by 2018. Factors that contribute to this predicted growth include the consumer confidence that goes along with blister packaging. Potential customers seem to be more likely to buy a product when it's not hiding behind its package. Opportunities in emerging markets in China, India... Read More

Painless Packaging?

Blister packaging to the average consumer may come with excessive ripping, tearing and in some cases cursing while trying to get them open. Blister packs however are a manufacturers dream. They provide security from people who are trying to treat themselves to a five finger discount while maintaining excellent product visibility. Let me back up. A blister pack is a plastic formed package that can be used for almost anything. Blister packs basically start as a piece of plastic that gets heat formed around the product. During this process the... Read More

Benefits of Blister Packaging

We are a society of judging a book by its cover. This sounds harsh, but it's the reality of how we live. This is why huge amounts of money are put into the marketing of products, why there are multiple repackaging and redesigning of products throughout the year to make it thinner and more attractive, and why there are design teams specifically for how the product looks on the store shelves. Face it, if your product does not stand out to consumers as an attractive option, it will not be... Read More

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Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is a product sealing method in which a product is placed against a plastic or cardboard base and covered with a transparent plastic dome, rectangle or form fitting cover. Blister packaging is just one of many packaging designs manufacturers use to seal their products in advance of end-user purchase; it is a very effective way of protecting a new product from damage or becoming dirty while simultaneously allowing potential buyers to examine the product thoroughly.

Blister packaging is used primarily for the packaging of consumer goods in single or small quantities. Toothbrushes, small toys, drill bits, portable consumer electronics and many other products are sealed in blister packaging. Retail stores make extensive used of products sealed in blister packaging; toy stores, hardware stores, grocery stores and many other settings in which manufactured products reach end-users all depend on blister packaging. Medical products companies that manufacture and distribute medication also make extensive use of blister packaging. Especially in the case of over-the-counter medication, blister packaging is used to seal individual pills. This maintains a sterile environment for each pill and makes them easily accessible for users. Hospitals and other healthcare operations make use of disposable medical devices that are sealed in medical blister packaging, and dentists’ offices depend on blister packaging to keep anesthesia applicators free of contaminants.

Blister packaging materials can be formed in a few different ways. The plastic covering on a piece of blister packaging can be dome-shaped, rectangular or any other shape that is appropriate for housing a product. Blister packaging plastic can also be designed to closely fit around the contours of the product it contains. In either case, the plastic must be thermoformed (heat formed) by machinery. For domes, rectangles and other polygonal shapes, a sheet of plastic is heated to the point of pliability and then subject to a punch or a mold that gives the plastic its final shape. In the case of custom-formed plastic covers, a special mold is made that exaggerates the contours of the product to be packaged. Heated plastic is then formed against this mold, which allows the plastic to closely fit the contours of the items they seal. The backing of blister packaging can be a plastic or cardboard sheet, or, as is often the case in the packaging of snack food like gum, a thin piece of aluminum foil can be adhered to the plastic.