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  • Monterey, CA 800-866-0200

    Sierra manufacturers high performance mass flow meters and controllers for nearly any gas, liquid or steam. Customers choose Sierra when they need an accurate and repeatable flow measurement, short delivery lead times, expert flow advice and long term support. When it matters, choose Sierra. Visit

  • West Valley City, UT 800-316-5342

    Established in the 1990, HydraCheck is the market leader in developing, manufacturing, and selling engineered valves. Well known for their modular design, high performance and superior quality, HydraCheck boasts a full line of flow meters and transmitters as well as accessories such as displays, counters and indicators to ensure every customer receives the most suitable flow meter for any application.

  • Chatsworth, CA 800-356-6387

    Flowmetrics provides a variety of flow meter products including in-line, insertion, turbine and variable area flow meters plus rotameters. We also have signal conditioners and convertors; magnetic pickups; field indicators and batch controllers. Contact us today for all of your flow meter needs!

    Flowmetrics, Inc.
  • Roselle, NJ 800-899-0553

    Assured Automation supplies economical durable, compact, high precision digital fluid flow meters through its Quick-Ship program for fast delivery. Its industrial flow meters measure both rate and totals for liquids, including water, fuel, LPG and caustics. A wide variety of flow meters are available, providing cost-effective solutions for each industrial application.

  • Itasca, IL 888-539-3623

    Keyence is a leading supplier of flow meters and many other automation components. Our flow meters are compatible with everything from compressors to receiving tanks to machine drop points, while measuring both overall usage and costly leakage amounts. Additional features include multiple numerical and graphical data displays. Visit our website to find out more about our products.

    Keyence Corporation of America
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Air Flow Meters

Air flow meters are devices used to measure various aspects of the flow of air. Air flow meters may measure the volume of the air, the speed of the air or the mass of the air, depending on the type. Air flow meters are most frequently used to infer mass flow after taking various flow measurements such as absolute pressure, differential pressure, viscosity and temperature as air flows through a tube. Besides air, these flow meters can also measure many different types of gases including nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium, hydrogen, natural gas and carbon dioxide.

Air flowmeters have many plasticor metal parts that work together to produce a reading. The parts aremanufactured to very close tolerances in order to provide readings with anaccuracy as low as 2%. Air flow meters come in several types. Besidesvariations such as size or material, they may vary in pressure range, switchingtechnology, and the presence and type of transmitters. These variations allowair flow meters to have applications in several industries. In the medicalindustry, flow meters are used to measure patients' air intake, allowingphysicians to further determine the severity of any illness. These types offlow meters are called peak flow meters and are particularly beneficial forasthma patients. Air flow meters are also common in the automotive, petroleumand gas, utility services, HVAC, food processing and raw materials industries.

There are four main categories of air flow meters that areidentified based on how they obtain a reading of the flow rate or quantity ofair. Differential pressure air flow metersare the most common type. These devices take both a primary and a secondarymeasurement and report the difference. The first measurement causes a change inkinetic energy by directing the air through a hole or orifice in the flow meterwhich is measured by the second element. Positive displacement meters separatethe air flow into specific volumes which are then counted. Vanes, gears,pistons, or diaphragms are commonly used to divide the air which is countedmechanically or electronically. Velocity air flow meters use a depthmeasurement and the average air velocity of the flow to produce a reading. Theyhave a greater range than differential pressure devices. The last category istrue mass air flow meters. They directly measure the mass of the fluid, not thevolume; two common kinds are thermal meters and Coriolis flow meters. Air flowmeters vary in how they obtain and report a reading but the list of parts mayinclude pressure ports, bellows, spindles, pinions, gear mechanisms, gauges,cell caps, magnets, sensors, pistons, nuts, seals, levers and more.

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Air Flow Meters

Air Flow Meters

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