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  • National City, CA 800-275-5224

    TDK-Lambda Americas designs and manufactures a wide range of AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies and EMI Filters for Medical, Telecom, Industrial, Datacom, and Test & Measurement applications worldwide. The company has been a major provider of power solutions since 1948. TDK-Lambda is a subsidiary of the TDK Corporation, a leading global electronics company.

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  • Easton, PA 800-523-9478

    For 4 decades, Acopian Power Supplies has specialized in long lasting power supplies (0 volts – 30000 V). We offer AC power supplies, DC power supplies, AC to DC converters, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), AC to DC power supplies & high voltage power supplies. With quality customer service & technical support, we have thousands of power supplies for thousands of applications.

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  • Hicksville, NY 516-935-2230

    APS are specialists in power conversion and the manufacture of high performance power systems. Products include power converters and inverters; motor drives and brakes; battery chargers; AC and DC power supplies; driver circuits and more. Custom and standard power systems are available.

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  • Perris, CA 951-277-0757

    Our company offers a variety of standard and custom power supplies. These items are great for a wide range of applications. If you have any special requests then please let our representatives know. If you ever run into any questions or issues then our engineers are available to assist you. There is no project too challenging for our teams! Give us a call today!

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  • Livermore, CA 800-669-8090

    We are the experts of power supplies and power cord technology. We are continuously improving our processes and our devices are guaranteed to last for many years to come. You can count on us to supply you with only the best. From bulk wires to specialized international cords; we manufacture it all! Turn to us for the most innovated power supplies! Quail Electronics, Inc. is ready to serve you today!

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AC Power Supply Industry Information

AC Power Supply

AC or alternating current power supply is the electricity that comes from a wall outlet and is used in residential and commercial buildings all over the world. It is the opposite of DC (direct current) power supply, and the electricity reverses direction back and forth at regular intervals, generally multiple times per second. This alternation is measured in Hertz; in the United States and many other countries, AC power is generated at 60 Hertz, meaning the current alternates 60 times in a second.

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Differences Between AC and DC Electricity

Since most electrons produce alternating current, most power plants generate AC electricity rather than DC electricity, which needs to be converted and therefore costs more money. Power lines held up by telephone poles that are connected to every residential building and most commercial, carry high voltages of AC power. However, the higher the voltage, the more insulation it requires. Most alternating power supply is converted inside buildings because many appliances only run on DC power, including printers, laptops, battery chargers and desktop computers. Other electrical devices found in the home, like lamps, radios, fans, televisions and small appliances run off the electricity directly from the wall outlets, which is the AC power supply. In industrial applications, devices and machinery like generators, dynamotors, inverters and transformers all use AC power supply to operate. AC current can also be used in telecommunications to convey information instead of electricity. They are used in radio and telephone lines.

AC Power Supply Wavelength

The wavelength of AC power supply is always a sine wave, which exhibits smooth, repetitive oscillation. The rate of changing direction is called the frequency, which is measured in Hertz. 50 Hertz, for example, refers to the number of back and fourth cycles each second. The frequency of the wave can be increased or decreased dramatically by a transformer, which increases the Hertz when the wave must travel great distances.

AC Power Supply Applications

AC power supplies generally have adjustable output valves for component response testing at different voltages, current and frequency levels, since each application requires different amounts of each because of many different factors, such as distance traveled and maximum voltage. These are also used in testing motors and other electrical equipment whose input valves may vary. AC power comes from a variety of configurations, including bench top, DIN rail, rack mounted and cabinet styles.