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  • IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc.

    by Breana Cronk, IQS Editor Lambda Electronics was established in 1948 with the ambition of providing quality power solutions to its customers. Though the company began more than a half century ago, it has adapted to the digital age with a seamless propensity for improving technologies. In joining with the TDK Corporation, Lambda Electronics became TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc. and has expanded its influence and accessibility around the world. The growing company understands that the innovation of reliable power supplies means reaching across boarders to attain the best materials and employ...

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A rectifier contains sets of diodes that convert AC power into DC power, allowing current to flow in one direction but not in the other. This process is known as rectification. Rectifiers are made using mercury arc valves, solid state diodes, vacuum tube diodes and other technologies.

Rectifiers are components of many power supplies and also used as detectors of radio signals. Almost all rectifiers are comprised of many diodes, which are specifically arranged in order to convert AC to DC more efficiently than if only using one diode. Several varieties of rectifiers are available on the market. For instance, vacuum-tube rectifiers efficiently provide moderate, constant power. They have essentially infinite resistance to current flow in the reverse direction because their tube does not conduct when the plate is negative. A semiconductor rectifier, on the other hand, has constant forward and reverse resistances and has the advantage of not needing a filament or heater supply.

Rectifiers are used in virtually all electronic equipment. They are often used within various power supplies when the electronics need a DC supply but the main power comes from an AC supply. Rectifiers are also usually involved in converting DC voltage from one level to another or in the detection of amplitude modulated radio signals.

Rectifier - Triad Magnetics
Rectifier - Triad Magnetics
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