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Materials, chemicals and adhesives encompass a wide range of substances that are necessary to many types of industrial applications. Although the category of materials is incredibly broad, and could include anything from plastics, metal, rubber and more, chemicals and adhesives are more specific in terms of the necessary characteristics of those specific substances. Chemicals, for instance, include materials that have a distinct molecular composition that enables some kind of chemical reaction. It is important for industrial manufacturers to maintain a large chemical supply for various processing applications, and some common industrial chemicals include sulfuric acid, liquid chlorine, sodium chloride and tetraethylene glycol. The term “adhesives” refers to materials that unite or bond surfaces together and can include such materials as acrylic adhesives. However, common industrial adhesives are often categorized as either a plastic adhesive, such as those made from thermoplastic resins, or an epoxy adhesive , such as Bisphenol A. Essential in numerous applications, some examples of industries in which materials, chemicals and adhesives are critical components include wastewater, chemical processing, marine, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical and electronics.

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