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IQS Directory provides an extensive list of wire rope assembly manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our website to review and source wire rope assembly manufactures with our easy-to-use features which allow you to locate wire rope assembly companies that will design, engineer, and manufacturer wire rope assemblies for your exact specifications. Our request for quote forms make it easy to connect with leading wire rope assembly manufacturers. View company profiles, website links, locations, phone number, product videos, customer reviews, product specific news articles and other production information. We are a leading manufacturer directory who will connect you with the right manufacturers whether you are looking for push pull cable assemblies, cable assemblies, or control wire rope assemblies.

  • Apple Valley, MN

    Regardless of your applications we can find a product that will serve as a reliable solution. Our wire rope assemblies can handle: braking, cycling, lifting, sliding, steering, rotating, tension and more. We specialize in cable sizes from 3/65” to 3/8” and 270 lbs to 14,400 lbs in breaking strength. Construction, coating, or end fittings, we handle it all. Each custom wire rope cable assembly has a unique purpose and we are excited to show you how our products can be utilized for your purposes.

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  • Phillipsburg, NJ

    JSC, as one of the most diversified wire rope manufacturers, utilizes over 200 production machines to produce top rated wire products in ferrous and nonferrous materials. Industries that JSC serves include electronics, geophysical and communications. Their mission is to continually improve their expertise, capabilities, products and services for current and future worldwide customers.

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  • Norridge, IL

    Lexco Cable is fully capable to handle all of your requests for wire rope assemblies. We have an expert staff that utilize new techniques and top notch resources. You do not have to be concerned when placing your trust with us; we will not let you down. Our wire rope assemblies can be used for automotive, coiled, security and more. No project is too complex for us. We are eager to assist you and we look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today for more information!

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  • Fairfield, NJ

    Since 1941, Bergen Cable’s vision is to manufacture the highest quality wire rope assemblies in accordance to the exacting demands of military specifications, as well as customer specified standards. By the mid 1960’s, Bergen was servicing over 1,000 customers, including the U.S. Government and other recognizable names. When quality matters, you can trust Bergen Cable to deliver.

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  • Burnsville, MN

    Here at Aero Assemblies we strive to manufacture high quality wire rope assemblies. We carefully manufacture all of our products with the newest techniques while utilizing the latest innovations and equipment. If you are in need of a full spectrum of wire rope assemblies then you have come to the right place. You can trust in us to supply you with the best materials and dedicated workmanship. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!

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  • Worcester, MA

    These wire rope assemblies are not only reliable but also convenient to use. These solutions utilize the best materials and our engineering staff is highly trained to adapt to our customers’ needs. We strive to manufacture the best which results in 100 percent customer satisfaction. We ambitiously seek the newest manufacturing techniques. To place an order or learn more information please visit our website or give us a call!

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Tyler Madison: Premier Custom Wire Rope Manufacturers

Wire Rope Assemblies Tyler Madison has earned its position as a leading custom manufacturer of wire rope assemblies through its commitment to quality and customer service. We always carry an extensive inventory of stock components to meet our customers' simpler needs. Read More...... Read More

Carl Stahl Sava Industries: Where the Customer Comes First

Wire Rope Assemblies Founded in 1972, Carl Stahl Sava Industries has been developing and manufacturing top of the line wire rope assemblies and other products for the wire rope industry. In 1988 Sava Industries was acquired by Carl Stahl GmbH, as a member of the Carl Stahl group we are now part of an international network that spans across 50 companies throughout the world. Read More...... Read More

Constructing and Holding Up Great Bridges with Wire Rope Assemblies

Every year, one of my favorite things to do in Tampa Bay, Florida, is to drive across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Construction began in 1982, and wasn't finished until 1987. The bridge spans 21,877 feet, or 4.1 miles. The main span of the bridge is supported by massive steel cables. Not only are steel cables used in holding up the bridge, but they were most likely involved in its construction as well. Wire rope assemblies and steel cables are often involved in the construction of bridges. They are able to... Read More

From Hanging Pictures to Holding Up Bridges

While there are various materials of various strengths and sizes when it comes to wire rope, the options for wire rope fittings are equally diverse. The wide range can include clamps, clips, sleeves, links, hooks, forks, eyes, studs and pins. Once you combine all of these with the designated wire rope itself, the options for wire rope assemblies are nearly endless. These products can be beneficial for motion control as well as mechanical automation applications. They are able to form functions including lifting, pulling and support. These assemblies can help... Read More

Wire Rope Assemblies for Zip-Lining to Bridge Construction

Wire rope assemblies can be found in countless complex industries these days. The main reason for this is because can be incredibly useful for such a wide variety of applications. These products are strong, durable and very reliable in intense work environments. Not just your basic construction, manufacturing, marine and other industries, but, as is becoming increasingly popular, those daredevil industries too. For instance some risk takers are finding new applications for these tools including zip-lining over the Amazon, tight-rope walking through falls or cage swimming with sharks In these... Read More

Suncor Stainless, Inc. Makes U.S. Government’s Quality Manufacturer’s List

Plymouth, MA – July 19, 2010 – Suncor Stainless, Inc. has earned its place on the U.S. Government’s Quality Manufacturer’s List, meeting the quality and testing requirements for aircraft control cable terminals and assemblies. Representatives from the Defense Supply Center, Standardization Program Branch, Aviation Division came to Suncor Stainless in February 2010 to inspect manufacturing and quality processes for 22 corrosion resistant steel swage terminals. The parts were measured and tested under inspector supervision to meet the MIL-DTL-6117 and MIL-DTL-781 requirements. The inspectors surveyed the implementation of Suncor’s ISO 9001... Read More

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Wire Rope Assemblies

Wire rope assemblies are completed cable systems that involve the cable or cables as well as any fittings in the form of additional hardware or rope termination techniques. Wire ropes are used in a range of industries such as mining, oil rigging, bridge construction, marine, aerospace, transportation and material handling among others that require various heavy-duty lifting applications.

Wire assemblies are also useful in motion control and mechanical automation applications for not only lifting, but pulling and support as well. Wire rope assemblies allow for the incorporation of wire cables into machinery or other equipment for use improving connectivity, versatility and prevent damage, such as fraying, to the rope mechanisms. The capacity of a given system is determined by the type and placement of wire rope fittings in the assembly. Common fittings include clamps, clips, sleeves, links, hooks, forks, eyes, studs and pins. The utility and added security afforded by wire rope assemblies allows their use in both commercial and residential arenas in addition to their traditional applications in the industrial sector. As cables for heavy-duty hoisting vary considerably from those used to support a home shelving unit, it is vital that the intended use be considered when selecting the proper assembly. Wire rope manufacturers often provide a range wire fitting options in order to accommodate the many different uses for the cables.

While specific fittings and terminations are achieved through various metal stamping, die cutting or swaging techniques, the process of wire rope making is fairly uniform though specifics will vary. Wire ropes comprise the base or body of every assembly, these are the lengths of stranded wire cable that run between two fittings or pieces of equipment. Each rope consists of three main elements. Cold drawn metallic filaments are twisted or braided into strands which are in turn helically wrapped around a core, which may be metal or fiber based. The number of strands per cable and filaments per strand are used to identify wire ropes as are the lay or style in which each component was assembled. Fittings and wires are commonly made of the same materials; most popular are durable metals. Steel and stainless steel, titanium, nickel alloys and other metals are selected based on specific properties such as resistance to wear and corrosion, tensile strength and weight to strength ratios. Further considerations for wire rope assemblies include diameter, length, flexibility, difficulty of flattening, temperature resistance and average lifespan. Assemblies are carefully regulated and should be inspected regularly to avoid potentially costly and dangerous mechanical failure.

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