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  • Fairfield, NJ

    As leading innovative wire rope manufacturers, Bergen Cable Technology has been providing engineering assistance for well over half a century, helping customers develop cost effective, durable solutions. Bergen will meet consumer needs for reliable fittings & provide prototypes & short runs to ensure top-quality. Let Bergen’s unmatched dedication to quality bring you the service you deserve.

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  • Phillipsburg, NJ

    JSC, as one of the most diversified wire rope manufacturers, utilizes over 200 production machines to produce top rated wire products in ferrous and nonferrous materials. Industries that JSC serves include electronics, geophysical and communications. Their mission is to continually improve their expertise, capabilities, products and services for current and future worldwide customers.

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  • Norridge, IL

    Lexco is an ISO:9001 manufacturer of wire rope, cable, and bungee cord assemblies; and push-pull controls. Our in-house capabilities range from swaging and extrusions to die-casting, proof-loading, and CNC machining. Lexco Cable is proud to serve a diverse set of markets including military, aerospace, OEM, MRO, marine, architectural, and more. Contact us today.

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  • Dover, NJ

    When you choose Motion Control Technologies, you choose personalized customer service, and the ability to customize your wire rope fitting to suit your application’s most stringent demands. We offer a wide range of fittings including lanyard mounting, barrel fittings, form fittings, flexible shafts, and more. Whether you are in need of a stock or custom fitting, call or visit our website to get in touch with a member of our sales team.

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  • Burnsville, MN

    Aero Assemblies, Incorporated strives to make every effort, as dedicated wire rope manufacturers, to maximize product value throughout the manufacturing process. By offering a variety of fittings, Aero Assemblies ensures that all components are made from the highest-quality materials. AA, Inc. also provides excellent customer service— just call today to find out for yourself!

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Wire Rope Fittings Industry Information

Wire Rope Fittings

Wire rope fittings are hardware components found predominantly at the points of termination on wire ropes to improve connectivity, versatility and to prevent fraying. Fittings are not necessarily a foreign object added to a rope, but may instead involve turning the rope back on itself and fixing the loose end to the body of the cable to create a loop. Though the fittings are commonly employed at one or both ends of a rope, some fittings are centrally located.

The majority of wire rope fittings are elements of a complete wire rope assembly designed for a specific task such as motion control or mechanical automation. Wire rope fittings are heavily implicated in a number of industrial processes and equipment such as mining equipment, braking, aircraft cables, levelers, hood latch releases and more. The versatility of fittings renders them essential to industries such as automotive, agriculture, construction, marine, aerospace, transportation and virtually all applications where wire rope is used. Specific examples include clamps, clips, sleeves, links, hooks, forks, eyes, studs and pins. When used for heavy duty lifting, pulling or other activities, fittings are often permanently attached or affixed to a given cable for added durability and security though change tool kits are sometimes available allowing for interchangeable fixtures. Wire rope manufacturers often provide a range wire fitting options as well in order to accommodate the many different uses for the cables.

Fittings function by creating an end point to which other apparatus may more easily be affixed or which simply preserves the integrity of a given cable by preventing fraying, a common problem for unfitted stranded wire ropes. As aforementioned, the specifics of a fitting vary greatly as does their construction, shape and size, all of which should be carefully considered in regards to their intended use. Swaging, metal stamping and die cutting are commonly used to create the metal forms needed for wire rope assemblies. Swaging involves compressing and deforming materials to achieve a permanent connection or bonding. While stamping and cutting are used to create additional hardware, swaging is performed when no additional hardware is desired, but instead the fitting requires the rope to be folded back onto itself to create a loop or eye. Potted or poured sockets use both permanent and affixed elements as the rope end is inserted into a conical cavity that is then filled with molten zinc or an epoxy resin compound. The materials used to create the fittings themselves vary with application, but often mirror that of the wire rope or cable. Copper, brass, bronze, steel, titanium, stainless steel and other durable metals are among the most popular. It is important to consider the integrity of the wire cable itself when selecting and applying a wire fitting as it may alter the strength, length and dimensions of that particular section of rope. Fittings known as sleeves and thimbles are often used in complete wire rope assemblies to protect the stranded wire from wear, tear, crimping, bending, pinching or other damage.

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Suncor Stainless, Inc. Expands Line of Swage Fittings

Plymouth, MA – November 3, 2011 – Suncor Stainless, Inc. has grown their stainless steel machine swage fittings line with the release of the swage jaw, plain ball, single shank ball and double shank ball. This new line includes 43 new stainless steel swage fittings and adds to Suncor’s already large line of machine swage hardware. Suncor began in-house production of Mil. Spec. swage terminals in 2010 after joining the United States Government’s Quality Manufacturer’s List (QML). This production included forks, eyes, studs, and shank balls that are made of... Read More About This