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  • Fairfield, NJ

    As leading innovative wire rope manufacturers, Bergen Cable Technology has been providing engineering assistance for well over half a century, helping customers develop cost effective, durable solutions. Bergen will meet consumer needs for reliable fittings & provide prototypes & short runs to ensure top-quality. Let Bergen’s unmatched dedication to quality bring you the service you deserve.

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  • Phillipsburg, NJ

    JSC, as one of the most diversified wire rope manufacturers, utilizes over 200 production machines to produce top rated wire products in ferrous and nonferrous materials. Industries that JSC serves include electronics, geophysical and communications. Their mission is to continually improve their expertise, capabilities, products and services for current and future worldwide customers.

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  • Norridge, IL

    Lexco is an ISO:9001 manufacturer of wire rope, cable, and bungee cord assemblies; and push-pull controls. Our in-house capabilities range from swaging and extrusions to die-casting, proof-loading, and CNC machining. Lexco Cable is proud to serve a diverse set of markets including military, aerospace, OEM, MRO, marine, architectural, and more. Contact us today.

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  • Dover, NJ

    If your application is in need of corrosion resistant and long-lasting wire rope cable, Motion Control Technologies has what you are looking for. Our wire rope cable is available in galvanized steel or stainless steel. Vinyl and nylon coating options are also available to ensure durability and longevity. Whether your application is in the medical, automotive, or marine industry, our team of engineers will work alongside you to find the solution you need.

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  • Burnsville, MN

    Aero Assemblies, Incorporated strives to make every effort, as dedicated wire rope manufacturers, to maximize product value throughout the manufacturing process. By offering a variety of fittings, Aero Assemblies ensures that all components are made from the highest-quality materials. AA, Inc. also provides excellent customer service— just call today to find out for yourself!

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Wire Rope Cable Industry Information

Wire Rope Cables

Wire rope cable is used in industries like mining, construction, oil and gas, and the military.

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Applications of Wire Rope Cables

Because wire rope cable is so strong, it is perfect for lifting heavy materials or operating any equipment that uses pulleys to move anything from an elevator to a crane hook. Cranes have wire rope cable that extends along the length of the crane’s frame and then drops down. This cable can have all kinds of heavy objects attached to it; from wrecking balls to pallets full of bricks. The cable on a crane moves through a series of motorized pulleys controlled by the crane operator to raise and lower items. For safety reasons, a crane usually has several wire rope cables that are attached to the object being lifted. This helps to prevent putting too much strain on a single cable.

Manufacturing Process of Wire Rope Cables

To create wire rope cable, manufacturers begin with long strips of high tensile strength metal tightly woven together into strands. A large majority of wire rope cables are constructed using steel due to its durability and strength. Several strands are then spun and pressed tightly together into a helix using a machine. The newly created wire rope cable is rolled up onto a spool and shipped out, or it is rolled up onto a pulley to be used with a brand new piece of heavy equipment. Wire rope cable is generally at least 3/8 of an inch in diameter or larger once it has been twisted into a helix.

Depending on their usage, wire rope cables fall into one of several categories. First, there are running ropes. Running ropes are bent over sheaves or drums, so most of the stress placed on them is the result of bending. Stationary ropes bear tensile forces and are loaded with fluctuating levels of stress. These are the types of cables that would be found on a suspension bridge. Track ropes are like the rollers of cabins or other loads on elevators or cranes. Finally, wire rope slings (also called stranded ropes) are used to harness all kinds of goods. These are bent over sharp edges of goods to hold them in place.

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Mine Safety Tether Kit

Many of the custom wire rope assemblies we produce at Lexco Cable are trusted in safety applications. The aircraft cable shown here is a tether that is included in a miner safety kit, used to harness up to six people during emergency evacuations and is coated in a bright color for added visibility. To create the tethers, the high strength cable was coated, cut to length, swaged, and assembled to the hook.   The length of the assembly and swage dimensions were measured during the first article inspection and submitted... Read More About This