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  • Jersey Strand and Cable Creating Innovative Wire and Rope

    Stranded Wire Located in northwest New Jersey, Jersey Strand and Cable, Inc. has been the most diversified fine diameter strand and cable manufacturer of its magnitude in the world for over 30 years. Our highly skilled and experienced staff provides our customers with the highest-quality standard and custom cable and strand products available, including wire rope. Our innovative product development and unique custom cable manufacturing techniques allow us to provide micro-miniature, miniature, and small diameter wire sizes up to 1/8-inch finished product diameter. Read More.....

  • Stranded Vs. Solid

    When it comes to cable there are two main varieties. These are solid-core, also known as single stranded wire, or stranded wire. Both are able to be used as a conductor, but some offer different benefits depending on the application it will be used for. Working closely with trusted suppliers is the best way to make sure that you end up with the finished product you need. While solid wire is a cheaper version and can be perfect in numerous settings, it can mainly only be used in situations where...

  • Wire Rope May not be Pretty, but It Was Beautiful at the Oscars

    by Rebekah Fuller, Editor for IQS With all the 2009 Academy Awards' glitz, glamour and questionable Hugh Jackman musical medley numbers (forget Beyonce; I thought Anne Hathaway stole the show and being remembered from the opening of the Oscars is no small feat), who would have thought to notice the stainless steel cable holding up the shimmering backdrop of the stage that night? But what else could have supported the 92,000 Swarovski crystals configured in a 100-foot wide by 60-foot tall display weighing three tons? Imagine striving your whole career...

  • Medical Strand Cable and Its Uses

    Did you know that Loos & Company sells stranded cable for the medical industry? Through our Medical Technologies Division, Loos & Company offers a variety of products specifically manufactured to the meet the high level of performance required in the medical industry. Our stranded products are used in a variety of applications including Endoscopy, Catheterizations, Orthodontics, and Orthopedics, among many others. What’s the similarity between all of these applications? They all require greater strength and/or flexibility than what is normally available through a single wire. With our...

Industry Information

Stranded Wire

Stranded wire is a metal wire composed of several individual filaments of smaller diameter that are twisted into strands before being helically wrapped around a core. Stranded wire is extremely versatile and employed in a number of industrial, commercial and consumer applications. While some applications require solid conductor wires and cables, stranded wire is often preferred for its greater degree of flexibility.

Stranded cables and wires are used heavily in industries which require a great deal of lifting, support and tension such as aerospace, automotive, communications, chemical, electronics, defense, security and medical industries. To suit the needs of these industries and more, stranded rope is increasingly specialized. If uncertain, wire rope suppliers should be consulted in order to select the proper wire and avoid potentially costly and dangerous mechanical failures. Stranded wires are identified by listing both the number of strands and the amount of wires per strand respectively as well as the lay and pitch of the rope. Identification codes can also extend to specifics such as core type, work load limit and more, listed in abbreviated form. The connections fasteners, fittings and other hardware attached to the stranded wire are also important as they offer differing degrees of wire versatility in terms of fray prevention and connectivity.

Like wire rope, stranded wire has three basic elements: wire filaments, strands and cores. The first components are the cold drawn rods of metal that are relatively small in diameter as compared to the rope as a whole. These filaments are twisted or braided together to form a strand, or grouping of wires. The strands may consist of as few as two or as many as several dozen filaments depending upon the intended use of the finished product. The core is the element around which the strands are wrapped in a helical pattern. Cores can be made of metal or fiber and the strands may be positioned around the core in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction known as the lay. The materials chosen for the wires, strands and cores are crucial and must be provide the appropriate strength, flexibility and wear resistance for their intended use. Stainless steel cables are popular as are a number of other steel cable types which are composed for specific characteristics such as strength or wear resistance. Other materials such as copper and aluminum may be chosen for their good electrical conductivity whereas nickel alloys are chosen for electrical resistance. The specific material employed in the construction of stranded wire is selected with regards for the application in which it will be used. Other important considerations include diameter, difficulty of flattening, temperature resistance and average lifespan.

Stranded Wire
Stranded Wire
Stranded Wire - Jersey Strand & Cable, Inc.
Stranded Wire - Jersey Strand & Cable, Inc.

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