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IQS Directory implements a thorough list of stainless steel cable manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our listing to examine and sort top stainless steel cable manufacturers with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product. Any stainless steel cable company can design, engineer, and manufacture stainless steel cables to meet your companies specific qualifications. An easy connection to reach stainless steel cable companies through our fast request for quote form is provided on our website. The company information includes website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information. Customer reviews are available and product specific news articles. This source is right for you whether it's for a manufacturer of stainless steel tubing, stainless cable, and stainless steel wire.

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  • Trustworthy Wire Rope

    Have you ever witnessed a structure that utilizes sturdy wire rope? How about a large industrial crane which construction crews use to lift steel beams into the air? At the university where I studied for my undergrad they had a colossal crane which they used to erect a new library. When I was walking between classes I would watch the crane lift materials and I was impressed with the accuracy that the operator had when placing the beams. I went to school at a college that was about 20 miles...

  • Chair Lifts and Stainless Steel Cables

    My friends took me skiing for the second time last weekend and I had a blast. I swung my heavy, ski-donned feet as the chair lift pulled us up the mountain, snow blasting us in the face as the darkness of evening settled in. Jesse told me to quit moving around and leaning forward to watch the other skiers and snowboarders carve their way through the snow below. He's an excellent skier but always gets nervous on the lifts (he likes being in control). I looked up at the huge...

  • Walking on Wire

    Wire rope has countless uses. This product can be employed for heavy industrial processes including oil rigging, bridge construction, building construction, mining, aircraft and marine applications. These amongst the many other needs for wire rope have led to an immense number of wire rope manufacturers as well as a variety of wire ropes themselves. No matter what your future application may be, a wire rope can be found to match your exact purpose. One industry many wouldn't immediately think of that has taken advantage of the many uses is the...

  • When to Replace a Stainless Steel Cable

    From recreational zip lines to hoist cables on cranes, the integrity of steel cables must be guaranteed as failures can result in fatalities. Wire ropes and cables should be inspected by the operator at the beginning of each shift, or more frequently, depending on the situation. But what exactly should the operator look for when examining the cable? 1) Corrosion- This could mean internal or external corrosion as well as general or localized corrosion, and can be identified by a roughened or pitted surface or by wires that are slack...

  • IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Suncor Stainless, Inc.

    by Breana Cronk, IQS Editor Began as a part-time venture in 1985, continual years of growth find Suncor Stainless, Inc. not in its original location, the residence and garage of founder Roman Striebel, nor in the 3,000 square foot warehouse it moved to in 1992. Not even the 20,000 square foot space it acquired in 1994 was adequate for Suncor. No, just over 20 years after the company was begun by Roman and son Patrick, it has become one of the world's most complete sources for stainless steel hardware of...

  • Loos & Company Expands Sales and Marketing Team

    Posted by Meghan Buisson on Thu, Jun 26, 2014 Loos and Company is excited to announce the hiring of Meghan Buisson as their new Marketing Assistant. In this role, she will be responsible for contributing to the overall marketing strategy as the company looks to expand their presence in stainless steel wire, cable, and cable assembly markets.   Meghan received her undergraduate degree in Communications from Bryant University. She comes to Loos and Company with a strong background in the marketing and communications fields. In her most recent...

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Stainless Steel Cable

Stainless steel cable is specialized wire rope composed of two or more chrome-nickel steel wires braided or twisted together to form a larger strand. Stranded wire ropes such as these are popular in heavy industrial applications such as mining, oil rigging and construction as well as aeronautical and architectural applications.

Stainless steel ropes and cables are among the most popular in several industries especially those in which operations are performed under harsh or caustic environmental conditions such as pulp and paper or marine industries. This is because stainless steel, as the name would suggest, is a particular family of steel alloys that are produced with a heightened level of resistance to stains, wear and corrosion while maintaining relatively the same fatigue strength as other materials. Though the initial cost may be more expensive, the lifespan of stainless steel is often considerably longer than alternative metal cables. Each of these factors is crucial in selecting the proper wire rope as these cables are often used as safety or control cables and mechanical failure can be costly and even deadly. Other considerations include diameter, length, specific composition, resistance to crushing or flattening and ductility. These should be examined with regard for the intended use of the cable which can range from supportive guy lines, hoist ropes and cable railings to safety cables and braking mechanisms.

The particular design of a stainless steel cable should also be carefully considered. Like all wire ropes, these devices are composed of three main elements: filaments, strands and cores. The filaments are the individual chromium steel wires which are often cold-drawn though may be produced in a number of ways. Multiple of filaments, which have a relatively small diameter, are twisted or braided together to form a grouping referred to as a strand. Most wire rope suppliers identify them by listing both the number of strands and the number of wires per strand. Strands are then helically wrapped around a core that may be stainless steel or an alternative material. While alternative rope designs are available, the helical core design is often favored as it allows a wire cable to hold a lot of weight while remaining ductile. The specific weight bearing and shock absorption abilities of a stainless steel cable depends on the particular alloy chosen. Grades 304 and 316 are the most popular types of stainless steel chosen for pulling, driving and supporting applications. 316 offers superior corrosion resistance and can withstand temperatures up to 900°F while 304 has sufficient corrosion resistance and increased fatigue strength. Both offer impressive product lifespan with little need for maintenance and boast a high scrap value on decommissioning. Wire rope manufacturers can provide helpful insight when selecting application specific stainless steel cables.

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