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  • Bloomingdale, IL 630-980-1133

    As a manufacturer and supplier of shaft couplings and other power transmission parts, DieQua Corporation offers optimum solutions for customer requirements and welcomes any and all design challenges. Dedicated to customer service and the search for innovative product technologies, DieQua provides premium quality shaft couplings including universal joints, zero backlash couplings and more.

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  • Mentor, OH 800-542-6552

    Climax Metal Products Co. specializes in the manufacture of shaft collars and rigid couplings. Our rigid couplings and shaft collars are presented as one- or two-piece types, plus set screw and metric offerings. We can customize our products for you. We are ISO 9001 certified. Contact us for your needs.

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  • Tuckahoe, NY 914-961-2000

    Stoffel Polygon Systems manufactures precision polygon drive connections and other mechanical parts. Whether for prototype or production we will engineer a part to match your needs and specifications. Polygon systems offer the highest torque carrying capacity of any drive connection and ours are made from high quality materials to ensure smooth movement, reduced backlash and many other benefits.

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  • South Haven, MI 800-866-1290

    Niche shaft couplings manufacturer System Components offers a combination of highly specialized automotive expertise, skilled engineering & unbeatable prices. Let our team of engineers & service representatives help you find universal joints, spicer u joints, cardan joints & custom power transmission components made with CNC machining & high-grade steel.

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  • Mount Prospect, IL 888-426-7117

    Gam Enterprises is a distributor of Jakob torsion-resistant precision couplings and safety couplings for servo drive applications. We also manufacture shaft couplings, gear couplings and rigid shaft couplings. What sets us apart from our competitors is our flexibility in making sure all of our customers' needs are met. Contact Gam today for more information.

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Universal Joints Industry Information

Universal Joints

Universal joints allow shafts that are not in line with each other to bend at the joint in any direction while transmitting rotary motion. Whereas flexible couplings allow for misalignment, universal joints accommodate angles and turns. They consist of a close pair of hinges that are connected by a cross shaft at 90 degree angles to each other. Universal joints are used when the components of a drivetrain cannot be directly connected because of spatial issues or because the movement between the shafts is necessary.

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Applications for Universal Joints

When selecting a universal joint, the hub type, material composition and the applications for use are all important factors. Plastics are often used in the production of universal joints but steel is the most common. While plastics provide better rust and corrosion resistance and electrical and magnetic insulation, steel can handle more torque and higher temperatures. Gear couplings and universal joints are used in similar applications, most predominantly in the automobile industry. While gear couplings have higher torque density, universal joints induce lower vibration than gear couplings. The lower torque density in a universal joint is due to the limited cross section of its cross and yoke. Other applications for universal joints include metalworking machinery, military applications, packaging systems, printing processes, medical equipment, automotive steering purposes, commercial sewing machines, food processing equipment, conveyors, cleaning equipment, surgical tables and many other applications.

Universal Joint Design

All parts of a universal joint must work together properly in order for the entire device to operate effectively. One key aspect of universal joints is the drive pins. The main pin and bushing are designed for even strength and are usually ground from alloy steel. The main hub is generally available in a variety of configurations including bore, keyway, hex, square and threaded. The cross pin keeps the assembly strong even while under stress and the central cube-shaped component that attaches the shafts is machined to minimize backlash as it provides smooth operation and control.

Types of Universal Joints

There are two main kinds of universal joints: single joint and double joint. The single joint style has one bending joint, allowing it to function at up to a 45 degree angle. The double joint style can function at up to a 90 degree angle because it contains two bending joints. There are other variations as well. The simplest universal joint is a Hooke joint which causes the output shaft to increase and decrease in speed twice for every one revolution of the input shaft. Other universal joints, or Cardan joints, can accommodate a large variation in the angles of the input and output shafts. As the angular difference increases, so does the speed fluctuation between them.

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