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  • Bloomingdale, IL 630-980-1133

    We are able to provide you with services and products that the competition can’t. We promise that our gear couplings are among the best products we offer. All of our products go through rigorous testing before even leaving our facilities in order to ensure that we are bringing you only the best. Our levels of customer service are unparalleled and we aim to please! Send us an email with your questions and concerns today or come and visit our website.

  • Freeport, NY 888-260-7466

    With our commitment to first rate products and unsurpassed customer service, our team at Ondrives.US has made it our mission to leave all of our customers satisfied with their unique gear couplings. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and are continuously committed to the quality and constant improvement of all of our precision machined products. No matter the requirements of your application, our team of experts will help you find the gear couplings you need.

    Ondrives.Us Corp.
  • Downers Grove, IL 630-852-0500

    Resistant to oils, grease and many solvents our shaft couplings are the product that you have been searching for! All of our products are made of only the highest quality materials to ensure that they will last through all demanding applications. Our products will not let you down when it comes to excellent value and durability. We will have our staff work with you in order to find the coupling that will fit your requirements exactly. Contact us today for more information!

    Lovejoy, Inc.
  • Marlborough, MA 800-225-4234

    Ruland’s carefully made shaft collars, rigid shaft couplings & zero backlash motion control flexible shaft couplings, including beam, Oldham & bellows couplings, are available in both inch & full-metric dimensions. Our line has expanded to include metric shaft collars, metric rigid couplings & step bore rigid couplings. For 70 years, we have supplied custom-made products to meet special needs.

    Ruland Manufacturing Company, Inc.
  • Alpena, MI 989-356-2187

    As a leading power in the power transmission industry, Magnaloy provides a complete range of shaft couplings and other parts including gear couplings to a variety of industries such as industrial, automotive and marine. Magnaloy is an international driving force in the field of power transmission technologies.

    Magnaloy Coupling Company
  • Winsted, CT 800-545-7301

    Custom orders are the norm for us. We manufacture shaft couplings and shaft collars — jaw couplings; set collars; single and double split collars and threaded collars. These shaft couplings and collars are made in aluminum, steel (cold rolled or stainless) and nickel. They can also be nonmagnetic or metric.

    American Collars and Couplings, Inc.
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Gear Coupling

Gear couplings connect two shafts together through interlocking teeth that transmit power, absorb vibration and allow for slight angular displacement. Gear couplings transport torque between two shafts that are not coaxial or collinear. Each shaft consists of a flexible joint, which is fixed to the shaft. The joints of the shafts are connected by a spindle, a third shaft.

Gear couplings offerefficient torque transmission in a compact mechanism and permit a highdegree of axial movement. However, gear couplings require piloting andmay malfunction at very high or very low torques. Crowned tooth flanksallow angular displacement to occur between each gear. Two coaxialshafts can also be connected by a single joint gear coupling, known asa gear-type flexible or flexible coupling. Slight misalignments of 0.5°to 5° are tolerated by this type of gear coupling. Gear couplings and universal jointsare used in similar applications, most predominantly in the automobileindustry. While gear couplings have higher torque density, universaljoints induce lower vibration than gear couplings. The gear teeth in agear coupling have high backlash, which can contribute to vibration, toallow for angular misalignment. Gear couplings are found in allrear-wheel and four-wheel driven passenger cars.

Ina gear coupling, the two shafts being joined meet in the third shaftwhich contains gears. The teeth interlock with each other to rotateand, in doing so, they transfer torque, power and energy. Every gearcoupling has differing stall speeds, which is the highest speed thatthe gears can turn when maximum input power is applied. Flexible shaftcouplings such as gear couplings are necessary because duringoperation, some types of shafts tend to shift, causing misalignment.Shaft movement is caused by bumps or vibration and it results inparallel, angular or skewed shaft misalignment. Flexible shaftcouplings provide efficient accommodation for moderate shaftmisalignment that occurs when the shafts' axes of rotation becomeskewed. There are many different kinds of shaft couplings. The bellows couplinghas two hubs and a thin walled metallic bellows and can accommodate allthree types of misalignment. Single beam couplings are usually made ofa single piece of aluminum and have a system of spiral cuts that allowit to bend in order to accommodate angular misalignment. Multiple beamcouplings consist of two to three overlapping beams that addressproblems of torsional rigidity. The Oldham couplingconsists of three components: two hubs and a central plastic disk. Itaccommodates slight parallel misalignment, while providing almost zerobacklash.

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