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  • Bloomingdale, IL

    We are able to provide you with services and products that the competition can’t. We promise that our gear couplings are among the best products we offer. All of our products go through rigorous testing before even leaving our facilities in order to ensure that we are bringing you only the best. Our levels of customer service are unparalleled and we aim to please! Send us an email with your questions and concerns today or come and visit our website.

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  • Bensenville, IL

    R+W is a top manufacturer of precision gear couplings and other related solutions for highly dynamic applications within the power transmission and motion control industries. As an ISO 9001 certified company with over two decades of experience, R+W is at the forefront of technical development and product innovation and can guarantee you the results you deserve. Please call today.

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  • Westfield, NY

    Throughout our 70+ years, we've manufactured a lot of products and provided many solutions for power transmission and material handling. Some of our products include universal joints and shaft couplings — Compresi-Flex; flexible disc; standard gear; pin and bush plus mass transit couplings.

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  • Westwood, NJ

    For precision manufactured gear couplings available to you & your business at competitive prices, turn to the Ringfeder Power Transmission Group, your quality source for quality service. After years of leading the industry in innovative technology & solutions for the packaging, automation, energy, mining, transportation & defense industries, Ringfeder is the answer to your problems.

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  • Wilmington, MA

    Stafford provides solutions for a variety of applications, including mechanical power transmission, linear motion, assembly, automation, piping, display & MRO. What’s more, over 1/3 of Stafford’s business involves producing specials to customer specifications. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly & affordably Stafford can turn deliver you the quality gear couplings you want.

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Gear Couplings Manufacturers: For Your Consideration

Gear Couplings When manufacturing goods for vehicles used in the automotive, aerospace and farming equipment industry, you must be a company devoted to perfection, because all of these vehicles must function correctly not only for work related issues but because human lives depend on them. In this day and age, malfunctioning farming equipment would mean harvests wouldn't be pulled in and sections of the country would not be fed. For aerospace and automotive vehicles, malfunctioning vehicles means that whoever is driving and riding in them could be seriously hurt. That... Read More

Gear Couplings: What Big Teeth You Have

Gear Couplings Gear couplings are a subcategory of shaft couplings but look very much like gears, which is why the word was incorporated into their title. It reminds me of the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, hiding in Grandma's clothes to trick the little girl so he could eat her up. Gear couplings are nowhere near as dangerous as wolves in pajamas, though they are known for their very large spindle teeth that so resemble the teeth of a gear. Rather then eating up little girls and grandmas, gear... Read More

Gear Couplings: The Oldham Couplings Edition

Gear Couplings Gear couplings come in many forms, all of which are compact to suit the mechanisms they are inserted within. The shape of a particular compact coupling involves thick disks rather then the crowns and spider combination of jaw couplings or the rotating hubs of universal joints. With a long history and a particularly cool name, Oldham couplings are one of many shaft coupling models, although they stand out in the industry just as much as their fellow models. The three part coupling fits together like a puzzle, which... Read More

Gears and Gear Couplings

The role of a shaft coupling is simply to connect two shafts together to create rotational movement. They are found in use on many industrial machines and equipment as a part of a bigger machine process. Industrial machines that contain couplings are used by many companies to create products and goods. It is important that each piece of the equipment is working properly in order for it to run smoothly. Depending on the situation if two shafts become misaligned, a gear or flexible coupling can take its place and continue... Read More

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Gear Coupling

Gear couplings connect two shafts together through interlocking teeth that transmit power, absorb vibration and allow for slight angular displacement. Gear couplings transport torque between two shafts that are not coaxial or collinear. Each shaft consists of a flexible joint, which is fixed to the shaft. The joints of the shafts are connected by a spindle, a third shaft.

Gear couplings offer efficient torque transmission in a compact mechanism and permit a high degree of axial movement. However, gear couplings require piloting and may malfunction at very high or very low torques. Crowned tooth flanks allow angular displacement to occur between each gear. Two coaxial shafts can also be connected by a single joint gear coupling, known as a gear-type flexible or flexible coupling. Slight misalignments of 0.5° to 5° are tolerated by this type of gear coupling. Gear couplings and universal joints are used in similar applications, most predominantly in the automobile industry. While gear couplings have higher torque density, universal joints induce lower vibration than gear couplings. The gear teeth in a gear coupling have high backlash, which can contribute to vibration, to allow for angular misalignment. Gear couplings are found in all rear-wheel and four-wheel driven passenger cars.

In a gear coupling, the two shafts being joined meet in the third shaft which contains gears. The teeth interlock with each other to rotate and, in doing so, they transfer torque, power and energy. Every gear coupling has differing stall speeds, which is the highest speed that the gears can turn when maximum input power is applied. Flexible shaft couplings such as gear couplings are necessary because during operation, some types of shafts tend to shift, causing misalignment. Shaft movement is caused by bumps or vibration and it results in parallel, angular or skewed shaft misalignment. Flexible shaft couplings provide efficient accommodation for moderate shaft misalignment that occurs when the shafts' axes of rotation become skewed. There are many different kinds of shaft couplings. The bellows coupling has two hubs and a thin walled metallic bellows and can accommodate all three types of misalignment. Single beam couplings are usually made of a single piece of aluminum and have a system of spiral cuts that allow it to bend in order to accommodate angular misalignment. Multiple beam couplings consist of two to three overlapping beams that address problems of torsional rigidity. The Oldham coupling consists of three components: two hubs and a central plastic disk. It accommodates slight parallel misalignment, while providing almost zero backlash.

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