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  • Bloomingdale, IL 630-980-1133

    Our bellows couplings come in a broad variety of models. All of our models are rated for speeds up to ten thousand rpm they also provide exact position and rotary motion at all times. Our bellows are made of flexible, high grade stainless steel. Our staff will be able to provide you with quality service that you have been looking for. Visit our website today to learn more about our company or send an email to one of our service representatives today!

  • Freeport, NY 888-260-7466

    Ondrives.US is an industry leading manufacturer offering standard bellows couplings along with a wide variety of modified or custom options. Features and benefits of our bellows couplings include zero backlash, low inertia, RPM up to 52,000 and torques to 3098 inch-lbs. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, so no matter what type of coupling you need, it will be of unmatched quality and built to last. Contact us today to learn more!

  • Downers Grove, IL 630-852-0500

    Resistant to oils, grease and many solvents our shaft couplings are the product that you have been searching for! All of our products are made of only the highest quality materials to ensure that they will last through all demanding applications. Our products will not let you down when it comes to excellent value and durability. We will have our staff work with you in order to find the coupling that will fit your requirements exactly. Contact us today for more information!

  • Marlborough, MA 800-225-4234

    Ruland’s carefully made shaft collars, rigid shaft couplings & zero backlash motion control flexible shaft couplings, including beam, Oldham & bellows couplings, are available in both inch & full-metric dimensions. Our line has expanded to include metric shaft collars, metric rigid couplings & step bore rigid couplings. For 70 years, we have supplied custom-made products to meet special needs.

  • Alpena, MI 989-356-2187

    With us each customer is treated like number one. We bring you superior service and product value that the competition cannot hope to compete with. Our staff will assist you in finding a product that will perfectly fit your needs. Our bellow couplings are one of our most popular products. Try them today! Get in touch with our staff by phone or email today to learn how we are able to help you to find the product of your dreams! Let us work for you!

  • Winsted, CT 800-545-7301

    Custom orders are the norm for us. We manufacture shaft couplings and shaft collars — jaw couplings; set collars; single and double split collars and threaded collars. These shaft couplings and collars are made in aluminum, steel (cold rolled or stainless) and nickel. They can also be nonmagnetic or metric.

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Bellows Couplings

Bellows couplings are connectors for shafts and equipment that require flexibility and non-linear alignment. These devices are composed of a rigid bellow and a coupling that transmits mechanical power between shafts, maintains constant velocity and compensates for axial motion and parallel or angular misalignment. Typically the bellows are made from stainless steel which is an excellent transmitter of torque. The coupling is made of aluminum which makes these devices exceptionally lightweight and durable. Bronze is also sometimes used. The walls are thin enough to allow the coupling to flex while remaining relatively rigid.

Bellows couplings are cylindrical with flexible rings acting asthe coupling. On either side are solid metal ends that connect toshafts or other components. They are typically quite short in lengthand range in diameter size from 1/8 inch to a full inch; custom orspecialty sizes are available but do not greatly vary in constructionor function. Like shaftwheel couplingsthey are constructed to reduce vibration when used in applications withhigh rotations per minute (rpm). Mostly used in industrial machinery,bellows couplings create a quiet, smooth operation in systems with highlevels of torsional integrity like encoder drives, closed loop servosystems, motion control instrumentation, robotics, CNC machine toolsand precision positioning.

Mechanical flexible couplingsare made of loose fitting parts that move in a sliding and rollingmanner; bellows couplings fit this category because they have a coilthat allows them to move. Unlike other mechanical flexible shaft couplings,these generally need no lubrication. They offer a near-infinite lifespan and are virtually maintenance free. Their connection is hiddenwithin the fit-length of the hub, enabling exact transmission ofangular motion and torque. Bellows couplings operate at high speedsanywhere from 12,000 to 32,000 rpm and absorb eccentricity andangularity. They are oil- and chemical-resistant, have thin andlightweight yet strong walls and offer easy and simple mounting anddismounting. Bellows couplings exhibit high torsional stiffness andzero backlash. The most common methods of construction for flexiblecouplings such as these include electroforming, chemical deposition,mechanical forming and welding.  Electroformed bellows couplings aremade by adding layers of metal on a mandrel until the desired thicknessis reached and the mandrel is melted away to leave behind the bellows.Chemical deposition is a similar method except that the materials areadded by electrodeposition. Mechanical forming includes roll-forming orextrusion. Welded bellows couplings are made by welding a series ofrings or washers on both their inside and outside.

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Bellows Couplings - Helical Products Company, Inc.
Bellows Couplings - Helical Products Company, Inc.